Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to enjoy with the family, eat lots of festive food, and even watch some football. While this is good for our mind and spirit, it can wreak havoc on your Brooklyn sewer. Holidays are an important time to monitor what is going down your drains, and be aware of any changes that could be happening within your home.

Thanksgiving Holiday Brooklyn Sewer Clog

Gathering for a Thanksgiving meal, and a day spent with family is an American tradition. This means more people within our home, which puts extra strain on the various systems, especially the sewer. Guests increase the frequency of discharges in the sewer, which stresses the system, and can lead to clogging. The spike in waste discharge needs monitoring so that a clog does not ruin your gathering.

The Thanksgiving dinner is something we all think about year-round and is often the favorite holiday meal of the year. This also leads to many sewer issues as increased levels of grease, and food particles enter the sewer system. Grease and any liquids that contain high-fat content should never be dumped down any drain or toilet. This, along with the increased usage from guests is a sure-fire way to a sewer disaster. It is also extremely important that sink drain screens be in place to catch any large particles from entering the drain. With all the family and guests over, it is almost a given that items will enter your system. Being proactive is critical so that your sewer system does not give you problems this Thanksgiving holiday.

If you experience any problems with your sewer this Thanksgiving holiday, it is imperative to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Prolonging a sewer issue can lead to larger problems, and even make replacement necessary. Make your holiday a much happier and please contact Balkan Drain Cleaning for your sewer emergency.