When the Balkan Drain Team had a sewer cleaning job opportunity available, it was our good fortune that the right candidate came along. This is the story of Riando Vassell, a fine young man who saw an opportunity, and then both embraced and took advantage of it. Riando is a relatively recent immigrant from Jamaica. He met his now wife, and sought a better life for his wife and children in the United States. It is also another Balkan success story, and why our Team First approach seems to frequently result in such a positive outcome.

Riando arrived at Balkan with little  knowledge of plumbing, and virtually no knowledge of the sewer and water main business. However, as Riando plainly states below “I came to Balkan, and I learned as much as they taught me – and now I know basically a lot”! Similar to the ideals of this country, Balkan is a place where if you are focused, work hard, and absorb information as it is offered to you, advancement is achieved. Riando is another great example of the career opportunities Team Balkan is proud to offer.

Riando’s Sewer Cleaning Job Experience In His Own Words

Hi, my name is Riando. I started working here at Balkan a little over two years ago. Now I do sewer cleaning. I worked my way up the ladder. I have started doing estimating, and also I do sales. I’m the lead drain tech, a position where I ensure that all the guys are properly trained, and they do their job to the best of their abilities.

I moved to this country five years ago from Jamaica. I met my wife while I was working at Dell Hotel in Rio, Jamaica. And my wife brought me here from Jamaica. I have two kids, one boy, and one girl. I enjoy playing soccer in my spare time. When I started working here at Balkan, I didn’t know much about plumbing. I came to Balkan, and learned as much as they taught me – and now I know basically a lot! Now I know different pipes, I know different sizes of pipes, I know how to read plans, connect pipes, and how to take pipes apart. I enjoy working here.

My experience here at Balkan is one of the best work experience I have ever had. Balkan is very a diverse company, and everybody has a fair chance of moving up the letter, just like me. We at Team Balkan look forward to working with you!


Riando Vassell Is A Lead Balkan Drain Technician

It Takes A Team To Keep A Promise

The Balkan Drain Team guarantee to you is that of being at your door and unclog drain problems in 4 hours or less. Not only that, it also means that for any sewer cleaning job we’ll be there prepared to tackle it. You will of course always be treated with courtesy and respect from our customer service representatives, they take their title seriously. But to fulfill our promise to you, Riando plays a vital role. He sets the tone as the lead drain technician for his fellow teammates. It takes quit a bit of coordination and team work to keep within the 4 hour response time window. It also means each drain cleaning service truck is mechanically sound, properly equipped, and properly dispatched.

In many cases, particularly on tough sewer cleaning jobs, a 2nd technician must be dispatched to achieve success. The bottom line is, regardless of the initial promise, what does the customer have to say? The answer lies in Balkan and Riando’s online reputation. The vast majority of our customers have left 5 star Google reviews. And our overall rating of 4.7 stars attests to exceptional drain cleaning service.

Why Trust Balkan Drain Cleaning?

Simply put, Balkan has been in business for almost 70 years and has services over 70,000 customers. That makes Balkan “The Team You Trust”. If we haven’t yet performed work for you directly performing a sewer cleaning job, chances are we’ve worked for one of your neighbors. Our long history of keeping promises, and satisfying customers, is helped by great and a dedicated team comprised of people like Riando Vassell. Contact our team any time for service that will exceed your expectations.