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Sewer Cleaning Services In NYC

Sewage backups can happen to any home, and when they do, they can cause havoc, often within just a few hours. When the plumbing in your home appears to be backed up, it is time to call experienced sewer cleaning services in NYC to diagnose and remedy the issue.  There are many choices when it comes to sewer cleaning services in NYC.  When you find your system is in need of expert sewer cleaning, make sure you contact experienced and knowledgeable sewer cleaning professionals.

Sewer Cleaning Services In NYC

There are three common causes of sewer backups. These are material clogs, tree roots, and broken or collapsed sewer lines. Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning has specialized video cameras that can provide detailed imaging of your sewer line and show exactly what the issues is. No matter what the cause, Balkan Drain Cleaning is the best sewer cleaning service in NYC to diagnose the sewer issue and recommend a course of action.

Clogs are a common source of sewer backups. Homeowners can avoid this problem with periodic maintenance and proper use of drains. Keep drains and sewers clear by not using toilets as wastebaskets. Avoid flushing diapers, napkins and similar items. In addition, avoid dumping large quantities of any item down your garbage disposal that can lodge within the sewer line. Similarly, don’t pour grease and fat down your drain as these can harden within plumbing, collect debris and create a stubborn clog.

Tree roots are another common cause of sewer backups. Even if trees are on neighboring properties, roots travel far to seek water. Tree roots will invade pipes and cause holes and blockages or even wrap around the sewer line and crush it.  Older sewer pipes made of less structurally sound material are particulary suceptable. Minor tree root incursions can be helped by copper sulfate.

Copper sulfate can also be useful for dealing with minor root problems by flushing a small amount daily until the problem goes away and following up with small preventative doses applied every other month. Copper sulfate is a corrosive and should only be implemented through your toilet.

As sewer lines age, they can become broken or collapsed, thus causing backups. Older homes with sewer lines built with cast iron and clay piping can break down over time and create problems.  If your sewer line becomes compromised by collapse, our sister company Balkan Plumbing can diagnose and repair the issue.

Remember, when a sewer line problem occurs, don’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner, as these liquids can end up damaging pipes and may not help at all. Have professional sewer cleaning services in NYC diagnose out the problem. Contact Balkan Drain Cleaning to learn what your options are when sewer problems occur.