Protect Your Home, Spring Rains Can Cause Brooklyn Sewers To Back-Up

Spring Rains Brooklyn Sewers

Everyone loves Spring. The warmer temperatures allow everyone to get out and enjoy the nice weather and the budding trees. And even when there is a rainy day, you can hold on to the promise that it will help the flowers bloom in the near future. Unfortunately, though, those Spring rains can cause some problems for Brooklyn homeowners, and since it has to do with Brooklyn sewers, it will not smell as nice as the flowers either.

Spring Rains Brooklyn Sewers

There are many things people love about living in the city, but one of the challenges is keeping up with the infrastructure. The existing Brooklyn sewers and drain lines can only handle so much, and unfortunately, when there is something that pushes it out of balance, there are usually some repercussions.

In the Spring, we often see some days when it just pours rain. This adds extra strain to the Brooklyn sewers, and some of that water floods the sewer lines, causing the system to back up. Unfortunately, that means the water (and sewage) has no place to go but back up the pipes into homes. This is technically referred to as a surcharge, or backwater.

The results can be horrific, and homeowners not only have to deal with getting rid of bacteria-filled water that floods their home, but the smell that comes with it. Some homeowners have to replace floors, walls, and often have to throw out many of their belongings, some of them being priceless mementos. In addition the affected areas have to be professionally cleaned and disinfected.

Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to avoid this situation. Homeowners can install new sewer trap plugs to discourage the backflow of water. Many homes also benefit from backwater check valves, which only allow water to flow one way, prohibiting water from coming back into the home. We recommend a newer, completely automatic backwater check valve that doesn’t require any electricity, and keeps 100% of sewage water from leaking back into the home.

Homes that do not have one of these sewer gates installed are taking a gamble. Sewer backups are unpredictable, and many Brooklyn sewers date back over a hundred years. Meaning they were never designed to take on the burden of our current infrastructure. A small investment in this product is insurance that your home will be protected during Spring downpours.

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