Trust Snaking Shower Drain Problems to the Balkan Drain Team

Plumber snaking shower drain with an electric auger.

Is there anything more annoying than realizing you have a clogged shower drain during your morning shower? Probably not. Shower drain problems disrupt morning routines and are big headaches for homeowners. The good news is the Balkan Drain Team are expert at snaking shower drains.

Here’s what you need to know about snaking shower drain problems and why homeowners in New York City and Nassau County can trust the Balkan Drain Team to clear their shower drain clogs.

What Causes Shower Drain Problems?

You may be wondering why your shower drain clogged in the first place. Most shower drain clogs are a nasty accumulation of hair, soap scum, and shampoo residue. Also, minerals from your water can build up in your pipes.

Anyone who uses the shower drain as a place to discard mop water can expect dirt and debris to become lodged in the drain trap (The trap is a curved pipe that keeps sewer gases out of your home).

In most cases, a slow-draining shower is your warning of a complete shower clog in the future

It’s always best to take action when a drain line doesn’t function like it’s supposed to.

Why DIY Shower Drain Solutions Aren’t Ideal

Clearing a shower drain clog yourself can be a messy and time-consuming business for a homeowner. Your first step before you try snaking your shower drain would be to make sure you’re dealing with a problem that’s limited to your shower drain.

Check the other drains in the house. Discovering that multiple drains are running slowly or clogged often means there’s a sewer line problem that a professional needs to repair. For instance, a clog in a main drain can surface in your shower because it’s at the lowest point.

After you’ve verified you’re only dealing with a shower drain problem, you may be thinking about pouring a chemical drain cleaner down your pipes. Please don’t. Most chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing because the chemicals that eat through clogs also eat through pipes.

More importantly, these products can be quite dangerous as they usually contain lye, caustic potash, hydrochloric acid, or sulfuric acid.  Drain cleaners with one of those ingredients cause serious burns when they come into contact with the skin and are harmful if inhaled.

You may have heard pouring boiling water into the shower drain may clear a clog. Years ago, when all pipes were made of metal, boiling water was a reasonable method for homeowners to try. After all, it’s free, doesn’t require skill, and sometimes works. The caveat is boiling water can damage the PVC pipes that are common today. Since PVC is frequently used to repair pipes in older homes, it’s difficult for homeowners to know whether unseen pipes are PVC or metal.

Professional Snaking Shower Drain Problems Is the Solution to Unclog a Shower Drain Problem

A drain snake, also known as a drain auger, is a long, coiled tool that’s fed into a drain to break up or pull out a clog.  Having professionals snaking shower drain clogs is the optimal way to clear a clog. Snaking shower drains helps avoid the problems that come with using boiling water or most chemical drain cleaners. But properly knowing how to use a drain snake is a learned skill.

Snaking shower drains is a job that’s best handled by professionals, as it requires different tools and expertise than snaking a main sewer clog. Inexperienced, untrained users can easily damage pipes with a drain snake. There have been instances when homeowners cracked their pipes by exerting too much pressure. In addition, the snakes most homeowners tend to be too short or not powerful enough to eliminate tough clogs.

Reasons to Choose the Balkan Drain Team

Since 1952, customers have relied on the trustworthy performance of Team Balkan. Here’s why the Balkan Drain Team continues to be a top choice for NYC homeowners and commercial property owners.

Fast Response

When you need your shower drain problem resolved quickly, turn to the Balkan Drain Team. Our guarantee is a Balkan professional will arrive at your location in four hours or less, in line with The Balkan Promise and commitment to service.


Customers can count on us to arrive on time because we have developed an elaborate system to support our promised response time. Every vehicle in Balkan’s fleet is equipped with GPS to allow the professionals in our command center to monitor vehicle locations at all times. Also, we use instant digital radio dispatch to remain in contact with the fleet.

NYC’s Most Trusted Drain Care Professionals

Homeowners who select the Balkan Drain Team benefit from the trustworthy expertise of New York City’s best local drain service. More than 90,000 customers have trusted Balkan professionals for over 70 years that Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning has served NYC property owners.

Courteous Service

Homeowners can expect Balkan Drain Team members to treat them with the utmost courtesy. Our team members respect our customers, their property, and their plumbing.

Modern Drain and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning prides itself on staying up-to-date with the latest, most effective equipment in the industry. Our technicians arrive on-site with professional tools like the Spartan drain cleaning power snake to get the job done right the first time.

Expert Drain Technicians

That modern equipment is always operated by one of Balkan’s well-trained professionals. Balkan Drain Team members have the knowledge and experience to snake shower drains quickly, effectively, and safely. Every team member receives instruction in OSHA standards to ensure the safety of clients and other team members. Working with the Balkan Drain Team means you can rest easy knowing you and your plumbing are in good hands.

How to Prevent Future Shower Drain Clogs

By taking a few simple measures, homeowners can prevent many shower drain problems. Combing or brushing hair before stepping into the shower reduces the amount of hair that ends up in the shower drain.

A more effective option is to cover the shower drain with a hair catcher. The product also goes by names such as tub strainer, shower drain screen, or shower drain protector. Hair catchers have to be cleaned regularly. Finally, please remember dumping mop water into the shower is asking for drain trouble.

Drain Care Services in New York City

There’s no reason for a shower drain clog to ruin tomorrow’s morning routine. Snaking shower drain clogs clear in 4 hours or less is the Balkan Drain Team’s guaranteed response time. Since Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning is open 7 days a week, contact the Balkan Drain Team today to send a Balkan Drain Team member to unclog your shower drain.