Prevent Household Plumbing Problems In Lynbrook And All Of Long Island


Many household plumbing problems can be prevented, or easily solved. What follows is some useful information for our neighbors in the Village of Lynbrook, and the rest of Nassau County as well. For starter, and in contrast to what you and many homeowners believe, a reputable knowledgeable plumber is more than willing to teach you about taking care of your plumbing.

Information sharing with a professional can help you prevent major household plumbing problems every now and then. It is true that plumbers have their own secrets of trade. However, more than that they are simply skillful individuals, with real experience in dealing with plumbing problems. They can diagnose the problems, determine the culprits, and use the right methods to restore order. There are not-so-secret tips, or basic suggestions, that every homeowner should be aware of to prevent plumbing disasters.

yard drain grating
A blocked grating prevents your area drain from functioning

How to keep your pipes intact

Your plumbing installation is comprised of a network of pipes. If you protect your pipes well, you extend their lifespan and avoid rookie mistakes to begin with. Well maintained pipes are less prone to leaking, so start by paying more attention. It help to reinforce various spots where leaks tend to happen most of the time:

  • Pipe joints (must be supported properly)
  • Pipes exposed to weather conditions (including outside drafts)
  • Household appliance drain connections (dish washers, clothes washers, kitchen ice maker, etc.)
  • Outside hose connections (winterize)
  • Outside area drains (clean off the grating periodically)

Check if every connection is tight and sealed. Keep the area under the joint clean and dry all the time; this way, drops of water should be more easily noticeable. Another important thing to consider is pipe insulation. During winter, sewer and water pipes buried underground, or exposed to weather or drafts, are prone to damage. Over time the pipe can freeze and crack. Wrap these pipes with foam tubes or use pre-insulated pipe. Remove hoses from outdoor faucets during the cold season too.

household plumbing problems
Unheated areas allow your water valve to freeze

Do not flush insoluble materials down the toilet

One of the keys to avoid household plumbing problems involves your drains. Some things are not meant to be disposed of in your toilet, or sink. Insoluble materials can easily get stuck in sink or toilet drain pipes and create an obstruction. Once wastewater is prevented from flowing smoothly or at all, you have a headache. These insoluble materials include:

  • Paper towels
  • Cotton balls
  • Toys of all sizes
  • Cooking grease, fat, or oil
  • Female hygiene products
  • Diapers
  • Cigarette butts or ashtray debris in general

If needs be, make a list of insoluble materials and put it on the toilet wall. Educate your family about the issue as well. Clogged toilet is not a difficult problem to repair, but it is irritating and unhealthy.

Routine inspection of your water heater

One of the most intricate plumbing appliances is your water heater. Your water heater can cause household plumbing problems that can be avoided. Regular maintenance is necessary to extend its lifespan and prevent issues. Heating elements may need replacement once every year, and so does the anodized rod inside the tank. Sediments at the bottom of tank must be flushed out at least once a year, and the pressure release valve may also need regular replacement. Tasks such as bleeding out the tank can easily be performed by a homeowner.

drain cleaning Lynbrook Long Island
The Balkan Drain Team has Lynbrook covered (courtesy of google maps)

Routine maintenance prevents household plumbing problems

It is also a great idea to call a professional plumber to check your plumbing installation in its entirety. You may miss some small parts, components, connections, or subtle signs of issues. A professional should be able to diagnose even the most subtle symptoms of plumbing problems. Cleaning the main sewer line using a power washer (aka water jet) is well recommended to flush out sediments before they turn into stubborn obstructions.

The Balkan Team would be more than happy to help anytime you encounter problems with your plumbing installations. Some issues are actually quite difficult to repair, others may take a professional only an hour or to solve. Major projects such as installation of new sewer line or repairing your water service line can take even longer. You can always count on experienced plumbers to get everything back to working condition, either by repair or replacement. And the best thing of all, Balkan Plumbing guarantees its workmanship. Contact the Balkan Team for expert advice, and prompt service. Balkan services all of Nassau County,  and NYC as well.