The Five Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

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For the most part, we do not want to think about our drains. Every home sends gallons of water each day, along with other things, down the drains to get them out of the house. For many people, washing something away is about the same as throwing it away. There is just one problem, everything that washes away has to go down your drains. In truth, all sorts of things can go wrong with a drain, and you will then require drain cleaning services.

Drain issues can be things such as a rusting pipe becoming clogged with corrosion. Sometimes hard water could have built a mineral-deposit plug in your drain. A more frequent cause is food from your garbage disposal gumming up the works. Even more common issues are wads of hair and soap from the shower drain or sink clogging your drain pipes. One thing is for sure, if you notice one of the five following signs, and the plunger does not do the trick, it may be time for professional drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning Services
Trap stoppages can require piping being taken apart

1) Slow Draining Fixtures Require Drain Cleaning Services

Slow draining is the one that everyone is familiar with. We have all dealt with little sink clogs, and most parents have even had to figure out the u-trap to rescue some small toy or other dropped down the drain. Slow draining often manifests as a drain that will clear but cannot keep up with the sink. If water tends to build up as if it were clogged, then slowly lowers down the drain, this is slow draining. This means that there is a partial blockage in the pipes. Left untreated, it will surely develop into a complete blockage. Partial blockages are not self-curing. It is better to take action right away, and easier to cure.

drain cleaning services
Slow drains are a sign of a partial clog

2) Gurgling Sounds Is A Sure Sign You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Most drains make a little bit of noise, but it is the noise of water running smoothly. Your drain is not supposed to gurgle while draining, or after the water has disappeared. If you hear distant gurgling sounds, particularly if they are paired with slow-draining in which the water pressure is higher, consider professional help immediately. This could be an indication of air in your drains, and certainly a need for drain cleaning services. Like a partial blockage, it is always better to take action early.

3) Constant Clogging Can Indicate A Structural Problem

Most homes experience one to five drain clogs per year. In most cases they are normal usage, and not indicative of anything serious. If you are dealing with clogs multiple times a week, then this is not just a coincidence. You are fighting a deeper systemic problem, and possibly structural pipe defects. There could be one big clog deeper in your drains than you can reach, causing multiple smaller clogs. In some older homes you could have old corroding pipes that are prone to clogging.  Multiple or frequent clogs in your home are also something to watch out for. They may suggest a main sewer clog, or a serious flaw or break in your sewer system. In these cases a HD sewer camera could pinpoint the issue.

disjointed sewer pipes
Structural problems cause constant backups

4) Sewer Smells Can Mean Loose Drain Caps, Or A Backup

Sewage smells coming up out of your drains is a very bad sign. Sewer smells in your house are typically caused by three(3) primary issues:

1. Stagnant sewer water lying in your pipes

This can mean that dirty water which is supposed to wash away may be backing up instead. Stagnant waste water lying in your pipes will cause sewer smells. Normally, the flow of drains ensures that smells are taken away with the contents.  If your drains are backed up and holding waste water, the smell is an indication that it is time to call a professional.

sewer water
Stagnant waste water cause sewer smells

2. Sewer smells from loose or missing caps or plugs

A sewer smell can also mean that caps or plugs on your drain line are not connected tightly. Loose fitting caps or plugs on a trap or clean-out will allow sewer gases to escape. Sewer trap caps and plugs cost around $10.00 each, a small price to pay for being able to stop a sewer smell.

sewer smells in house
A broken sewer trap or loose cap causes sewer smells

3. Dried out sewer trap or drain traps

The least likely source for a sewer smell is if there is lightly used plumbing fixture somewhere in your home. A dried out trap will lose its water barrier, and allow sewer gases to pass through. Thankfully, it is also the easiest of causes to cure. Simply pour some water into the dried out drain or trap to put the water barrier back into place.

5) Backed Up Drains Require Immediate Drain Cleaning Services

Finally, one of the worst things that can happen in a home is backing up drains. Unfortunately, what backs up is not always clean lightly-used water. If your drains are backing up, you will notice that a puddle is forming around the drain which will slowly try to push water up as a result of a bad clog. Do not run your taps, as it will not drain. Also note that water seeks it sown level. This means that low lying drains will have water back out of them first, but they may not have the actual clog. Examples of this are basement floor drains, or sewer sump pits.

Balkan Is You Drain Cleaning Services Expert

If you see even one of these signs of drain misbehavior and your plunging efforts were insufficient, it is time to rely on the experts. Professional drain cleaners have special tools that can deal with hidden clogs, and investigate for possible systemic causes of your problems. For more advice on drains, or for a consultation on the right drain cleaning services for your needs, contact Balkan Drain Cleaning today!