Drain Clearing Service: When to Call a NYC Service Expert

Drain clearing service, male plumber attending to a home's drain pipe.

Your household drains are an essential part of how everyone’s home works. Every drain system has an inflow and an outflow. Just as electricity flows in through the power lines and out into your appliances, water needs somewhere to go as well. Needless to say, from shower water to dishwasher draining to simply running the sink, water enters through the pipes and leaves through your drains.

When your drains back up, your home develops a serious problem. Whether your tub won’t drain or the kitchen sink is backing up, you may need an expert drain clearing service for your NYC home.

Why Expert Drain Clearing Service Matters

There are some drain care tasks that everyone can do at home. You can cleanse a drain and break up some clogs with hot water, vinegar, and a little baking soda. You can plunge a toilet or drip the faucet. But if the standard DIY methods for drain clearing don’t work, it’s time to call a drain clearing service expert.

Professional drain services are important because experts have a multitude of solutions. Many of these same solutions are unsafe for homeowners to implement without training. Some types of clogs like backed-up sewer lines require experience working with municipal drains and sewer lines. Not just the drains inside your house. Some drains that clog at a joint or bend may need special care to break up or remove the clog.

Most homeowners go through the DIY methods they know within 30 minutes of discovering a clog. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need the help of an expert drain clearing service.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Drain Clearing

Bathroom sinks and kitchen drains are the most likely to clog because it is the outflow for potentially clogging material. Soap, grease. oils, and cooking fats are especially damaging to these smaller diameter drain pipes.

Grease-sealed clogs are common, and grease clogs become waterproof and resistant to most drain clearing methods. Water flushing or jetting can usually clear these clogs in short order. Just one pan of bacon drippings can seal a once-permeable clog. Making your clog solvents and wash water stuck in place.

Kitchen drains can also be clogged with peels, eggshells, and any large or clumped food matter. Pasta is notorious for forming into a paste and then starch-cement.

Expert kitchen drain and bathroom sink services are prepared for all of these possibilities, along with drain traps, and trouble with the garbage disposal as well. When you call for a professional drain clearing service, you can ensure that the clog will be broken or fully removed without damaging your pipes in the process. 

Clearing Sink Traps and Drain Blockages

Not all plumbing is easy to quickly take apart, clear, and reassemble. Some of the worst household clogs occur in the traps and angles of the pipes. Jewelry, toiletries, and silverware alike have been effectively stopped by the traps. This is good for your pipes but bad for the affected drain – until you open the trap and clear it.

However, not all sinks are easy to maintain. We all know that most sinks don’t match any diagram you can study. You may have an extra trap or an unusual t-junction, or you may have corroded connectors and welded-shut joints. You may be looking at the precarious remains of a previous DIY attempt, or unsure how to work near garbage disposal.

If taking apart your sink trap does not seem like a simple and easy procedure, you’re probably right. Your pipes may not be in a state that is easy to clear and reassemble. That’s when you call for professional expertise.

Drain-clearing experts can assess any sink clog situation and are prepared to fully rebuild your local sinks and drains when that is the best option. Frequently disassembling a sink or sink trap takes less time than struggling with the clog itself.

NYC Frozen Drain Experts

Here in New York, drain-clearing experts are especially important because of the yearly freeze and melt. When water freezes in your pipes, it can also freeze in your drains. In any areas this is the case, particularly when pipes are in unheated places, such as a garage or outside sewer pit. This causes frozen clogs that are hard to break up.

Most NYC residents are familiar with the issues surrounding frozen pipes. If you haven’t experienced a frozen blow-out yet, you likely know someone who has.

Frozen drains are worse because wastewater cannot fully leave your house when the drains clog and freeze. If your sewer line or the drains below your home freeze, waste cannot escape out of the neighborhood. Frozen drains are more delicate and tougher to solve than clogs. But with local drain experts, your drains will be thawed and flowing in no time.

When the weather starts to warm, another type of drain issue arises. We often see flooded drains from melt-off mixed with repeated re-freezing as the weather warms irregularly. This can result in local flooding and intermittent sewer clogs in the irregular cold of spring.

If you are having drain problems unique to northern states with a deep yearly freeze, you may need NYC drain clearing service experts to resolve the issue.

Clearing the Washing Machine Drain

Not all drains are alike. You may have one or more non-standard drains like floor drains in the basement and garage or an extra drain line for the washing machine. In these cases, only experts have enough experience to confidently diagnose and resolve non-standard home drains. If your washer is backing up or flooding during the draining cycle, reach out to a local drain expert to investigate and resolve that clog.

Expertly Unclogging a Toilet that Can’t be Plunged

Toilet clogs happen all the time. In most instances, a little pressure on the drain is all you need so everyone knows how to plunge. But what happens when your most practiced plunger skills don’t clear the toilet clog? In the cold New York winters, toilet clogs become even more common, and localized frozen drains can make them insurmountable.

Calling a drain-clearing service is often your best option. Especially if you share localized drains with other townhomes or apartments. This allows experts to work with both greater delicacy and more powerful tools.

Addressing Backed-Up Sewer Clogs

In cities and during the winter, local sewer lines can become clogged. If the sewer line is clogged, all nearby homes and businesses will also experience drain problems and possibly sewage backup. No single DIY homeowner can tackle a sewer clog, nor should they have to.

A professional drain clearing service can address sewer line causes and can even work with the city if your clog reveals a municipal sewer maintenance problem. Sewer maintenance is a special skill that not all plumbing teams possess. Look for teams with a strong track record in sewer repair and clog resolutions.

Finding Drain Clearing Service Experts in NYC

If your New York home requires drain-clearing services, you can trust the team of Balkan Sewer and Drain Services. Our technicians are dedicated to helping local homeowners keep their homes comfortable, sanitary, and safe.

A Little Bit About The Balkan Drain Clearing Experts

The Balkan family has been serving the residents of NYC for over 70 years, and has actually serviced over 90,000 folks. Our team guarantees a response time of 4 hours or less by a highly experienced and courteous technician. Our entire fleet is carefully equipped with the tools needed to solve virtually any drain issue you may have. These are all reasons why Balkan is The Team You Trust. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for the help of local NYC drain-clearing service experts for your home’s drain maintenance needs.