Sewer cleaning is frequently a necessary part of maintaining a household or commercial sewer system. Failing to perform a manual cleaning on a regular basis can lead to sewer backup, which often leads to devastating results like the flooding of local homes and businesses. Learning more about the critical aspects to consider when choosing a sewer cleaning service, will help in making an informed decision.  Understanding sewer cleaning services should make it easier for homeowners and all property owners in general.

Choosing Sewer Cleaning Service

Know What Sewer Cleaning Service is Your Responsibility

When sewage leaves your home, there is a firm distinction between what part of the sewer line is your responsibility to maintain versus the City’s. Typically the area of pipe within your property line falls within your jurisdiction while pipe at the street and beyond is the responsibility of the city. However in NYC responsibility is up to and including the connection to the public sewer itself. If the blockage is beyond your responsibility, then you can contact New York City at 311 to have the issue remedied. That typically means the DEP will send a maintenance crew to the scene to remedy the situation.This is usually done promptly, unless the DEP is inundated with many such calls at once. This can occur during and just after a major rainstorm.

If the issue is your responsibility, then contact Balkan Sewer Cleaning and we will diagnose and correct your sewer blockage. If you have any doubts as to where the blockage has occurred, then the sewer cleaning professionals at Balkan Sewer Cleaning can use their sonic locator to diagnose the location of the blockage. We can also use a specialized sewer video camera to see the nature of the sewer blockage.

Prevention of the Sewer Line Blockage

One of the most common causes of a sewer blockage in residential areas is the invasion of sewer pipes by tree roots. Tree roots are typically attracted to the waste water coming from pipes underground due to its high nutrient concentration. This is typically a seasonal event, occurring much less frequently during the Wintertime. A small leak in a pipe, or the tiniest of imperfections, is all it takes to lure tree roots to your plumbing system. According to Aurora Water, “One of the most common causes is tree roots that grow into the line. Trees will not bother an intact line, but any crack or separation will attract the roots to the moisture. Once they are in the line, they will continue to grow and continue to create the possibility of a serious backup. Homes built prior to 1980 are the highest risk for root intrusion, a problem which can be minimized by snaking and cleaning the line regularly.”

As roots grow they also thicken, and can eventually break the pipe. Prevention is key hands down when it comes to preventing tree root invasion in your plumbing system. Contact the drain cleaning professionals at Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning with questions about the aspects to consider with a sewer cleaning service.