Fix Drainage Problems By Taking Appropriate Action

Plumber Fix Drainage Problems Snake

Drainage problems are among the most unhygienic, awkward and inconvenient issues in the construction industry. They always end up in unsanitary, undesirable and uncomfortable conditions. These conditions include flooding, backed up wastewater and sewage, awful odors, dirty and environmental polluting agents. They create perfect conditions for disease propagation, cause financial losses due to other types of potential damage and resource wastage. Therefore, it is always prudent to fix drainage problems with urgency upon their detection.

Plumber Fix Drainage Problems Snake

Any of a vast number of drainage problems can warrant the need for plumbing and sewer repair services. When that happens, depending on the cause and extent of the problem, you need an appropriate, cost-effective and durable plumbing solution. Sometimes a straightforward, do-it-yourself method, can fix drainage problems. Other times, one may need expert drain cleaning services. As a non-expert, it may be difficult to discern the type of drain problem, and to determine its remedy properly. It is always advisable, however, to have some knowledge on such matters. It helps one understand the basics of how your drain system works. Always remain mindful on proper drainage care practices, and to know the various types of services available. Your level of knowledge helps to ensure the most suitable solution for a drain problem.

Inspect a property to ensure a proper drain system before you purchase

A drainage system’s framework comprises pipes and drain lines as its essential parts. Any problem with the pipes and sewer lines is, therefore, a potentially or already severe problem. The first step to handling or avoiding a plumbing disaster in any residential or commercial building is to ensure that you have a properly-built system that works. A sewer line inspection is therefore of paramount significance to any potential purchase. Before you buy a building, or a home, bring in an expert to assure you that all the venting pipes are present, and they connect to the drain lines. Ensure that the drain piping is of appropriate size and sewer system meets all the set standards. A HD sewer camera inspection can be of vital assistance in determining the condition of the drain system.

sewer camera screen
HD image of house sewer

Old corroded or rotten drain lines

Properly functioning drain systems reduce but do not automatically disqualify all plumbing problems. One common issue is clogging. It is easy to remedy a simple toilet or sink drain clog contained in the fixture itself. Sometimes it may just need cleaning. For example, in the case of kitchen sink grease build-up. You can use a tool known as the plumber’s auger to remove foreign objects causing blockage in a toilet. You may also need to open up and remove the pipe’s trap section to clear the clog.

old drain pipe
Worn home sewer line

Pipes in your building may leak due to broken seals or loose joints. The contents of the pipe can leak out. That results frequently in sheet rick damage, and mold issues. If it is not too serious, you can use a wrench to tighten the joints. However, if leakage is from holes or burst pipes, it is prudent to engage a plumber. You can fix drainage problems on some of your indoor piping issues by yourself. But first ensure you understand the problem. For instance, placing a wrench on an old drain line can cause it to completely fracture.

cast iron pipe
Rotted cast iron sewer pipe

Fix drainage problems on the main house sewer

If a blockage affects more than one indoor drain, it is likely that the damage is in the main house drain. It can even be in the main house sewer itself. Since it is an underground pipe and connects to the municipal sewer system, you’ll need an expert plumbing service to check and address the problem. For instance, a tree root blockage in old deteriorated pipes or off-grade substandard piping needs expert servicing. Copper sulphate may keep roots at bay for a while and delay this type of damage. However, copper sulphate can only be used when your drain is still flowing.

Cable machines can also clear roots in or around the drain line. If the amount of roots invading is excessive, you will need more extensive work. At the very least you will need a high pressure water jet. Old and low-grade pipes even deteriorate due to corrosion thus causing breakage, cracking, or collapse. This in turn typically causes even more blockages. Moreover, soil and ground conditions, like settling, ground frost, shifting, and sinking, may offset pipes. These conditions can also cause bellying, sinking, breakage, and blockages. Only an experienced drain and sewer contractor can determine the proper cause of action to take.

Fix drainage problems before they even start

Proper cleaning and regular maintenance are advisable precautionary measures to limit your drainage issues. You can also avoid or reduce the risk of blockages and clogs by taking care to limit what you put in your drains. Viewing the plumbing system with a camera during home inspection or when experiencing a potential damage alert is proper practice, and so a maintenance contract to prevent drain problems before they even start. It is helpful to have a comprehensive understanding of any drainage problem and the solutions available before you contract plumbing services. Better yet is to  contact Balkan Drain Cleaning today for expert advice and long lasting solutions.