Having Regular Drain Maintenance for Your Property Is Important!

Drain maintenance concept, male plumber unclogging a bathtub drain using special tools.

While we all aspire to keep our property in tip-top shape, we often forget to check utility systems that are not within our sight. Unfortunately, delayed checkups only result in costly problems. Drain maintenance is a simple yet effective way to protect your drainage as well as prevent thousands of dollars in property damage. By practicing drain clog prevention, performing routine maintenance, as well as fixing minor problems quickly, you can ensure that your property remains in good shape for years to come.

The 4 Types of Drain Maintenance

A proper drainage system is crucial to ensure that water entering your home or property leaves. All of the fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen are connected to your main drainage system. The drains from the fixtures connect to your main line at some point. The main drain then connects and drains all the wastewater away to a public sewer system. Each component in a drainage system is essential and requires care. You can have daily, weekly, or annual drain maintenance for your property. 

Visually Check for Leaks Under Sinks, Toilets, and Damp Areas

Checking for leaks in your home routinely helps you fix a problem before it escalates into property damage. Visual damage drips, as well as puddles, are the most common indicators of leaks. If you confirm a leakage, contact a certified plumber to fix it. 

  • Check all the bathrooms in your house. Inspect all the visible pipes, tubs, toilets, as well as sinks for leaks.
  • Check laundry areas and kitchens around sinks, dishwashers, water heaters, as well as washing machines. 
  • Have weekly maintenance for regularly used fixtures such as sinks. Pour boiling water down the drain to eliminate clogs. Once in a month, pour boiling water and vinegar down the drain, followed closely by baking soda. 
  • Be on the lookout for loose tiles, curled flooring, and water stains because they are signs of water damage. 

Ensure That Drain Traps are Properly Sealed

A foul smell is a common indicator of malfunctioning drainage systems. While wastewater usually has a foul smell, you remain protected from the odor by traps. Traps are S-shaped or P-shaped pipes that we mostly see under sinks and tubs. Sometimes, you may also find bottle traps (they resemble bottles).

The curved portion of the pipe seals your drain as well as prevents foul smells from coming into your property. 

  • Sink traps: These traps are relatively easy to identify and replace. You can take your trap out and clean it, and return it in place. 
  • Tubs, showers, toilets, as well as other large fixtures in your home have drainage pipes mostly challenging to access. The pipes may be below your floor or in the walls. For this reason, it’s essential to contact a professional plumber to check the drains. 
  • Pour water regularly into fixtures that are generally unused. The water ensures that the seal remains intact. 

Clear the Sump for Pumps and Area Drains

If you live in a house with a basement, you most likely have a sump system that protects your home from groundwater. Usually, a sump basin exists below your basement. When the groundwater increases due to rain, snow, or ice, the sump pump drains the water in the basin to prevent water damage and flooding. 

Sump pumps have discharge pipes to take the water out of your house. Check the pipes and connections leading to the main drainage pipe for leaks. Schedule an annual sump inspection or have one before wet seasons to ensure that your sump system is working correctly. 

Woman unclogging her kitchen drain using a flexible spring drain cleaner.

Check the Grating and Yard Drainage System

Your yard may also have drainage pipes to remove excess water and prevent sogginess. If you have a yard drainage system, you may notice several rectangular grid-shaped metal plates. These plates are called grates, and they collect the runoff water and direct it into the drainage pipe. 

The debris and sediments often block the drainage system, which causes puddles in your yard. As you maintain your yard within the month, remove twigs, soil, and debris covering the grate and sitting in your drainage pipe.

Schedule Annual Drain Maintenance 

Let’s face it. If you have a busy schedule or manage multiple properties, performing daily drainage checks is challenging to plan and execute. Annual drain maintenance scheduled on your calendar is an effective way to care for your property. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling yearly professional drain maintenance with Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning. 

  • Professional drain cleaners perform a thorough diagnosis to establish the problem. Balkan experts use video-camera technology to inspect your drainage pipes before recommending a solution. A comprehensive and conclusive diagnosis saves time and resources. 
  • While kitchen solutions and chemical solutions from local hardware resolve some clogs, they cannot fix some drainage issues. A professional plumbing contractor can resolve clogs such as tree roots. These types of clogs require specialized equipment to remove an intrusion without damaging your drainage. 
  • Professional plumbers have the proper knowledge and equipment to quickly replace broken pipes, loose connections, and leakages in your home. 
  • Professional drain cleaners can fix all broken pipes and fixtures and clean up after a job, all within a short period. 
  • Expert drain cleaners have 24/7 drain maintenance services. Whether your drainage pipe has burst or foul water is backing up the tubs, Balkan professional drain cleaners, and the rapid response unit have a solution for you. 
  • If you manage several properties, it’s easier to organize annual drain cleaning and maintenance and avoid receiving recurrent complaints and forgetting regular care. 
  • A certified contractor can inspect all units, send a trackable and verifiable bill, and restore all your drainage systems. You can also negotiate a suitable package to have all properties inspected. 
  • Expert drain cleaners have the right equipment to resolve clogs in drainage systems supporting multiple households. 
  • Experts take all precautions to protect themselves from harm and dirt. 
  • It’s easier to communicate and plan annual drain maintenance with your tenants. 
  • A professional team of drain cleaners has insurance coverage to protect your property from damage. 

Schedule Regular Drain Maintenance 

Routine drain maintenance is essential to prevent drainage problems and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Balkan Sewer Drain Cleaning offers professional drain maintenance for homeowners and property owners in NYC. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for emergency and scheduled drain maintenance.