Blocked Drains Cured By A Five Star Drain Unblocker

blocked drains
blocked drains
Grease clogged drain

Your blocked drains deserve your best local sewer service to get your blocked drains cured. Regardless of where you live, there are probably dozens of plumbing services based in your local area. It can be confusing (not to mention risky) to choose just any service you can find without checking for credentials, experience (how long the company has been in business), and online reviews. Long-term blocked drains being cured may sound like a simple task, but it is anything but that.

Most drain unblocking services these days have an online presence of some sort. Some use social media to create a company page, while others use full-featured websites with added email forms and portfolios. Many spend a tremendous budget on pay per click campaigns that land them on top of page 1.

But to find the best drain service in your area, it is best to check testimonials written by previous customers to read the satisfaction levels and completion time. Your own neighbors will be the best judge of who is your best cure for blocked drains.

Trust your neighbors reviews to find the best drain cleaning service

One thing to remember is that you must read reviews from various sources. For example, the company’s website, social media, and reputable online review services (Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Reviews, etc). Only hire a drain unblocking service that has a considerable reputation in all publications to make sure you get the right service. If you live in NYC area, particularly in the borough of Queens, you should notice that there is one company that stands out from the crowd because of their excellent performance and professionalism: Balkan Drain Cleaning Service. Here are just three of many actual online reviews of previous Balkan users stating their contentment with the company’s performance. drain cleaning reviews

“I called Balkan Plumbing for drain unblocking job in my property, more accurately in the front yard. Several men came and got the job done in 3-hours or less; not only that they resolved the problem, but they fixed the work area and left me with nothing but clean lawn and properly working drain line.”

“If not because of George from Balkan Plumbing who did long hours of drain unblocking in this house, we wouldn’t have bought it few months ago. The drain has been working flawlessly since then.”

“The clogging in my old property was too difficult for me to handle. I rented some plumbing tools and tried to fix everything on my own only to find out that all the money spent for renting equipment was such as big waste. Then I called Balkan Plumbing, and George along with the two other workers came and made everything right in matter of hours only. I have not had any issues with the drain line again since then. Now that’s money well spent.”

Regular Maintenance Is the best Cure for Blocked Drains

A clogged area drain can result in flooding

Plumbing installations requires timely maintenance to make sure everything works as it should. It does not matter if your drain pipe and fixtures are made by the highest-quality materials, it is a certainty that they deteriorate, or clog. Blocked drains are a relatively normal occurrence. This is due to continuous exposure to wastewater mixed with chemicals from soap, detergent, shampoo, and food. Other items, such as oil from your garage drain, only add to the problem.

Let us remember that metal pipe and water do not get along well. There will be corrosion all along the drain line, which can create partial or complete clogging if improperly treated. Assuming you have the drain line run through the basement and lawn, blocked drains can happen for various reasons. These reasons include leaves, tree roots, and dirt, in addition to typical wastewater debris. Toilet paper, female hygiene products, toys, and cigarette butts are not uncommon culprits as well.

Consider a maintenance contract to ensure regular cleaning to prevent backups

Regularly scheduled drain cleaning via a maintenance contract is a great way to have longlasting blocked drains cure. Maintenance eliminates the source of your problem before it becomes a serious issue. Drain maintenance gets rid of small accumulation of dirt along your drain pipes, as well as corrosion in the inner surface of the drain line. This prevents significant building-up in the first place. All water fixtures in your house are susceptible to clogging, but you can avoid the issue with timely cleaning.

Timely maintenance will most likely only deal with minor issues. Such issues include a partial blockage caused by food residue or toilet paper, or a slow shower or sink drain. Before those physical objects become hardened, a professional plumber with the right tools can flush away the obstructions with minimum efforts. If you decide to have the plumbing cleaned later than sooner, you give time for the objects to collide with each other and form an accumulation of nasty junk that completely blocks the flow of water.

A completely blocked drain is more expensive and time consuming to cure

blocked drains
Root blocked pipe

In a situation involving completely blocked drains, a plumber will need to take extra measures. The drain unblocking task therefore takes more time, effort, and money. In most cases, partial clogging is dealt with a simple mechanical auger or even a plunger. Since the drain pipe still allows a small volume of water to flow through, it does not require heavy-duty equipment to get the job done.

A complete clog does not happen overnight. It occurs little by little, and typically by you ignoring an obvious issue. over time, your “slow drain” becomes even slower, until it stops completely. If you have a complete drain blockage, sometimes the pipe itself deteriorates faster than it should. A vigorous cleaning using an electronic drain machine does take it’s toll on old interior plumbing systems.

Blocked Drains Cured With Specialty Tools

sewer cleaning
A water jet can blow out debris, grease, and scale

To figure out the culprit, location of the clogging, and condition of the pipe, a professional plumber needs at least the following tools:

  • Sewer Camera

As an example, unlike a camera attached to a remote-controlled toy, a professional sewer camera is a sophisticated imaging device. It is designed to work under a demanding environment, withstand vigorous usage, and produce HD images. Some cameras have their own lighting source to capture/record images or videos inside dark small drain pipe. The camera is connected to a main control panel and screen, so the plumber can see everything captured by the lens. It gathers various data for example diameter of the pipe, length, condition of the pipe including corrosion, age, and material. Sewer camera helps locate the clogging and determine the most efficient work area.

  • Sewer Snake

If possible, a professional plumber will use a sewer snake with 50′ long cables. These cables are able to reach the blockage and break it down to smaller pieces. Once the obstruction disintegrates, gradual water pressure should flush the pieces more easily. It may take multiple attempts to get rid of all debris.

  • Water Jet

If all else fails, a professional plumber will use a hydro-jet tool for a drain unblocking job. A hydro-jet flushes away all obstructions with high-pressurized water through special nozzle. Depending on the type of obstruction identified during camera inspection, different types of nozzles can be used for effective cleaning.

Best tools, best technicians, best in class to get Blocked Drains Cured

The Balkan Drain Team puts it all together for “best in class” services. Contact Balkan for a sure solution, and get your blocked drains cured once and for all.