A Water Pressure Booster Pump System Can Alleviate Low Water Pressure

water pressure booster system

Regardless of if you live in a major city like New York, or a small community such as Massapequa Park, one of the most common problems with water supply lines is low water pressure. It may take you forever to fill up a sink, or your shower head does not give that satisfying spray. That is a good reason to learn about a water pressure booster pump.

The mere fact that something is wrong inside your piping system can be most troubling. That is especially true if you cannot figure out the actual culprit. If there is only one fixture with a low-pressure problem, then you can focus on fixing that particular fixture. But when all fixtures have the same issue, installing a pressure booster pump can be the solution you’re looking for.

water pressure booster pump
A large commercial booster pump system

The only other alternative to a pump and holding tank may be to upgrade your water supply line. That could even involve re-piping your entire home’s water piping. With that said, have a professional and licensed plumber do a diagnosis before you make a hiring decision.

A brief description of a water pressure booster pump

A water pump to increase water pressure comes in many different sizes and types. Generally speaking for a typical home, an all-in-one system is generally a good idea. As the name suggests, this type includes all the components you need to increase the water pressure from the supply line. That means you don’t need to purchase anything else separately.

Typical all-in-one system has the motor, pump, flow sensor, check valve, and diaphragm in a single package. However, such a system does not normally provide the component to control how much pressure you can add. A workaround is to figure out the current water pressure level, and how much more pressure you need beforehand.

How to Test Water Pressure inside your property

You do need a pressure gauge to do the testing. A water pressure gauge is readily available in hardware stores, and affordable too. Install the pressure gauge on the supply line while the water is shut off. In many cases there is an outlet, like a drain outlet, and it’s easy to connect to.

Once installed, check the PSI with nothing running inside your property. Then turn the water on one fixture at a time, and let the gauge show how much pressure you have. Usually, the gauge indicates in PSI (pounds per square inch). There should not be a dramatic drop in the water off or on. If the pressure changes dramatically, you have an issue.

A reading between 40 and 45 psi is considered normal. Likewise, it should not go above 75 psi because it can damage the plumbing installation and fixtures instead. Assuming you only have 30 psi, and you want the pressure to reach 50 psi, then you need a booster pump than delivers an additional 20 psi.

An easier alternative is to purchase a pressure regulator separately. In case the booster pump gives you more than what’s necessary, you can dial it down from the regulator. If all of this sounds a little complicated to you; all the more reason to call a Licensed Plumber.

water pressure booster system
Pump, holding tank, and controls for booster pump system
Important Considerations Before Installing A Booster Pump

A pressure booster pump requires electricity, and it is recommended that you connect it to a dedicated circuit. At the very least, make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby the installation space. If not, you may need to run a new electrical line. Space is also important. Although the equipment itself is quite small, you need enough space to do the installation and maintenance.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of freezing temperatures. It does not really matter, if in the basement, or any location where the pump is installed, it must be well insulated. A room that is not an insulated room will allow extreme weather to negatively affect the performance of your booster pump. Additionally, the holding tank could freeze solid.

Do You Need a Plumber to Install a City Water Pressure Booster pump?

Installation is pretty straightforward and requires only basic plumbing skills. That being said, it involves electrical wiring, copper pipe connections, and technical knowledge. Unless you know how to use a propane torch, and which wire goes where, calling a professional plumber is the best thing to do.

It is even better to call a plumber before you purchase a booster pump for your water pressure problem. The plumber can check for issues that may cause the low water pressure problem in the first place. Clogging or corroded old steel pipes can be the issues, in which case installing the pump would be pointless. Knowing the causes of low water pressure is vital in situations like this.

A little bit about Massapequa Park and its Plumbing

Located within the Town of Oyster Bay, the Village of Massapequa Park is serviced by the Nassau County Sewer District. It was not until 1931 that Massapequa Park was incorporated as a village. A boom to the areas growth occurred when the Sunrise mall was opened in 1973, the population reached over 22,000. Now called the Westfield Sunrise, it immediately became a popular hangout, and draw to the area. Since that time the population has actually slowly declined to just over 17,000 residents as of around 2010.

Like most Villages and Towns on Long Island, the homeowners of Massapequa Park no longer rely on individual septic systems for wastewater treatment. The county of Nassau is now responsible for running and maintaining sewage treatment facility for the entire village. That being said, sewer connection along with water supply lines are not without their problems. When issues happen on the upper lateral portion of the sewer connection, homeowners are responsible for repair and possible replacement of any sort.

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