Being A Drain Unclogger Is Not Ideal For The DIY Fanatic

drain unclogger

A knowledgeable drain unclogger understands all types of plumbing connections. This is regardless of the materials, and specific design. They also understand that drain lines are subject to clogging. Everyday usage causes wear and tear, and sediment build up. This means that regular maintenance is mandatory to keep wastewater running and flowing properly to the right direction. Any overflow or backup are indications a severe condition has already occurred. In some cases, drain pipe replacement is the only plausible remedy. That occurs in about 1 in 10 cases.

The good thing is that you can prevent most costly repairs by performing regular maintenance to check for early symptoms and issues.  Some conditions, such as slow drainage or gurgling sounds from the drain, are the early warning signs of clogging. A clogged drain is probably the most common plumbing issue of them all.

The DIY (dot-it-yourself) problem 

drain unclogger
Meet your DIY drain unclogger nightmare

With the Internet available as a guide that provides a seemingly unlimited source of knowledge, every plumbing issue may appear as DIY-friendly. For a while now, most notably in the United States, there has been a DIY craze on all sorts of household disciplines including plumbing. It is as if everybody thinks that plumbing issues are never too difficult that they require professional.

There is nothing wrong with DIY plumbing. As long as you know what you are doing, and are equipped with the right tools for the jobs. The biggest concern with DIY is that people make use of simple equipment – designed to tackle simple tasks – to handle more complex jobs. While in some very few cases basic tools can do wonders, the risk of damaging the plumbing installation even worse is too great to take. Just like any other application, it takes the right tools in the hand of the right person to get the job done. One thing to remember is that different plumbing issues may exhibit the same symptoms. Therefore, you need to understand the underlying issues before you embark on a DIY venture.

Clogging and the DIY affectionado

Clogging is a common issue; many DIY guides on plumbing are about troubleshooting this problem. There are two sorts of clogging including localized and main drain. The former basically is all about clogging in secondary lines of the plumbing installation. Examples of this are the kitchen sink, showers, bathtubs, and all branch pipes. By localized, it means the clogging occurs only on the specific water fixture.

Suppose a kitchen sink is clogged, all other fixtures still work just fine. The latter is a more serious condition since the clogging occurs in the main drain line. All secondary lines are connected to this pipe; if this one is clogged, every fixture in the house gives you the same kind of hassle. Even if you can recognize the symptoms, chances are you have no clue where the exact location of the blockage is in the pipe, let alone the type of materials that blocks the pipe. This is where a drain unclogger professional comes in. An inexperienced drain unclogger can damage pipes, ruin the finish on plumbing fixtures, or actually get tools stuck inside the drain system. None of this is worth trying to save a few bucks to clear a clog.

Professional equipment for any drain clog situation

DIY enthusiasts probably have the will power and determination to learn about new things every single time they face challenges. One thing that most (if not all) of them do not possess is professional-grade equipment. To get rid of plumbing clogs in the right manner, a drain unclogger needs the following equipment.

  • Sewer Camera

One of the very first things a drain unclogger will do before they clean the clog is to look for it first; obviously. It is impossible to get rid of something unless you know where it is in the first place. A professional relies on a HD sewer camera for the job. Unlike a regular camera with a remote control, a HD sewer camera is designed specifically for the job in the sense that it works best under the unfriendly environment inside a pipe. Even with a minimum light source, and surrounded by the extreme dampness, or greatest possible degree of moisture, the camera is still able to produce HD video footage that is also sharable.

HD sewer image
HD means crystal clear images of your drain system

A sewer camera provides information about the pipe materials, diameter, conditions, and of course clog location. Any structural defects due to corrosion or improper installation are easy to pinpoint as well. The camera is connected to a screen and control panel on the surface. The equipment eliminates all the guesswork, allowing a drain unclogger to work with precise planning to minimize the risk of compromising safety and the structural integrity of the installation.

  • Power Auger

The type of drain snake used by a drain unclogger is not residential-grade. The auger is motorized and it comes with multiple attachments or blades. A different type of blade is attached depending on the obstructions. Some blades can pierce through firm stoppages, while others are sharp-edged and serrated to rip roots apart. A power auger also comes in various sizes, and horsepower as well.

  • Water Jet drain unclogger

Typical tools such as a plunger and drain auger are good only for localized clogging, and when the blockage is relatively easy to remove using minimum force. In the event of a main drain clog, or when the obstruction is too stubborn, a high pressure water jet is the probable solution. As the name suggests, a water jet utilizes highly pressurized water to deliver large amounts of force in the direction of the obstruction.

Force from the pressurized water breaks down all sorts of blockages regardless of what it is composed of. The clogging can be accumulation of grease, food residue, or large physical objects such as tree roots. Water jet also has many different attachments or nozzles to deliver the force in various angles. Some nozzles are even designed to get rid of sand accumulation inside the pipe. A high pressure water jet in the wrong hands can easily result in injury and calamity.

drain unclogger
A professional drain unclogger is your best bet

A professional drain unclogger comes to your house equipped with every tool necessary to handle all possible difficulties. A combination of trained hands and the right equipment does the job well, not only to get rid of the existing difficulties, but also to minimize the possibilities of recurring problems. Let us not forget that proper tools help ensure safety for homeowners as well as the workers. Another important thing is that a professional does the job with efficiency of time in mind.

Why Balkan is your best drain unclogger

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