Drain Cleaning Tips For Maintenance and Repair

Drain Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Part of everyday cleaning is using water. It is nice for the water just to run down the drain like it is supposed to, we even take that little thing for granted. When your drains do not operate like they are supposed to, it adds stress to your day. If you need drain cleaning, be sure to call a professional.  However, you can help prevent your drain from getting clogged by doing some regular maintenance. Here are some drain cleaning maintenance tips you can perform on your own.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Drains Without a Disposal

Boiling Water: Once a month, follow the boiling water technique steps identified in our “Drain Cleaning FAQ for Homeowners and Property Owners” post. This will help push debris, grease, and soap scum, down the drain.

Enzymatic Cleaner: Use this once a month to keep your drains smelling nice. An enzymatic cleaner will help if there is an organic buildup that is causing bad odors to emanate from your drain.

Drains With a Disposal

Ice Cubes and Orange Peels: Ice cubes are a great way to knock off any residue on your blades, and orange peels will help your disposal to stay smelling nice.

Baking Soda and Vinegar: Running baking soda and vinegar down your drain 2-3 times a year can help flush the drain.

Following these great maintenance tips can help keep your drain working properly for a very long time. Although these items will help you to keep your drain clear, remember nothing will substitute for using a professional when your drain gets clogged. Staying up-to-date on maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs. However, performing regular maintenance does not mean that your drains will not ever get clogged, it just means it will happen less often and with less severity.

For more tips on maintenance, or to have your drain serviced, please contact Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning. We would be happy to answer all of your drain cleaning questions.