Get Water Jetting With A $100.00 Discount: August is “Get The Grease Out” Month

Water Jetting Cleaning Drains Sewers

Water jetting is an ideal solution to clean accumulated fats, oils, and grease from out of your drain lines. You may have unintentionally worked hard this Summer at introducing BBQ fat, grease, and oil into your drain lines. Many people are too busy entertaining during the Summer to take the time to dispose of fog (fat, oil, grease) properly. That is why the Balkan Drain Team has anointed August as “Get The Grease Out” month.

Truck mounted water jet machine

As a special for the month of August exclusively Balkan is discounting their water jetting services by $100.00. Now may be the best time yet to pressure wash the inside of your drain lines to like-new condition. Why wait until you have a grease clog that may be impenetrable? Save time, aggravation, and money, by doing  water jetting now.[box type=”info”] Here are the water jetting discount details:

1. Call the Balkan Drain Team at 718 641-1222 to get our normal water jetting rates. These rates include up to 3 hours on the site.

2. Mention our August water jetting discount

3. Save $100.00.

In can’t get any simpler than that! Get high quality drain service from the trusted Balkan Drain Team, and save $100.00. [/box]

Why water jetting is a good idea

Are your drains and sewers suffering from sludge? You know, that disgusting build-up of grease, fat, oil, sand, hair, and other debris. That sludge can slow your drains to a crawl or even stop them completely. It is hard to remove this sediment with traditional drain cleaning methods. The power snakes that are effective in removing tree roots and breaking through solid obstructions are less effective when it comes to soft, sludgy masses. They can only partially remove a sludge blockage.

Water Jetting Cleaning Drains Sewers

Water jetting is effective because it can emulsify and flush away the grease and other fats. Once the grease has lost its grip, the other materials are also easier to flush away. A powerful jet of water can even flush away the hardened scale, the mineral deposits that act like the plaque in our arteries, to grab onto the other components of sludge.

If your pipes are suffering from tree root incursion, water jetting (or hydro jetting) can also shear off and pulverize those intrusive roots. Regular maintenance of this kind is particularly useful when it comes to keeping sewer laterals (the pipes that connect your home’s pipes to the sewer main out in the street) clean since those pipes are your responsibility. Click the following link to find more details about how a water jet machine works.

This efficient and environmentally safe method of clearing blocked drains and sewer systems uses plain old water under immense pressure to remove blockages. These concentrated streams of water will thoroughly flush your system. Even the toughest blockage cannot stand up against the power of highly pressurized water.

At Joseph L. Balkan, Inc., our motto is: ‘If it drains, we clean it’. That includes professionally cleaning your drains and sewer with our powerful water jets. If you are experiencing slow drains, contact Balkan Drain Cleaning so that our sewer and drain cleaning specialists can get your pipes flowing again.