Plumbing Works To Avoid For Village of Hewlett Harbor & Nassau County Residents

plumbing works hewlett harbor

Hewlett Harbor is not a large village by any stretch. Its total area is less than a square mile (0.8 sq mi) with about 11% of that being water. The total population is around 1,247 people, with most of working professionals specialized in management, legal, financial, and healthcare industry. At the end of the professional spectrum, cleaning and maintenance business (which may include the plumbing industry) only has 0.8% of all jobs in the village. Therefore, it is fair to say there is long list of plumbing works you should avoid if you happen to reside in the village. The same probably holds true if you reside anywhere in Nassau County.

plumbing works hewlett harbor
The Balkan Drain Team has Hewlett Harbor covered ( courtesy of google maps)

For a place this small, but with relatively high population density, proper plumbing is important to keep the environment clean and healthy for the community. Given the very small percentage of professionals specializing in the trade, you can almost safely assume that many residents practice DIY plumbing to some extent. A DIY approach is good in certain cases, but frequently plumbing works requires a professional.

When Plumbing Works Requires a Pro

The following major plumbing works are best left to professionals. A determined DIY person may insist on trying these tasks themselves, but it is not advisable.

  • Pipe Blockage In Your Drain System:

Clogs, either in your main sewer line or fixture drain pipe, are not uncommon in both residential and commercial buildings. These issues are often caused by sediment build-up, non-flushable items, or tree roots. While nobody says you cannot try to repair the problem on your own, you also need to understand that dislodging stubborn clogs require the use heavy-duty equipment only trained professionals can operate.

plumbing works
Grease stoppages are the toughest to clear out

Most DIY approaches involve chemical drain cleaners, rod machines, or powered augers. They can be effective at times. However, their applications come with serious risk of creating more severe damage to the pipe. For examples chemical drain cleaners are extremely corrosive. They they can eat away the pipes. More importantly, powered augers can cause a pipe breakage especially when used in older galvanized pipe. That is especially true when they are under powered homeowner models, and used by an inexperienced operator. Once a drain cleaning machine is stuck inside your pipe, it is most difficult to remove.

drain works
A sink clog can have an easy cure
  • Low Water Pressure For Your Drinking Supply Line:

There can be various reasons for low water pressure. The real culprit is not typically very easy to pinpoint either. Supply pipe issues, pipe obstructions, or even a poorly designed plumbing installation are all possible culprits. It takes a plumbing professional to thoroughly inspect the problem and make a valid diagnosis. Furthermore, the professional will also be able to determine the correct and most time-efficient way to address the problem. That being said, a good plumber should discuss with you about how to handle the issue. This article explains more about Low Water Pressure.

blocked pipe
Just one clogged fitting can disrupt your entire plumbing system
  • Burst Water Pipes or Drain Lines:

It is almost impossible for your drain pipe or sewer line to suffer from serious damages without signs of problems or early symptoms. An exception would be wintertime issues, during extreme cold temperatures. Frozen pipes are a fragile and potentially damaging situation. If it cracks, wastewater or potable water have nowhere, to go and may cause serious flooding in your house.Frozen pipes are 1/2 the problem, the more serious problem is when they thaw. That is when splits and breaks cause all your damage. An unknowing homeowner frequently thaws out their frozen pipes, and expedites their own flooding condition.

frozen pipes
The thaw after a freeze is when damage occurs

Since your sewer line is buried underground, you need a professional plumber to figure out the exact location of the damage. Replacing the pipe is a major repair, as it involves excavation work, and restoration of the area afterward. Let us not forget that wastewater may seep into or under your foundation, flooring, or drywall. Only a drain professional has the expertise, specialty cameras, and tools, to pinpoint an underground sewer problem.

  • A Failed or Cracked Water Heater:

Similar to a low water pressure issue, a failed water heater also takes quite a lengthy inspection to figure out what really went wrong with the appliance. The problem can be the result of a single component failure, or a total breakdown. Keep in mind that your water heater is run on electric and gas power. So even small mistakes in working with the appliance can cause injuries and damage to plumbing installations.

Depend on The Balkan Drain and Plumbing Team

When your plumbing works issues call for difficult repairs and major installations, trust only a reputable professional plumbing company to do the job. Balkan Plumbing has spent more than 65 years in the industry, mainly in the boroughs of New York City. However we have recently expanded our services to reach out to homeowners in the towns and villages of Nassau County. The company may be new in the county, but it has built a rather undisputed reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable plumbing companies for decades in NYC. Contact Team Balkan for expert advice, and prompt and professional service.