Balkan, NYC’s Best Rated Drain Cleaning Service

Best Rated Drain Cleaning NYC

Balkan Drain Cleaning Service is the best rated drain cleaning in NYC, as evidenced by our high ratings and praise from all across the internet. Our sister company, Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service, likewise has glowing reviews.

It is obvious that our customers consider us the best drain cleaning service in NYC.

Best Rated Drain Cleaning NYC

The best rated drain cleaning in NYC routinely receives high praise

Customer Michael G. left us a glowing review. This was after experiencing two separate sewer problems in a two week period. Although he lives in Ohio, he owns apartments in NYC and was very concerned when his tenants reported having sewer issues. Imagine the logistical problems of trying to manage such a situation from two states away. He was so impressed with our service that he called it “unprecedented & phenomenal”. We take that as very high praise indeed!

Michael G. went on to say:

“I have received nothing but outstanding reports/accolades of outstanding customer service and interface with my tenants. My tenants stated George took his time, explained what was happening, diagnosed the problem(s), corrected the issue, and demonstrated genuine care for their concerns.”

Because he resides out of state, this customer has had many disappointing experiences with other plumbers over the years. These include empty promises, work that was not fully completed, having to make numerous calls to both plumbers and tenants, and even “deceptive and deceitful work practices”.

As Michael puts it:

“These types of adverse experiences where the norm/typical experiences with the vast majority of NYC Licensed plumbers throughout my 30-year tenure of real estate ownership.”

And then he called Balkan, the best-rated drain cleaner in New York City. His initial contact was with John, who handled scheduling an after-hours service call with the tenant. We were able to remove the blockage on the same day that we received the original call for help.

“Then came George from Joseph L. Balkan, a complete and genuine diametrically opposed approach which was focused on true customer care and consideration. It was so refreshing to meet someone who has pride in the work they perform – pleasing the client 110%… Both John and George treated their clients in an extremely professional manner”.

George “checked and double checked’ the work to make sure all traces of the blockage were removed and the work was completed thoroughly and correctly. He then communicated with Michael G. to advise him that the work was completed to the tenant’s satisfaction.

“As the property owner/landlord I called my tenants to ensure their level of satisfaction, and I was given nothing but positives reviews regarding George’s professionalism, demeanor, and expressed concerns for their complete satisfaction. As this is our 2nd recent experience with George, involving 2 discrete plumbing issues, and each resolution demonstrated the same 110% customer satisfaction & professionalism, I highly recommend Joseph L. Balkan Plumbing, and George, without reservations, for any plumbing Sewer & Water Main blockage needs. Thank you, Joseph L. Balkan Plumbing; and especially George, for excellent Customer Service.”

Obtaining five star reviews for drain cleaning is no easy feat

Michael G. is not the only customer to heap praise on our staff for their excellent work and skill at making customers happy. This review by M. Neumann is equally complimentary and appreciative of a job well done.

One of the things we love about Yelp, Angies List, and Google, is the insight it gives us into just how well we are doing in meeting our customers’ needs and satisfying them. Besides the star ratings and detailed reviews (which we very much appreciate), customers can even share photos. Besides telling others how much we care about doing a job right, our customers can actually show them.

This kind of word-of-mouth advertising is priceless. In fact, it accounts for more than half of our new customers! We are especially proud of that fact because it shows just how well we are doing at pleasing our customers. Our customer satisfaction surveys confirm that fact with more than 95% of our customers saying they are “very satisfied” with our service.

As we like to say: “We are proud of our reputation – the more you know about Balkan the better we look!” If your sewer is giving you problems, contact Balkan Drain Cleaning today. We are the best rated drain cleaning in NYC for very good reasons. Just ask our many satisfied customers.