Unclog Your Queens Sewer Drains During Spring Cleaning

A kitchen sink with rubber gloves.

Spring will be here soon, and do you know what that means for many people? Spring cleaning. Homeowners will start getting prepared for some of their home maintenance projects. Making sure your Queens sewer system is still working efficiently is critical because that is the best way to help prevent floods and damage. Cleaning your drain is important because you will help prevent clogging for the spring season. If you make drain cleaning a habit every spring, you will not have to worry about those annoying clogs. Remember, Spring also brings flash storms that can tax and inundate a poorly running drain system.

Queens Sewer Drains Unclog Spring Cleaning Vinegar Baking Soda

How can you clean your drains? One of the ways you can clean your drains is by cleaning out all of your drain grates. If you see anything like food or debris in your grates, you should remove the items.  Debris in your drain grates can cause several problems. When you think you have cleaned your drain grates as best you can, run your water for a while to flush any debris you missed into the public Queens sewer system. The same should be done with your area drains, and roof leader line outlets.

If you notice the problems are still there after you have cleaned your drain grates, you can use household products that can unclog drains. When you are looking for household products to unclog your drains, you will find the best combination is vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar and baking soda can often remove organic material that is clogging and blocking your drains.

You always want to avoid waiting until your drain is completely clogged and smelling before you make an attempt to find the problem and cure it. Preventing the clogged drains is much better than waiting until the problem shows up out of nowhere and you are scratching your head looking for solutions. When you make cleaning your drain a habit, you will be able to keep your drain unclogged throughout the year. Furthermore, you may prevent flooding during and after a heavy rainfall.

Are you concerned that you may have clogged drains, and you want to stop the problem before it causes major damage? Contact Balkan Drain cleaning today. Not only are we Queens sewer system experts, we also service all areas of NYC and Long Island.