Next Time You Have a Toilet Clog, Don’t Call 911, Call Balkan Drain Cleaning

Clogged Toilet, Don't Call 911, Call Balkan Drain Cleaning

Even been desperate to use the toilet? It is clearly an emergency. You need a working toilet now. One man in Philadelphia recently found out the hard way that a toilet clog is not the life threatening situation police are trained to handle. If the toilet is clogged, most people reach for a plunger, but a Philadelphia man reached for the fire alarm.

Clogged Toilet, Don't Call 911, Call Balkan Drain Cleaning

The three-story Oakwood Apartment complex in Pennsylvania was completely evacuated shortly before 8 am on Sunday morning after one of the residents pulled the fire alarm. Upon arrival of the fire and police departments, no sign of fire or emergency was found. Police began questioning residents only to stumble upon the man who pulled the alarm. The unidentified man told police he had attempted to contact maintenance, but they were not responding promptly. After considering his options, he decided to pull the fire alarm was the fastest way to have his toilet unclogged. The response was fast, but probably not the assistance that the man was hoping to receive.

Police calmly explained that a toilet clog was not in fact an emergency and arrested the man for false reporting. Even more disturbing, the man admitted the toilet was clogged because he had filled it with potatoes the previous evening. No explanation was given for the strange potato incident, and there was no word on whether maintenance eventually arrived to clear the man’s toilet. Fortunately for the desperate man, working toilets are provided at all jails.

If you have a toilet clog, do not make poor decisions like this man. While your local police department is happy to help, providing a working toilet for bathroom emergencies falls out of the range of their official duties. Contact Balkan Drain Cleaning for fast and efficient service. Our experienced drain cleaning team is ready to assist with all your plumbing needs. They would also like to remind people that putting potatoes in your toilet is usually ill advised.