Your Best Drain Line Clog And Sewer Stoppage Solution In Cedarhurst Long Island

Cedarhurst drain line clog

If you live in Cedarhurst, located in Nassau County, you may have a drain line clog from time to time.  Whether a drain line clog, or main line sewer blockage, you’ll be left asking yourself how to get rid of it. If you ever get the feeling you are virtually all alone, the following data may back that up:

According to United States Census Bureau, Cedarhurst covers a land area of only 0.7 square mile, and that’s about it. There is no water territory, and the population was estimated at around 6,670 in 2016. Based on figures from Data USA, a group of industries consisting of Administration, Support, and Waste Management Services in Cedarhurst is occupied by just 98 people (2016) in total. Another fascinating figure is that Data USA – especially for the industries mentioned in the same location – has a margin of error of only around 2 %. No matter how you interpret the data, it is safe to say that there are very few people working in waste management services if you live in the Village of Cedarhurst.

Cedarhurst drain line clog
The Balkan Drain Team has Cedarhurst covered (courtesy of Google maps)

The implied message, as noted above, is that if you live in Cedarhurst you may have to do your own plumbing repair or unclogging. Or, perhaps wait for quite a while until some professional plumbers finish doing work in someone else’s house some distance away. In times of a clogged rain or main sewer line clog, it may seem to make a lot of sense to try fixing a clogged drain pipe on your own. Otherwise, you may not be able to use water in your home at all without flooding the basement. You may have some luck with a clog in a kitchen sink, bathtub, or toilet. They are easier to deal with, because all are isolated issues. This means other water fixture can drain without any problem, so you can use any other as if there is nothing wrong with your plumbing.

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A drain line clog in a main line requires a higher degree of expertise

A clog in a main home sewer line, however, is trickier since all water fixtures are connected to it. In fact, the entire volume of wastewater from all fixtures flows through this pipe toward your septic tank or sewer treatment facility. When it clogs, wastewater has nowhere to go and usually ends up flooding the house. There are some methods you can try without help from professionals:

1. Flush the drain:

Open the cleanout and insert a considerably large garden hose. Open the water valve and try to flush debris that has accumulated inside the pipe. You need a good amount of water flowing at high speed to have any chance of success. This method works best when you have a house trap stoppage. Needless to say, once you use your garden hose for this purpose throw it out. The last thing you want is having family member taking a drink from it at a later date, or using it to fill your swimming pool.

2. Use chemical cleaners:

Ready-made chemical drain cleaners are available in some hardware stores. The problem is that certain products are only sold to professionals because the chemicals are potentially toxic, pollutants, or can cause burns to your skin. Unless you know what you are doing, do not attempt to use these types of products.

3. Rent a professional-grade auger:

A motorized snake auger can reach further down the sewer line compared to its home-grade counterparts. While the general working principles of all augers are the same, each model is different. Read the instructions to avoid disasters. And unless you are handy, physically fit, and determined, think twice.

4. Perhaps your best choice: call a professional to get the job done.

Balkan Drain Cleaning Service, is the most reputable and experienced plumbing company in New York. Due to an increasing demand for its services, it has recently expanded to all areas in Nassau County, including Cedarhurst. Balkan Plumbing has an entire fleet of knowledgeable technicians, equipped with professional tools which include sewer cameras and hydrojets to get rid of a drain line clog of virtually any type.

drain line clog unblockers
The Balkan Drain Team

The size of our fleet ensures a technician is always in close proximity to you. Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with a a sewer camera, which helps pinpoint the exact location of your clog. The toughest clogs are cured by our hydrojet, which is essentially a power washer for plumbing. Our combination of tools will reach the location of any clog to break down even the most stubborn blockage including tree roots, grease clogs, rust, and sand. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for expert advice and prompt arrival times.