Drain Cleaning Safety is Important to a Successful Job

Drain Cleaning Safety Important to a Successful Job

These days people are very safety-conscious. Nobody wants his or her drain cleaning job to hurt or injure someone. You will be happy to know that we at Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning keep fully compliant with proper drain cleaning safety procedures and practices. So, what are these drain cleaning safety procedures and practices and how do they keep you and your loved ones safe?

Drain Cleaning Safety Important to a Successful Job

Drain cleaning safety guidelines cover both product labeling and thoroughly reading and understanding equipment safety information, and safe handling. Most importantly they include understanding the dangers of working in confined spaces when it involves sewer issues. We have instituted safety programs that will ensure our employees understand the best way to do their jobs so that no one gets hurt. We pay particular efforts to training people to understand the many safety issues that sewer work by utilizing rigid and thorough procedures.

We have established a comprehensive set of rules for safe sewer and drain cleaning with regards to handling the necessary chemicals and machinery. We know that incompatible chemicals should be stored separately. Peroxides that are used to break up clogs should be kept away from solvents, for instance. Understandably, the chemicals must also be properly labeled and stored, and any tool must be easy to use without putting individuals in harm’s way.

Of course, technicians fixing your backed up sink or clogged sewer should wear the correct gear and bring the proper tools for the job. This ensures not only that people are safe but that the task is completed efficiently. We always bring the right boots, eye protection gear, and other professional drain cleaning tools like water jetting machines, video inspection cameras and power drain snakes.

We have been in the business for 60 years, so we are very aware of the best way to keep you and everyone in the area safe when we clean your drain or sewer. Our training is an expression of that awareness, so if you want your drains cleaned safely, contact Balkan Drain Cleaning today.