Balkan is Your Best Sewer Rooter Choice in New York City

Sewer rooter problems - clogged drainage pipe caused by blockage of tree roots.

Are you a property owner searching for dependable and courteous sewer rooter services with a guaranteed response time? More than half of properties in New York City have at least one tree standing within 25 feet of their underground sewer line. Some property owners assume that they have nothing to worry about because the tree is not located on their property. However, the roots might cause a significant problem when it comes to the home’s sewer line. 

Needing a sewer or drain rooter is a significant issue that can caused by a sewer backup, and a not-so-fresh odor. When you notice these kinds of problems, the best option is to request help from a local drain and sewer expert to help you eliminate the roots in your sewer.

If you’re searching for a drain and sewer professional in New York City, Balkan Drain Cleaning is a sewer rooter service company that you can depend on 24/7, seven days a week. 

What Causes Sewer Rooter Problems? 

Sewer line damage can be caused by roots that tend to damage older pipes. Tree roots invade and grow inside the sewer line over time. The roots lead to a living or growing clog that needs to be handled by a sewer and drain professional. Other types of damage include back-pitched pipes, dislodged pipes, or cracked pipes.

Sewer Roots Are A Major Issue

When tree roots invade and break into your sewer line, you can experience two major sewer line problems. First, your sewer line or pipe’s damaged portion will allow sewage to leak into the yard, or subsoil. You’ll then notice spongy grass, stagnant water, or an odor in the yard.

Leaking wastewater can also undermine your sewer line and cause it to sink and crack. The second issue that might develop is that the roots in the sewer line can continue to grow in the pipes and absorb water. This causes the roots to grow in size. Ultimately these roots will cause a complete or partial blockage of your sewer line. 

Over time, sewer clogs or blockage due to root invasion can prevent proper drainage on your property. This may lead to raw sewage or wastewater backing up. That means that clogged drains can cause severe property damage

Sewage backups that flood your property are detrimental to your property and cause a health hazard. Having professional sewer rooter services is the best solution to your clogged or slow-moving drains before you experience a complete blockage. 

Roots can completely block off the flow of wastewater

Signs You Need Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

If you notice any of the following problems, consider contacting your local professional sewer rooter service to resolve them immediately. 

Multiple Clogs and Wastewater Backup 

The most common signs that indicate there’s something wrong with your sewer line include multiple drain clogs and sewage or wastewater backups. If you notice recurring clogs in your basement sinks or toilets, you’re likely to have a clog in the main sewer line or drain system. In such a case, home remedies like chemical cleaners won’t be able to eliminate the clogs inside the system. 

Clogs can cause wastewater backups. If you notice wastewater backup in one plumbing fixture after using another, that’s a clear indication of a serious clog somewhere in your drain system itself. Such clogs require an equipped professional plumber. 

Unusual Noises in Your Plumbing Fixtures 

Strange noises such as bubbling or gurgling should not come from your drains or plumbing fixtures. Clogged vent pipes or clogged drain lines often cause such noises. Professional sewer rooter services will locate and resolve the source of the issue before it escalates to a major problem. 

Slow Shower, Tub, and Floor Drains 

Water should drain immediately in the shower and after releasing the water bath. Slow-moving drains might seem like a minor issue but can quickly become a huge problem if not resolved early. 

In older properties, areas such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, patios, and garages often have a drain to let water out and prevent draining. However, when the drains clog, these floor drains begin draining slowly. Calling a professional will prevent costly flooding. 

Plumbers using special tools to remove tree roots from drainage pipe - preventing bigger sewer rooter problems.

Why Choose Balkan Team for Your Professional Sewer Rooter Services? 

Over 70 Years of Experience, Plus the Right Drain and Training 

Sewer line rooter service requires a wide range of drain cleaning tools and techniques that only professional sewer and drain cleaning experts understand. Hiring an inexperienced person might cause extra repair costs. 

Clearing and repairing sewers and drains can involve pumping high-pressure water inside the drains, use of industrial drain snakes, or dismantling the pipes to remove the clogs manually. Hiring a company that has been in business for a while and has experienced professionals who are fully equipped with all the required tools and expertise ensures you get the best services. 

We’ll Help You Save on Repair Costs and Prevent Health Hazards 

Looking for sewer and drain rooter services in NYC? You want to choose a company that has been in the market with proof of satisfied customers across NYC. Preventing or repairing clogs, breaks, and leaks in your sewer lines will help you avoid future costly repairs and ensure your family’s health. 

Having your property’s sewer and drainage systems inspected by a professional also helps locate problems early before they escalate. When the underlying issues are fixed, you ultimately save on expensive repairs that you could otherwise incur in the future. 

Balkan Team Can Help Prevent Clogs, Breaks, and Root Invasion 


Sewer lines with older or less durable materials are often susceptible to frequent clogs, breaks, and even tree root invasion. Routine inspection of your sewer line and drainage system is a great preventative step for future clogs, breaks, and tree root invasion. 

With the help of a camera probe, a trained Balkan technician can inspect your sewer and drain lines for breaks and tree root clogs. A camera inspection helps transmit a signal to a video screen. This allows the technician to see through the drain and sewer lines. Conducting a camera inspection can help you save some dollars instead of waiting for serious sewer line clogs and breaks. 

Leave it to Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning, the Sewer Rooter Pros in New York City 

Balkan is your one-stop shop for any sewer or drain line rooter services you may need. Our team has trained techs with fully equipped vehicles throughout the NYC area. We are always ready to come to your aid. 

Balkan sewer is a company that has been in continuous operation for over 70 years. We have more than 80,000 testimonials of satisfied customers, so you’re assured of quality and prompt sewer root services. We understand that drain and sewer emergencies can happen at any time. That means that we are only minutes away from providing you drain relief regardless of where you’re located in the metropolitan NYC area. 

So, do you have trees on your property or around your property? Whether you’re experiencing early signs of sewer and drain line clogs or facing a wastewater backup emergency, consider contacting Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning for professional drain cleaning services.