Is Nassau County Drain Cleaning DIY In Atlantic Beach A Good Idea Or Not?

Drain Cleaning DIY Atlantic Beach

If you live in Atlantic Beach, on the Southwestern end of Nassau County, a drain cleaning DIY project may present itself. But you should take careful consideration before attacking your clog personally. Let the Balkan Drain Cleaning Team give you some expert advice. Know that we are close by to assist you with any drain needs you may have. That area of service includes Nassau County, and all of NYC itself.

Drain Cleaning DIY Atlantic Beach
The Balkan Drain Team has Atlantic Beach covered! (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Drain Cleaning In Atlantic Beach: To-DIY-or-Not-To-DIY

Wastewater and drain pipe management, done properly, gives you a clean and healthy environment. It allows everyone in your household to enjoy a good quality of life, free from water pollution and odors in your house. As well as potentially affecting your neighbors, or the general public. A lot of people seem to be interested in doing their own plumbing or drain repair (drain cleaning DIY) for two simple reasons: It potentially saves money. Secondly, it may appear to look easy to do via the Internet. While many different plumbing repairs can be great DIY projects, it does not take long for a simple leaky faucet or gurgling sound in your toilet to turn into a flooded living room filled with 3-inches of waste water full of bacteria.

There are some DIY projects that you may consider fun or even rewarding when done, and then there is plumbing. Some problems can be avoided if you are extra careful and take time to learn as you go. However, a lot of potential disasters are most likely inevitable especially if you have decades-old plumbing system. That being said, it is not entirely impossible for you to minimize chances of nightmares as long as:

  • Know your house before taking on a drain cleaning DIY project:

It does sound like a simple thing, but understanding your house as a whole is more than just knowing where the basement door is, or how the shower works. When it comes to plumbing, it is always a good idea to do some research before undertaking even a minor project. Take time to read about the functions of various plumbing parts, pipe materials, shut-offs locations, clean outs, etc. Do some research to get some understanding of basic plumbing including drain pipe sizes, water pressure, p-traps, and supply lines. If possible, create a rudimentary map that shows which line carries water, and where, as well the flow direction of your wastewater. Basically you can do better more stress-free job if you have more information and knowledge beforehand.

drain cleaning DIY
Understand your drain system before you start a DIY project
  • You can never have more tools than you need:

Pliers, screwdrivers, drain auger, and a plunger are common plumbing tools. However, they are mere fraction of all the tools you may need to do a decent repair. Nothing is more frustrating than going halfway into a project, and then having to go to a hardware store to purchase a hacksaw or a torch head. In many cases, people will use the wrong tool anyway with an expectation of saving time and money, and a drain cleaning DIY disaster ensues. Likewise, the right tool in the wrong hands typically has a poor outcome.

 The prospect of saving money comes with all DIY projects, including plumbing. You may also be interested in the learning curve of any project. Again it is always  better to get to know your house better before than afterward. Unfortunately plumbing is often more tricky than it looks. It includes all of the water supply and drain lines interconnected to each other through a rather complex network of pipes. The best way to save money on plumbing jobs is to call professionals as soon as you realize there are signs of problems.

Frequently, unless you are a uniquely inquisitive person, you may spend an awful lot of time on how to do a project you will never have to do again. Likewise, you may spend a lot of money on specialty tools you will never use again. Also take note note that if your sewer or drain system requires excavation for repair, the best sewer repair company for that is Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service.

drain cleaning tools
Drain cleaning DIY frequently involves expensive electronic drain augers

If drain cleaning DYI is not for you, Balkan is your neighborhood professional

Now that the Balkan Drain Cleaning Team is in town you have a great option. You may want to think twice about picking up a wrench to loosen any pipe, or clear a clog. Balkan is considered the most experienced sewer and drain company all across New York City. Balkan is known for its reputation in conducting a thorough inspection before every repair process starts. Why not get your job done right the first time? Before any plumbing repair can begin, it is necessary to narrow down possible causes of problems. Addressing the issue at the right location is where Balkan Plumbing shines. Speaking of the correct location, the Balkan Team is located minutes away from your neighborhood.

You can count on the professionals of Balkan to address your real drain culprit. Balkan will never cover up visible damage, perform a temporary repair, or unnecessary work. You save money from not having to call another plumber next week due to recurrent issues. Balkan backs that up with written warranties, and a pristine reputation. Contact Balkan and avoid the potential of a drain cleaning DIY stress filled undertaking.