Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Precautions For Williston Park and Nassau County Residents


Whether you live in the Village of Williston Park, or anywhere in Nassau County, knowing some drain cleaning precautions can be helpful. Similar to most areas in Nassau County, the Incorporated Village of Williston Park also has its own set of regulations regarding plumbing in general, and sewer work in particular. Every plumber must comply with the rules as detailed in the Village Code. They must also hold a Master Plumber License issued by the Board of Public Safety, or other governing/licensing authorities the Village approves of.  Needless to say, all work must be in compliance with the code, or otherwise is regarded as unlawful.

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Know your limitations and your Village requirements

Chances are you would not install your entire plumbing on your own. However, you may be tempted to try fixing some minor damage, or do some drain cleaning yourself. As long as you don’t alter piping layout, redirect water flow to another location, and use dangerous chemicals, you should be fine. Another thing to remember is that some plumbing work may be well beyond the limitation of your skills, knowledge, and experience.

For example it takes a highly experienced technician to do the drain cleaning, even though no license is required. The job can also involve sewer line inspections using a specialized camera wired to a screen. Drain cleaning can also involve commercial-grade power washers to get the actual cleaning process done.All of these tools warrants drain cleaning precautions to avoid injury, and a job well done. In case damage is found, there can be some excavation and restoration of work area as well.

high pressure water jet
Drain Cleaning Precautions: This sewer hydro-jet machine is only for the highly experienced

Things you CAN, but SHOULD NOT do, for drain cleaning issues

While you may have access to many tools, chemicals, and instruments. That does not mean it is advisable yo use them. Taking drain cleaning precautions is a key to prevent a calamity, or worse, an injury.

  • Pouring chemical-based drain cleaners

If the packaging says the product can help clean your drain, it is true. As a matter of fact, most store-bought drain cleaner are effective immediately. The bigger concern is regarding what the packaging does not say. Once the solution is in contact with the clog itself (grease, debris, rust, etc), it generates heat to break the obstruction down. This allows you to flush everything away with water more easily. Unfortunately that heat and the chemical itself may also corrode your pipes. Frequent use of chemical cleaners can damage plastic and thin metal pipes in particular.

Be cautious if the “professional plumber” you call uses chemical drain cleaners. Make sure it is actually formulated for professionals. Further make sure that the chemicals are non-caustic, non-fumigating, and non-systemic. Make sure the product contains no unapproved substances. Of particular interest to you, make sure the product cannot cause burns to your skin or eyes. Injuring yourself is not worth the savings of a professional drain cleaning. Once again, taking drain cleaning precautions can be a mighty good idea.

  • Snaking the drains in your Home

Augers are readily available in just about every hardware store. You may even own your own drain cleaning machine. The equipment is comprised of a flexible metal cable, with a hook attachment at the tip to catch debris inside a pipe. There are actually a variety of bits to use depending on the type of clog. If you don’t know what the clog is, using an auger can be quite dangerous. The hook can catch on things and snap, especially if you are using cheaply-made equipment. Likewise, the cable itself can whip or jerk, giving you a jolt. Maybe most important, using an electric power tool around water has its risks.

Instead of cleaning your own pipe, and perhaps leaving debris inside, think about using a Professional. A Drain Cleaning Professional stocks an array to tools, drain cleaning machines, and years of experience. They also have HD sewer cameras to verify your line has been cleaned 100%.

What you should do instead of the above

In cases where a simple plunger, or safe chemical cannot cure a clog, call a professional. Getting something stuck in your drain, or damaging a porcelain plumbing fixture, is simply not worth it. Worse would be suffering an injury by performing a task you are unfamiliar with.

  • Have a professional snake the drain

A professional-grade auger has the same basic principle as any other. The difference is length, and more importantly strength, and the overall quality of the cable. In general the equipment is over-built for durability and efficiency. They also meet strict safety standards. It is also much more affordable to hire a professional to snake the drain than purchasing the equipment yourself.

  • Ask a professional plumber to power-wash your drain

A power washer is going to be a little bit more expensive than using an auger. However a sewer power washer (in plumbing it is called hydro-jet) is safer and more effective for drain cleaning. A long hose is inserted into an access point of the drain pipe to send pressurized water. Just like what power washing does to clean your car, a hydro-jet cleans almost any kind of debris including tree roots out of your sewer. Rust and scale on the inside surface of the pipe are gone too. Only professionally trained plumbers should operate hydro-jet equipment. Taking drain cleaning precautions will prevent serious injury from this highly specialized piece of equipment.

Your Balkan Sewer Repair and Drain Team

 The drain cleaning professionals at Balkan Plumbing utilize only the highest quality equipment in the market. This ensures that every job is done quickly, and that it leaves no other issues afterward. With years of experiences and knowledge of plumbing works all across New York City, The Balkan Drain Team understands what method is the most effective depending on pipe materials, length, and type and location of the clog. Contact Balkan to prompt service and advice any time of any day.

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