Plumbing Basics: Safe Practices for Repairs In Garden City and Nassau County

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Plumbing basics always includes safe practices, and careful planning. If you happen to live in the Village of Garden City, that might be especially true. Founded by Alexander T. Stewart in 1869, Garden City was one of the first communities in the United States. It is a place of beauty, offering large varieties of recreational areas, playing fields, parks, and shopping districts. The village is also filled with modern restaurants, eateries and pubs. Everything appears to be just right with stately homes, properly maintained lawns, and tree-lined streets. A comfortable and clean environment seem to be among the unmistakable characteristics all around you. And for sure you don’t want to mess up the prettiness with sloppy plumbing work. Even a small error in judgement while doing a plumbing repair can impact the sanitary condition, or result in injury.

sewer cleaning Garden City
The Balkan Drain Team has Garden City covered (courtesy of google maps)

Plumbing Basics: Taking Nothing For Granted and Plan Ahead

Almost any kind of plumbing repair looks like a simple thing that you can do without help  from a professional. There is no denying that a DIY approach is an interesting proposition when it comes to certain tasks. These tasks may include attending to a running toilet, leaky faucet, garbage disposal installation, gurgling kitchen sink, and even a clog in the main drain.

Getting things repaired by yourself can save a lot of money. However, at the same time it comes with a risk of spending much more money because you could cause more serious damage to the plumbing installation. This is not to say that you should never try repairing simple problems on your own. But it is to say that you need to be very careful with everything you do. Part of that is implementing plumbing basics, and safe practices as follows. This helps you to avoid potential disastrous consequences, and injuries. 

5 Considerations that lead to A Successful Plumbing Repair

What follows are 5 plumbing basics to help you to a positive outcome. They can likewise help you to avoid injuring yourself, or damaging your property.

1. Think ahead / Plan ahead

The smart way to do a plumbing repair is to consider all possibilities that may come about as a result of your next step. Common procedures, such as dismantling a p-trap connection, or separating other drain parts, are often quite straightforward indeed. However, unless preparations are made, they can bring a real mess in your work area. Although water in the drain pipe is not normally under pressure, a clog in the pipe can produce a strong burst of water once you create an opening for the waste water to come out. Think about what might happen when you do something, and anticipate every unfortunate consequence. Having buckets, towels, and drop clothes on hand is always  good idea.

sink P trap repair
Protect the general work area from dirt, debris, and waste water


2. Shut off the water supply

In case a plumbing repair requires you to work with a pipe of fixture that connects to water supply, make certain that you shut off the water beforehand. It only makes sense to close a simple knob or decorative cap attached to a water fixture holds pressurized water all the time. You want a good strong flow of water when you want to shower, wash the dishes, or fill your glass with water, not when you’re in the middle of a repair job. Instead of looking for a shutoff valve afterwards and in a panic, shut off the water supply first. If you’re not sure the branch valve works, close the valve for your main water supply to make sure.

3. Know your tools

Sometimes you need to use power tools for plumbing repairs. You may have to drill holes, cut metal pipes, bend copper pipes, and so on. Having some power tools around might help get the job done quicker as opposed to using the more conventional hand tools. A cordless drill, power saw, and blow torch are often used in a plumbing repair. Using a power tools is not as easy as it looks on online videos. Power tools are effective when used by the knowledgeable, yet destructive in the wrong hands. Most importantly, electric power tools, and their cords, must be kept away from water. That combination can have a shocking outcome.

plumbing basics
Keep all electrical tools and cords away from water

4. Wear protective equipment (PPE)

When working with a plumbing installation, always protect your eyes, hands, and lungs. Safety is surely a part of plumbing basics. A burst of water can damage your eyes, not only due to the sheer amount of power it delivers, but also the debris that flow with it. Hammering a pipe and drilling a hole can also send small sharp object to the eyes at high speed. Protective gloves are equally important especially if the repair involves chemicals for cleaning. Drain pipes almost always contain dirt and disease-causing bacteria, so latex gloves are indispensable. To prevent inhalation of dust particles or chemicals, wear a face mask. The following 5 items are basic essentials for many plumbing jobs;

  • Quality work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Breathable dusk mask
  • Steel tipped shoes
  • OSHA rated ear plugs, or head gear

    PPE plumbing basics
    Wearing a breathable dust mask is a must

5. Abide by Local Plumbing Code

Regardless of what work you do on your plumbing installation (repairing, adding, and removing any parts), make sure you adhere to the plumbing and building codes. Those regulations are put in place not to restrict your freedom. But rather to protect you, your family, and everybody else in the neighborhood from potential issues including water contamination or poor service quality in general. When in doubt, calling a professional is the smart thing to do. 

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