How Often Should I Have my Brooklyn Sewer Inspected and Cleaned?

Brooklyn Sewer Inspection Cleaning, How Often?

Because your Brooklyn sewer is located underground and out of sight, it is easy to forget that this essential part of your home needs maintenance from time to time. Although many areas of New York City have aging infrastructure that dates back to the late 1800’s, there is no hard and fast rule on how often you should have us do the job. Most homeowners schedule inspections and cleanings on an as-needed basis.

Brooklyn Sewer Inspection Cleaning, How Often?

Some situations, however, call for you to be proactive concerning your sewer lines. If you have lived in your home for a long time and you know that the sewer line is more than 40 years old, an inspection is a good idea as it can point out potential problem spots that could turn into big problems if let go. Most lines of this age also benefit from cleaning, even if problems have not occurred as normal usage can lead to clogs over the years. Another instance where getting a sewer inspection is warranted is when you are buying a property.

Standard inspections do not cover sewer or septic lines. Having one done before contracting for services can help you make an educated buying decision, get leverage for a price reduction and budget for necessary repairs.

Fortunately, your sewers will begin to give you telltale signs that they need attention before major problems such as sewage backups occur. Three factors typically cause problems in sewer lines: tree roots, bellied or sagging pipes and grease build-up. Tree roots trap other debris to cause clogs while grease dumped down a drain congeals to form clogs of its own Bellied pipe allow clogs to settle in the sag, leading to slow but steady build-up.

Signs that your sewers need attention include gurgling sound from pipes, water surrounding floor drains in basements, slow drains, water backing up into showers or bathtubs when using the washing machine and sewer odors.

Contact Balkan Drain Cleaning if you are experiencing any of these problems or if your drains are running slow. Our technicians will be happy to inspect your sewers to pinpoint the problem.