Drain Cleaning At Night: Helpful Tips And Useful Information

drain cleaning at night

Do you really ever need a drain cleaning at night? Well, the true answer is more frequently than in the recent past. Who ever needs a plumbing issue of any sort, let alone in the middle of the night. Especially when you about to lye down and have a good rest after a long busy day at work. Whether it is the sound of endless running water from the bathroom, an awful smell coming from the kitchen sink, or clogged toilet, even the slightest issue can turn into great nuisance that ruins your night. Since the problem is not likely to go away on its own, you’ll have to deal with the same trouble when you wake up in the morning. It disrupts an otherwise relaxed bedtime and morning routines at home.

drain cleaning at night
Day or Night, count on the Balkan Drain Cleaning Team

Routine drain maintenance may have saved the day

At some point you will also realize that those plumbing issues could have easily been prevented if only you have the drain cleaned on regular basis. You could have done a simple walk-around to check your drains (both inside and outside) to make screens, grates, and covers were all as they should be. But now the damage is already done, and you certainly don’t like the idea of doing an actual drain cleaning at night. The reality is that an emergency plumbing service is your best bet to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible. But how about remembering this moment as a reminder to routine maintenance before the next drain disaster.

Why is drain cleaning at night ever needed?

In case you have not noticed, a lot of plumbing problems do happen at night. That is when all the water fixtures are in heavier use with everyone home at the same time. Your drain system has to work harder than any other time of the day, except probably during a holiday. The added burden of food particles, and random objects, adds to the likelihood of a backup. That is also when a slow drain will become a backed up drain.

Even if somebody is home during the day, the plumbing has to deal with much lower volume of wastewater from all fixtures. When problems occur during the night, you need to get them fixed right away otherwise everyone has to do an unpleasant and perhaps unsanitary workaround. Before you rush to the phone and call the first plumber’s name that comes to your mind, there are several things you can (should) do:

  • Turn off the water supply

It does not matter if the problem is constant running water from a faucet or toilet backflow, you must cut off water supply that runs to the fixture before you do anything else. The purpose is to prevent the problem from causing further damage to the plumbing installation. If you cannot find the source, simply turn off the water supply at the water meter. That valve is usually located at the front wall of your basement. Once the water stops, check if the problem persists and see if you can fix it yourself quickly. Many problems happen because of a clog in the drain pipe. Use a plunger or auger to try to remove it. In some cases, a malfunctioning toilet may just need an adjustment.

  • Decide if repair can wait until morning

Common plumbing issues such as an overflowing toilet and slow draining do require attention. However,  maybe you can wait until morning before you call a professional plumber. You can try turning off the water supply, and using another toilet in the house as temporary solution. However, if the issues are big enough, such as flooded basement or bad odor from water fixtures, you need to have them fixed right away. Not every professional plumber is willing to do a drain cleaning at night. Even if you can find somebody to do that, the cost can be twice as much expensive than regular work hours.[box type=”info”] The Balkan Drain Team charges the same uniform price whether daytime, nighttime, or Holidays. There is no reason to hesitate to call and receive service when you need it.[/box]

drain cleaning at night
A drain cleaning team you can count on day or night!
  • Call the water company

Please remember that some problems are not the homeowner’s responsibilities. Certain plumbing issues, for example main line breaks and blockages in the public sewer line, are not your problem to repair. They do bring big inconvenience to you nonetheless. Call the water company In NYC call 311) to check if the source of the problem. Assuming the water company covers the damage, you don’t have to pay for anything.

[box type=”info”] It is particularly true after heavy rains that a public sewer may get surcharged. It is at that time that calling 311 may be your best bet. A local drain cleaner can’t help you if the city sewer is backed up.[/box]

Use A Trusted Reputable Plumber Only

The cost for repairing plumbing problems due to main line or service line damage is in the range of thousands of dollars. Of course that depends on how severe the damage is, and whether it needs replacement. Once you understand that the damage cannot wait, and is not covered by the water company or insurance, call a professional professional. Do NOT just call a random plumber you find online. Do your due diligence and choose only one with a good track record and favorable reviews.

7 Helpful tips when seeking an after-hours drain cleaning service

Not only is drain cleaning at night such an inconvenience, it is also risky. Some plumbers will say that they can do the job, but with extra cost. They may arrive at your place, but instead schedule a daytime repair after some rudimentary inspection. Here is a to-do list when calling for an emergency drain cleaning at night:

  1. Call multiple drain services
  2. During each call, provide details of the problems and ask for an estimate
  3. Ask about how soon the plumber will arrive at your house
  4. Make sure the drain technician is an employee of the company you called
  5. Confirm if there is an extra charge for the service call
  6. Ask for a warranty or guarantee
  7. Always get a paid receipt for the full amount you paid

In an ideal world, you should go for the lowest possible price. The problem is that sometimes the price is artificially low. It can get to the point where everything sounds suspicious. Be wary of up-selling services, exaggerated service quality, and to seemingly impossible job arrival and completion times. The estimate may not even include the extra cost of any and all required drain equipment. You should even ask if the drain cleaner charges for additional fee just for showing up at your place. [box type=”info”] When you are in a panic, remember to ask the right questions. Not every drain cleaner has your best interest at heart. As a matter of fact, many drain technicians work solely on commission.[/box]

NYC Drain Cleaning 

All across the boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx in New York City, Balkan Plumbing is the most experienced company in the business, having been providing its range of services for more than 65 years now. Based in Jamaica Avenue, the main office is fully staffed 7 days a week up until 9:00 pm even during holidays. With central dispatch system and online communication system, you can send an inquiry regarding your emergency situation and Balkan Plumbing can send its technicians directly to your place anytime any day. Its entire fleet is GPS-equipped as well to pinpoint your exact location and arrive at your place through the shortest possible route to save time.

Balkan Plumbing will never charge for extra cost just because you call for help after normal work hours. It does not matter of you have minor plumbing issues or require major drain cleaning at night time, Balkan always offers estimates using daytime rate without compromising service quality. This is your one-stop-shop to get best quality plumbing service and repairs on water main, sewers, water fixtures, drain pipes, and clog removal. Contact Balkan Drain Cleaning now for expert advice, and prompt service.