Schedule When to Clean The Drain Before It Reminds You, and It’s Too Late!

clean the drain

Whether you live in a small community like the Village Westbury, or in a big city like New York,  it’s good to know how often you should clean the drain lines in your property. If you are like many, if not most homeowners, chances are you take care of regular household duties. These may include periodic maintenance of air conditioning, mowing your lawn, and cleaning the gutters before winter. Getting your plumbing installations checked, particularly sewer cleaning, however is often an overlooked part of these tasks.

clean the drain
Clean a slow drain before it becomes a clogged drain

Checking your plumbing should be on your “to do” list. If it isn’t, a lot of bad things can happen from clogged or damaged sewer lines. A toilet overflow and groundwater contamination are not pleasant to deal with. When damage happens to your main drain pipe, repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Many times you can avoid these costs by doing a little maintenance once in three years or so. If you clean the drain lines in set intervals, it is a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind.

How often to clean the drain lines in Your proeprty

Similar to just about every other cleaning-job in the house, scheduling set intervals is a sensible answer. Sewer cleaning is typically done on an “as-needed” basis, or simply when there are symptoms of issues. How often you clean your drain lines depends on a few factors:

  • If you have recurring clogs at relatively set intervals
  • The size of your house or property is usually NOT a factor
  • The type of waste being flushed down your drains (fat, oil, grease are not your drains friends)
  • If you get city sewer backups (known as surcharges)
  • If you have a known backpitch problem or dip in the line

The main point is to be pro-active. Know ones knows a drain system like the occupants. When you hear gurgling, weird drain noises, of have a slow drains, take action. Most property owners are not pro-active, it may work for a lot of homeowners, but it is not the suggested course of action. As an example, shutting off your sink periodically as you wash your hands so the water can go down, is not the way to go.

The signs of a sewer clog

A broken pipe or joint is one of the worst things that can happen to a sewer line. Thankfully, it is rare. Sewer lines are buried deep underground below the frost line, and are designed to last for decades. Your sewer should be able to withstand any pressure from most above-ground activities. Proper insulation also prevents freezing even during extreme cold temperature. Clogging, on the other hand, is not unusual.

The first notable symptom of sewer line clogging is slow draining. All wastewater from all fixtures flow through the sewer line before it reaches a treatment plant or septic tank. Slow draining occurs because your wastewater flow is restricted. Plumbing systems are designed so there should never be slow draining. As soon as you notice such a symptom, then it is probably a good time to have the sewer line checked by professional. Slow draining is a sign to clean the drain lines right away.

Not all clogs are the same

Not every slow draining issue is caused by a clogged sewer line. Sometimes it is an isolated case that the clog only exists in the drain pipe immediately connected to a certain fixture. If it involves your sink, it can simply mean hair has accumulated in the drain inlet, or there is a P trap clog. If clogging happens in your main sewer line, all your plumbing fixtures would develop the same symptom.

Clogging in your main sewer can happen due to tree root intrusion, or accumulation of grease, dirt, or even rust inside the pipe. Left untreated, partial clogging may soon become a total obstruction. In these cases the drain does not function at all. A common consequence is a toilet backup, or water backing up out of the lowest fixture in your home. This is usually in your basement. This leaves you with a nasty and unhygienic home. Water from the kitchen sink or washing machine may also flood the floor and basement.

Methods to clean the drain lines in Your Home

The easiest way to clean the drain lines in your home depends on which drain is clogged. Your main sewer line is frequently cleared by using hydro-jet equipment. A water jet is like a power-washer fitted with large hose. It has a specifically-designed nozzle to break down any kind of dirt, including grease, sand, tree roots, and rust inside sewer pipe. A water jet is primarily used for cleaning main sewer lines, not branch lines.

Most professional drain cleaners stock a variety of different sized electric powered rotary snakes. Using the wrong sized machine to clean the drain can either damage the drain, or the machine itself.  CO gas can also be used in some cases. A professional drain technician specializing in drain cleaning will also utilize a sewer camera to determine pipe diameter, material, length. A HD camera also checks for damage, including leaks, cracks, and improper sloping.

Your Drain Team of choice in Nassau County and NYC

Not every licensed plumber actually offers sewer repair or cleaning services. Some specialize on drain cleaning, while others focus more on brand new installation or re-piping. Once you determine which company to call, remember to check the background and research reviews of your sewer cleaning company. There is, however, one name you can always depend on: Balkan. The Balkan Team may not be the most well-known yet in Nassau County, the emphasis being on “yet”.  However, Balkan has been spending the last six decades in other parts of New York City including Queen, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. The Balkan Team has built a pristine reputation during its over 65 years in existence. That reputation is built on a team-wide dedication to our customers satisfaction.

Balkan is several-times the recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award, and People Love Us on Yelp Award. With an experience of more than 65 years, Balkan is the most experienced and trusted name in residential and commercial sewerage works across New York City. Technicians are available 24/7 including holiday and after-hours, and if you ever need sewer line replacement, the company also provides an unconditional 10 year guarantee for the service. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for expert advice, and prompt service regardless of which neighborhood you reside in.

A little bit about the Village of Westbury

sewer cleaning Westbury
The Balkan Drain Team has Westbury Covered (courtesy of google maps)

As of the census of 2010, there were slightly more than 4,700 housing units in the Village of Westbury. For an area that stretches to mere 2.4 square miles, that makes an average density of nearly 2,000 houses per sq mi. Denser housing unit and population usually translate to more complex sewer connection systems, and the village is no exception. The Board of Trustees of the Village of Westbury has in response adopted an elaborated list of codes just regarding the sewer, as explained in the Chapter 204 of the Village Code. The chapter explains everything from the needs for permit to do sewer-related works to the type of materials and design used for pipe and joints. And as always all sewerage works must be performed by licensed plumbers too.