Sewer Line Clog: Prevention, Cures, And Helpful Information

sewer line clog

A sewer line clog can be among your most annoying and debilitating plumbing issues. But even so, among all components that made up an entire house, your sewer line is one of most ignored parts. Like most homeowners, you may understand that the line is part of a drain system which carries away wastewater to a public treatment plant, or a septic tank, or some other sewage treatment facilities. Although the pipe used as your sewer line is designed to last for decades, there is always a possibility that it will get clogged. The reasons include issues such as tree roots and assorted debris. The overall condition of the pipe is most likely fine and in good working condition.  But clogging can render a portion of your system, or your entire sewer line, useless.

sewer line clog
The actual point of a stoppage can be hard to diagnose

Trust A Professional For Long lasting Sewer Line Clog Relief

A little bit of clogging caused by food residue or toilet paper is quite easy to deal with. However, stubborn obstructions due to accumulation of grease, tree roots, sagging pipe, or even a collapsed sewer line is going to be more difficult and expensive to repair. In most cases these jobs are best left to Balkan Drain Cleaning. Unless you can clear the line using a plunger, some drain cleaner, or can use your hands (wear gloves!), call a pro.

drain line clog
A clogged strainer can be easily cleaned by a homeowner (gloves advised!)

Balkan is based on Jamaica Avenue, in Richmond Hill, NY. The company is one of the most reputable and experienced plumbing service all across the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan area. A fleet of fully stocked service trucks and trained technicians is your assurance of a job done right the first time. On the rare occasions when you need a full replacement of your sewer, the Balkan Team provides 10-year unconditional guarantee for sewer line replacements. In the end, high quality back fill and clean up assures you will not left with a future sinkhole once the job is done. All restorations to the surface area are also guaranteed for a period of three years. 

The Four Major Causes Of A Sewer Line Clog

Not every sewer line clog issue calls for replacement, yet you should not rule this out until after you get the pipe thoroughly checked by professionals. There are several common causes of a sewer line clog as follows:

  • Non-soluble materials:

Your sewer line is designed to contain and carry only wastewater and nothing else. Hard objects such as toys, cigarette butts, female hygiene products, diapers, wet wipes, and plastics can easily cause a sewer line clog. Do not flush such objects down the toilet. Remember that a toilet is not a trash bin into which you can throw away just about anything. Many toilet clogs result in the toilet having to be physically removed to clear the clog. This makes a toilet clog more costly to clear than a typical sewer line clog, so take heed.

  • Tree roots:

If you have trees or shrubs in your yard, their roots can penetrate your sewer line. Even the tiniest hole in the pipe will provide a good entrance point for the roots to find a supply of water. Once a small part of the root gets in, it continues to grow and spread inside the pipe, hence clogging. Before cleaning it, you must find the exact location of the problem. Considering a house sewer system can be quite a long stretch, a professional sewer camera is often necessary.

sewer line clog
Routine maintenance prevents heavy root growth like this

Note that clay sewer lines are most prone to root infiltration. Also note that many trees have shallow roots, and are preferred over trees whose roots grow deep. Best of all is no not plant trees in the vicinity of your house sewer. If roots do get in the line, treatments are available. One highly regarded product is Root-X, which should be applied by a professional.

  • Grease accumulation:

sewer line clog
Hardened grease can mandate a pipe replacement

Food residue, grease, and oil are often thrown away into the nearest kitchen sink. It is quick, easy, practical, yet not quite beneficial to your drain system. Soap itself is also a big source of grease. Animal fat based soaps can be replaced with vegetable based or other products.

Accumulation of grease from these sources will stick to the inside surface of your drain pipes. The grease over time thickens, hardens, and becomes obstructive to water flow. Even if you have a garbage disposal (which shreds food waste into smaller pieces) installed under the sink, grease will still flow into the sewer line. In the case of grease stoppages a sewer water jet is the ideal tool to clear out grease. In severe cases sections of the drain system may have to actually be replaced.

  • Damaged or cracked drain pipes:

If for some reason the sewer line is bent or has a dip, clogging is almost a certainty. Likewise, disjointed, cracked, or collapsed pipes will need a dig up. Water needs a clear unobstructed path to flow smoothly. You should always replace a pipe before it collapses and you completely lose service.

broken drain pipe
Orangeburg pipe is a notoriously poor sewer pipe material, predominantly found in the Bronx

Clogging in the sewer line requires immediate repair to prevent further damage to your inside plumbing system, or to personal property. There are also three different types of clogging by location: secondary branch line, main house drain, and main house sewer. The former indicates clogging issue in one particular fixture for example kitchen sink or bathtub. In this case the problem is isolated to that location. The latter two are worse because the blockage occurs in main drain lines to which all fixtures are connected, and they are typically located under ground. A clogged main drain line causes water backup in all fixtures.

Different drain line problems require different cures

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fit-all rule in plumbing, meaning different culprits and problems require different tools and treatments. More importantly, a different skill set is required to handle a specific issue. That is why the Balkan Team is your best choice. Our drain team, is backed up by the most reputable sewer contractor in NYC, Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service.

Regardless of the location and causes, a sewer line clog can soon turn into an emergency situation if left untreated. Plumbing system is put in place to make sure you live in a sanitary home environment. It serves to send wastewater out as soon as possible without leaving trace of bacteria and germs to endanger your health. Clogging issues mean wastewater cannot flow out of the house quickly enough (if at all) and this poses a threat to your well-being, besides an obvious inconvenience.

Why Balkan Drain Cleaning To Cure Your Sewer Line Clog

A sewer line clog can only get worse every second you ignore the problem, it is typically not self curing. The rare exception are back ups from flash flooding or a severe snow melt. When a sewer line clog occurs you need a plumbing service known for its punctuality both in arrival and completion time. Those are two things Balkan Drain Cleaning has always been associated with. Each truck is fully stocked and operated by highly trained technicians. Furthermore, each technician attacks sewer clogs with a tenacity to succeed and restore your service.

drain cleaner
A commitment to friendly and professional service

Balkan’s main office is centrally located on Jamaica Avenue, close to all major roadways. This provides easy access to all portions of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. But, in addition the company routinely has technicians stationed in all the boroughs it serves. This including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. It does not matter if you call or use our contact form to reach our offices, Balkan Drain Cleaning utilizes an almost instant central-dispatch communication system to alert the nearest possible technician to your location.

The right tools, and a commitment to professionalism and service

Most mobile units are equipped with a hydrojet machine, the most powerful plumbing equipment to get rid of your sewer clogs. In addition to that, technicians are equipped with a specialized HD sewer camera to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage. A sewer camera takes away all the guesswork, making the task easier to do and more time-efficient. Lastly, our fleet is equipped with a variety of different sized sewer cleaning machines; the right tool for the job every time. All technicians working for Balkan Drain Cleaning are background checked,insured, equipped with professional-grade safety gear, and trained in-house as well.

Balkan Drain Cleaning is available 7 days a week, even during after hours. Every inquiry will be addressed with an appropriate response, along with accurate arrival time via our GPS system. Backed with more than 65 years of reputable experience, the Balkan Team is known for its compliance, excellence, and dedication to service.