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Brooklyn sewer service

A Public and home sewer system is a crucial part of maintaining a sanitary environment. Particularly in a densely populated area such as Brooklyn, in New York City. That is why when Brooklyn sewer cleaning is needed, none but the best should be considered. The Brooklyn sewer system consists of miles after miles of underground piping. Each and every house in the borough is then connected, many of these systems have been in existence for well over 100 years. The fact that Brooklyn is also the most populous Borough in New York City makes it potentially vulnerable to damage due to up to 2 centuries of wear and tear, as well as improper maintenance.

New houses are built with new sewer systems indeed, but they are all connected to a pubic sewer system that is frequently overburdened. To handle and prevent sewer problems such as broken pipes, leaking, clogging for various reasons, and surcharges of backwater, you need a reliable and experienced Brooklyn sewer cleaning service. Balkan Sewer And Drain Cleaning Service is part of the Balkan family of companies. A name rusted in the NYC plumbing industry for well over 60 years.

Brooklyn sewer service
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Experienced Brooklyn sewer cleaning and sewer repair

Balkan Plumbing is a NYC-based plumbing company providing services to both residential and commercial clients in New York City metropolitan area for more than 60 years. The company covers the entire area of the city by utilizing a fully stocked fleet of vehicles that are monitored by GPS. All Balkan vehicles are equipped with professional-grade equipment and highly trained technicians, to deliver superior plumbing and drain services. In response to the increasing demand for our trustworthy services, the company has expanded its scope of services with the launch of Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company. This enables us to reach all areas of NYC, including Brooklyn, with a more complete scope of services. As a member of The NYC Master Plumbers Council, Balkan Plumbing is up to date plumbing code and the most modern technologies.

Superior Services

Balkan’s Brooklyn sewer cleaning services delivers professionalism not only in the services we provide, but also in our entire scope of client interaction. We provide a wide range of plumbing servcies in all types of buildings including:

  • Municipal: A drain cleaning task that typically involves larger or specialty equipment, and often requires off-hours service. Municipal buildings require meticulous inspections and professional-grade equipment to ensure effective completion in timely manner.
  • Industrial: A building where a high volume of waste products accumulate throughout drain and sewer lines. Many uncommon types of waste require unique treatments that we can easily handle.
  • Commercial: There is a tendency in commercial buildings that less-than-ideal plumbing systems exist due to improper maintenance, coupled with relentless heavy-duty usage. Balkan sewer cleaning has been dealing with commercial buildings for years to gain enough experience and expertise to do an effective cleanup.
  • Residential: While this is arguably the easiest of all Brookyn sewer cleaning compared to others, we take extra care with our residential neighbors. Every plumbing issue is taken seriously in order to tackle the existing problem, and prevent potential issues in the future as well.

Our company is obliged to provide 24/7 emergency services, which is made possible by our GPS controlled fleet. Every call is forwarded through via a combination of instant radio dispatch, a GPS-controlled fleet, and a centralized communication system. Estimated time of arrival is therefore accurate, providing you with the needed peace of mind, and not a waste of your time. All tasks are performed in accordance to OSHA standards for safety.

Efficient Plumbing Service

A plumbing task, regardless of how small it may seem, can have tremendous effects on your drain and sewer system. This is the main reason that Brooklyn sewer cleaning must be done properly and accurately the first time and eliminate the possibility of recurring problems.

It is easy to fall into the marketing hype of cost-friendly plumbing services, but you need to make sure that all jobs are done in a professional manner and by utilizing only high-grade equipment. Being budget-conscious is good, as long as you understand what you pay for and the services provided. The real waste of money is purchasing/hiring a sloppy and unprofessional plumbing service. This can result in half-finished jobs that require further inspection or repair. The internet is littered with stories about this type of work. The Balkan Drain Team is proud of our online reputation, which consists of many glowing reviews.

We maintain high standards in every task thrown at us, and we are willingly to provide detailed written upfront pricing based on the initial explanation of the services needed. Written estimates help you understand what you pay for and where your hard earned money is going. In performing Brooklyn sewer cleaning services, we consider all factors in giving you an accurate price. When a larger job is required, involving excavation, other factors come into play. The following items may help you to understand how the cost of a job is arrived at:

  1. Labor: Similar to any project, labor is the priciest part. It also includes the tools and time-frame of job completion. In fact, more than 55% of the price of a job money is labor related.
  1. Permits: Certain plumbing services, especially those that require modifications of the existing sewer line, require permits from the proper authorities. New York City DOT permits comes at a fee, but New York City DEP permits are free in most repair and replacement cases. When the project does require permits, it accounts for only about 5% of the total cost.
  1. Materials: In most cases, even a plumbing task of the smallest scale requires the use of new materials. In replacement jobs, the budget for purchasing new materials will account for up to 15% of total cost.
  1. Finished surfaces: In expansive tasks such as replacing a broken or old pipe from the basement or yard, the job inevitably disturbs some surface areas either inside or outside the property line. Depending on the size of disturbed surface, this part accounts for at least 5% of the total cost.
  1. Debris removal: Excavated materials including clay and rocks must be hauled away and replaced with new and approved backfill material. That ensures that the job site is restored to its actual condition. It accounts for about 5% of the cost.

A complete Brooklyn sewer cleaning service covers the entire range of the job description. It will include answering your questions to removing the debris from excavation.


Our main resources are professional technicians, who are dedicated to provide efficient plumbing services for our clients. Yet we are backed by a range of high-grade drain equipment manufactured by Spartan Tool. The company is based in Mishawaka, Indiana, meaning all its products are manufactured in accordance to high manufacturing standards in the U.S. All are made in the U.S.A. to ensure reliability and dependability. Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning also uses only professional-grade cleaning solution that are non-caustic, non-fumigating, and safe for vegetation and the environment.

Trust Team Balkan for Brooklyn Sewer Cleaning

When you take all factors into account, there is a clear choice for Brooklyn sewer cleaning. Contact us for a professional assessment, and service performed with integrity.