Bellerose Drain Cleaning Services: Expert Advice And Professional Service

Bellerise drain cleaning services

When you need expert Bellerose drain cleaning services, there is a first name to keep in mind. The Balkan Drain Cleaning Team has been servicing the Bellerose community for over 65 years. Whether you live in the Village of Bellerose, or over on the Queens side, a Balkan technician is only minutes away. Not only do we utilize modern equipment, and tools, we employ none but highly skilled technicians. We couple that with decades of plumbing knowledge. For example, let’s tech you about P-traps. You have a number of them inside your home, ever wonder what exactly they do?

Bellerose drain cleaning services
Balkan has Bellerose drain cleaning services Covered (courtesy of Google maps)

P-traps prevent you from needing Bellerose Drain Cleaning Services

First and foremost, P-traps can prevent the need for Bellerose drain cleaning services. Did you know that every plumbing installation has small seemingly unimportant components called P-traps. They are present in both residential and commercial buildings.  There they are under every sink and water fixture in side your home. Installed between every drain opening and drain pipe. Depending on how your plumbing fixture is designed and installed, you may not even notice that there is in fact a P-trap underneath it. Although there are various types of traps in your home, here is a basic overview of a P-trap:

  • Shape of A P-Trap:

there are several different types of P-trap, but each essentially has the same shape. Its most important component is the curved-pipe piece in addition to tailpiece and drain elbow. The curved part is meant to always store a small volume of water; as wastewater enters the drain, the stagnant water inside the part is continuously replaced with new water. P-trap is available in plastic and metal materials.

  • Basic function of a drain trap:

Water inside a P-trap is a physical boundary that blocks odor from a sewer treatment facility or septic tank from entering your house. Sewer gases, and odors, cannot penetrate through the water barrier and come out of the drain opening in your sink. In addition to preventing a potentially noxious smell, your P-trap also makes it easier for a plumber to connect your water fixture to a vent pipe. Without venting, wastewater cannot drain quickly. That is because there would not be enough displacement of air to maintain pressure. The lack of a vent pipe may also cause your P-trap to dry. When a trap dies out, that removes the water barrier, hence odor in your house.

house drain traps
Design of a P trap
  • P-trap in toilet assemblies:

A trap in each of your toilets makes sure there is a steady wastewater flow. By the way, water fixtures should not ever be double-trapped. A toilet has its own trap by design, so there is no need to install another p-trap before connecting it to a drain pipe. The toilet still needs to connect to a vent pipe, however. In fact, every water fixture that has a P-trap must be vented. If not, you’ll get slow draining, a gurgling sound, or drainage failure.

  • Risk of not maintaining a trap:

The most common issue in a P-trap is that it becomes a place where dirt and debris accumulates in your plumbing system. Food residue flushed down the kitchen sink, or soap scum, from the bathtub can end up inside the trap. Along with stagnant water, it can all create a clog. You can minimize the risk of clogging by installing a drain strainer. If a clog does happen in the trap, you must remove the part, clean, and reassemble; or simply replace it entirely.

sink P trap
Before taking a trap apart: clear the area, and place a bucket

Repairing or cleaning out your P-trap

Although it may appear easy to repair and replace your P-trap, there is going to be a mess in the work area during the work. The trap contains wastewater and assorted items that become murky over time. It is connected directly to your drain line. A messy workplace is almost always a certainty. Let us not forget that some traps are located in hidden places, sometimes behind (or even inside) a wall for aesthetic reasons.

Therefore, apart from actually fixing the P-trap, you may also need to tear down and rebuild part of the house where the trap is installed. All the more reason when you need expert Bellerose drain cleaning services, or plumbing services, call a trusted professional company.

A little bit about the Village of Bellerose

Bellerose only has about 310,000 square meters of area consisting of only land. The total population (as of 2010) is a little less than 1,200 people. Founded with the intention to be a model community in 1907, the village remains very strict in terms of its maintenance code, and architectural review. This is meant to prevent large scale population movements into the village from the surrounding areas.

In the residential areas of the Village of Bellerose homeowners play major roles in keeping things neat, clean, and healthy in almost all aspects of quality of life. This includes plumbing and wastewater management in general. Everybody is committed to make the village a comfortable place to live, free from pollution and odor. The Balkan Drain Team is here to uphold the high standards of Village of Bellerose neighbors, and those on the Queens side as well. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for expert advice, and fast, professional Bellerose drain cleaning services.