What to Do If You Smell Sewer Gas From Your Queens Sewer

Sewer Gas Smell Queens Sewer Vent Pipe

Sewer gas smells are distinctive, not to mention highly unpleasant and dangerous. The compound that causes sewer gas smell is hydrogen sulfide, which is produced when organic materials break down and start to rot. It’s usually present in tiny amounts in your home but goes unnoticed when the plumbing system is working properly because Queens sewer gases are vented out through the roof or contained by traps in your sewer pipes.

Sewer Gas Smell Queens Sewer Vent Pipe

Some sewer gas smells are easily fixed by a plumber, whereas others necessitate investigation by a Queens sewer professional. No matter what the cause, don’t wait to diagnose the problem as whatever is causing it is only bound to get worse. Hydrogen sulfide is a heavy gas, thus, the rotten egg smell that it produces will most often be strongest in the lowest level of your home. that is typically in the basement, or where a floor drain is located. Other times it can occur near toilets or sinks. Sewer gas problems are commonly caused by:

  • A dried out water seal in a floor drain or trap
  • Broken or cracked seals around toilets allowing water to siphon out or traps and permitting sewer gases to enter your home
  • Rotted wood near toilets causing the same problem
  • Dry house trap, or P trap, under a sink, shower/tub or floor drain
  • Lack of sufficient drains or venting

A plumber can usually easily remedy all of the above problems. Yet as sewer pipes age, much more serious problems can occur. Especially if you have cast iron sewer pipes, sewer gases can travel into your home through cracks in those pipes. Older cast iron pipes can form cracks along the top over time and require replacement. For a more detailed description, read causes of a sewer smell inside or outside your house.

If you suspect that cracked sewer pipes are the cause, the expert technicians at Joseph L. Balkan can easily inspect and pinpoint the source with the latest diagnostic equipment. Contact Balkan Drain Cleaning as soon as you suspect a sewer gas problem. Prolonged exposure to sewer gas from broken, cracked or deteriorated piping can cause problems such as headaches, fatigue, bronchitis, pneumonia and other medication conditions. Relief from this troublesome quality of life issue may just be a call, or a mouse click away.