A Dependable Drain Technician Who Is Carefully Trained and Screened


In the current times of folks having many responsibilities, and many demanding that they cannot be home when home services are needed. With that having been said, what constitutes being considered a “dependable drain technician”? In these current times, that might have a whole new meaning.

A drain technician showing up within a promised arrival time, is nice to know, but more is now expected. We are in a time when 2 important additional considerations are in place. Those are a carefully screened workforce, and a price structure that is uniform and transparent.

A Carefully Screened Team of Drain Technicians

dependable-drain-cleaningIn the not-so recent past, carefully screened meant a background check. It might have also meant screening for drug or alcohol use. At the Balkan Drain Team, every drain technician has passed these steps before being sent to service you. As a matter of fact, they have been screened by an outside 3rd party, that is an expert in doing so.

Nowadays screening means much more than it did in previous times

Each Balkan Drain Technician is provided with all proper PPE (personal protection equipment) to protect themselves from the threat of contact with contaminated items (such as wastewater). Likewise, PPE is provided to prevent injury as well. These measures also protect you, our client. As an added safeguard, if by chance a Technician misses a day due to illness, they are required to present medical clearance before returning to work.

Balkan has also undertaken the additional step of having a Thermal Thermometer in-house. This enables us to be able to verify the temperature of all employees as needed. To read more about steps the Balkan Team has taken read Protecting Employees And Clients From The Corona Virus, and from exposure to other illnesses as well. At the end of the day, these steps also protect you, our valued customers.

Dependable Drain Cleaning Equals Dependable Pricing

Another vital component of being considered a dependable drain cleaning service is dependable pricing. Balkan Drain Cleaning has a uniform price structure. Simply put, no matter the day, or the time of day, our rates remain the same. Whether Days, Nights, Weekends, or Holidays the price remains the same.

Likewise, we do not “up-sell”. Once your problem is expertly diagnosed, our quotes are accurate and on-point. Another point to note is that all of our service trucks are fully equipped with an array of all required tools and diagnostic equipment. That is your assurance that the 1st time we arrive, you will have a successful drain-unclogging experience.

Furthermore, our Technicians are courteous and respectful. You will receive a detailed explanation of the drain issue both before and after it is solved. Frequently they can give you helpful tips on how to avoid future clog issues. Each Balkan Team Member undergoes extensive drain technician training and personal oversight before they are dispatched to a customer’s home.

Dependable Diagnostics

In the event that you have recurring issues or a major pipe defect, Balkan has state-of-the-art equipment. All of our sewer cameras are HD, and the videos are readily sharable. Furthermore, our pipe tracing tools are spot-on; easily pinpointing the exact location of your pipe and the defect as well. As a matter of fact our sewer locating equipment even gives an exact depth of the pipe in question.

The Team Balkan Way

Being a dependable drain cleaning service is just part of “The Balkan Way”. It is our devotion to excellence and service that our reputation is built upon. For well over 70 years Team Balkan has operated under the same name, same family supervision, and provided a full scope of sewer and drain services. In the volatile NYC plumbing and drain industry there are only a small handful of firms that can make that claim. For expert service, or expert advice, contact Team Balkan.