What is a Fair Drain Cleaning Cost?

Housewife speaking with a male plumber about the plumbing services that her home needs - discussing about fair drain cleaning cost.

Did you ever wonder how to get superior sewer and drain service, but at a fair drain cleaning cost? A fair drain cleaning cost addresses payment and also should consider the quality and performance of the service.

While most plumbers will charge hourly rates to fix your clogged drain, some have fixed rates for the services. How much you pay does not solely depend on the type of fixture that is clogged and how hard it can be accessed. It also depends on the length of the run of the pipe, and the size of the pipe as well.

However, before you contact your local plumber, be sure to get an estimate on how much a similar drain clogging problem will cost locally. It’s daunting to get a fair drain cleaning cost. Considering that many plumbing companies offer the same services, here are tips that will help you get a fair drain cleaning cost. If you’d like more good information, read some more plumbing and drain tips and advice.

Things You Need to Consider About Fair Drain Cleaning Cost

Avoid Up-Selling By Asking Questions!

Many plumbing companies will tend to convince you to buy a higher-end version of their drain services than what you originally intended to purchase. These companies utilize an up-selling strategy to get their customers to spend money on a more expensive service, which can dramatically raise the average drain cleaning cost .

Before you rush into buying the more expensive version of a service, be sure to ask questions. Here are some of the crucial questions that will help you attain a fair drain cleaning cost.

What Does A Fair Drain Cleaning Cost Include?

You may want to inquire about your plumber’s quote and what the quote entails. For instance, several factors can define the cost of drain cleaning services. These include the location of the drain clog, the repair techniques used, emergency drain cleaning services, additional repairs, video inspections, and main sewer line replacement costs.

How Much is the Allotted Time per Job Before the Price Increases?

The price increase is often encountered if the time is allotted primarily based on hours, but the work exceeds. The plumbing company must pay for labor. Hence, there might be a price increase which may inconvenience you if the number of billable hours increases.

Pricing plumbing work can be a lot more complicated than you may think. It involves various variables, one of them being time and labor rates. Some companies charge per hour, which means more hours equals more price.

It is advantageous to hire a company that works with a flat-rate or uniform pricing policy within a specific allotted time. This will give you peace of mind to not worry about any additional costs due to an unplanned increase in working time.

Consider the Tools Included in the Quote

The quote can also include the cost related to drain cleaning tools and supplies needed to clean the drain. This includes tools and machine consumables. Expect a change in the price quoted for additional equipment needed. With years of experience comes the proper knowledge of tools that work best, what doesn’t, and the best equipment for particular tasks.

Depending on the type and extent of the drain blockage, different mechanical or chemical means are employed. Consider inquiring about the tools used in the project and those that you can omit to have a fair drain cleaning cost. Bear in mind that the tools used also contribute to the quoted cost. Some of the tools included in the quote can include:

Hydro Jetting – Water Jets

A water jet uses highly pressurized water inserted into the drain line to eliminate the blockage. Water jetting is a recent addition to various tools available for drain cleaning services. It is ideal for removing grease blockages or debris from a drain pipe. However, a hydro jet drain cleaning cost is more expensive than snaking, and in some cases has no additional benefits in most other cases.

In addition, older pipes may not require water jets because of their high pressure. In this case, a video inspection may be preferred. It’s, therefore, crucial to ask if a water jet is needed or not, and if it’s needed, it will probably be included in the quote. 

A Plumbing Snake or Auger

A plumbing snake is most commonly used for occasional drain clogs and slow drains. A long, coiled auger is pushed into the drain to dislodge the blockage. There are two options depending on the severity of the drain clog; the motorized snake or a hand snake. Snaking is cheaper compared to water jets. So, if your drain clog does not need a water jet, snaking will help you save some coins.

Is There Any Extra Charge for Cleaning in Each Direction?

Another essential question to ask before considering upscale is whether there are extra charges for cleaning in each direction of your drain line. Having a clear idea of what service you’ll get will also help you decide which package of services to take at a fair drain cleaning cost.

Your Time is Valuable. A Guaranteed Response Time Is Part of a Fair Drain Cleaning Cost

Most drain cleaning companies promise their customers what they cannot fulfill, for instance, services offered in an hour or less. When considering a fair drain cleaning cost, you also need to remember that your time is valuable. Is there a guaranteed response time from the service provider? If so, how quickly should one expect the drain cleaning services for a drain clog?

A reputable company should be able to provide you with an accurate response time. In case of a delay, advanced notice should be provided. Most service companies should be able to respond within one to two hours; with travel time accounted for. Keep in mind that this time works when you’re in the company’s service area.

Is There a Holiday, Weekend, or Night Time Premium Charge?

Most plumbing companies charge double or triple the usual rates if you have plumbing issues that require after-hours or on holidays and weekends. However, Balkan Drain Cleaning uses a uniform pricing policy. This means that there are no premium charges for after-hours, weekends, or holiday drain cleaning services.

What are the Charges to Clean Additional Drains?

Sometimes, what seems to be a simple job may turn out to be much more, and more labor requires more money. Frequently, you may have secondary issues such as slow drains. See if discounted rates apply for servicing additional drain issues once the technician is on your site. Or better yet, ask ahead of time!

Always Check a Drain Service Provider’s Online Reputation for Fair Dealing

Folks can always sound nice and reassuring over the phone. However, “real people” giving “real feedback” online can genuinely attest to the level and fair dealings of a drain service provider.

Fair and upfront frequent drain cleaning services mean taking time to shop carefully and asking the right questions before hiring a plumbing expert. At Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning, we provide you with comprehensive and quick drain cleaning services in the NYC area. Contact the Balkan Drain Team today for a complete assessment and a fair quote on all your drain cleaning services.