Drain Inspection Cameras are Valuable for Home Sewer Inspections


When first-time home buyers think of home inspection, the vast majority of them think of the interior and exterior of their future home. Of course, you’re also interested in the overall construction quality. You might not realize that plumbing, or more specifically the sewer system, deserves a thorough scrutiny as much as any other part of the building. As a matter of fact, a home sewer inspection can be the most important of them all. The very best way to inspect the sewer of your future home is by using HD Drain Inspection Cameras.

Regardless of whether your future home is in a big city like New York, or a small village like Roslyn Estates, you should do a home sewer inspection. Unlike other major parts of the building, sewer systems require periodic maintenance. This inspection helps ensure everything works properly and that it has no problem with leaks, clogs, or even damaged pipes.


Out of sight ~ Out of mind: Not a good plan for Sewer Issues

One common reason a home sewer inspection is rarely performed is that many important parts of it are buried underground. The only sure-fire way to make sure that all parts have no issues is to have a professional do the inspection using drain inspection cameras. Of course testing sewer performance at each plumbing fixture by running water can’t hurt. Listen carefully for weird gurgling sounds, or slow drains.

The cost of Drain Inspection Cameras

It does cost money to have a drain camera inspection performed. But but figuring out problems beforehand can save you thousands of dollars in potential sewer repair or replacement. A home sewer inspection is a great alternative to having to spend a good amount of money to make things right with our house sewer after buying it. If you find out that the sewer is faulty before purchasing it you can ask the seller to compensate you for the problems found. The price of even a minor sewer repair far exceeds the typical HD sewer inspection price of around $375.00.

HD sewer inspection camera
Modern sewer cameras provide High Definition images that are sharable

How long does a typical Home Sewer last?

Most sewer systems are designed to last for many decades. Certain pipe materials can even stay functional for centuries before they develop noticeable signs of deterioration. Regardless of what is “typical”, since you are buying the house, have 100% peace of mind. You might as well get the sewer system free of partial clogging, outside pipes insulated, venting checked, and wastewater lines cleaned. Just like listening for gurgling sounds, be aware of any foul sewer smells.

Has sewer work been done previously – when was the house built

Chances are you have no idea who built and repaired the sewer lines. Therefore ask the seller/previous owner politely if the plumbers did a good job. You should also know when the house was built. many components of a home have an expected lifespan. There can also be some parts where the homeowner did the installation and maintenance without help from professionals; be aware of a “DIY special”. You have every right to question previous sewer work. Put egos aside when hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved in buying a house – ask all your questions to the present homeowner.

Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of tree roots entering the sewer line. Root intrusion is a crucial point often overlooked in a typical basic sewer inspection. A simple check of sewer performance (using the kitchen sink or flushing the toilet) may not detect minor tree roots penetration. The bad news is that roots keep on growing and will eventually block the pipe. Only high definition drain inspection cameras can reveal even small damages. Sewer cameras likewise will pinpoint the location of the problem accurately.

Septic Systems pose special challenges

A home sewer inspection can be even more important if the house is connected to a private septic system instead municipally operated wastewater treatment facility. With a modern wastewater treatment system, sewage and all waste materials are treated chemically and biologically in an isolated facility. Whereas a septic system relies solely on natural processes to filter and purify wastewater.

septic tank inspection
Septic tank inspection and maintenance is always a good idea.

A proper inspection of a septic system can many times be accomplished using drain inspection cameras. A camera can check the inlet piping, and can be lowered through the clean-out to see the water level, and possibly the structural integrity of the tank itself. In other cases, inspection of a septic system may involve excavation of additional holes near the tank and leach field and checking water level in the tank. In some cases you may request to have the septic tank pumped out and cleaned before purchasing.

How to Inspect Sewer Line

You cannot and should not do a home sewer inspection on your own. Even with the helpful tips in this article, it takes professionals to do the job. Call a reputable plumbing company (your real estate agent may recommend several capable companies) and ask for quotes. It helps if you make a list of parts you want inspected. If you want a complete inspection, ask the company what you can expect during the procedure. At the very least, the company must use drain inspection cameras to check the condition of the sewer pipe. They should also have heavy-duty draining equipment on hand if  cleaning is required.

home sewer inspection
An easy home sewer test is looking for slow drains

A home sewer inspection does not typically turn up some bad news. Assuming the sewer line is intact, the most you may want to can is clean it using a hydro-jet to get rid of debris, grease, or corrosion. The cost depends generally on how big the building is, and number of water fixtures.

Who to trust for your Home Sewer Inspection

The Balkan Drain Team, the most reputable and experienced sewer and drain company in New York, is now also providing its services to all of Nassau County. Count them using the most modern HD drain inspection cameras, resulting in a crystal clear image of your drain piping. Balkan also specializes in subsurface plumbing, and performs around 2,000 sewer and water service line installations on average each year across the city.

There are differences between Balkan and most other plumbing companies. Number one is their company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction. Secondly, is that every water line or sewer replacement by Balkan comes with 10-year unconditional warranty. Balkan’s services include availability 7 days a week, and after-hours as well. Feel free to contact the Balkan Team for expert advice, and prompt service.

sewer cleaning Roslyn Estates
The Balkan Drain Team has the Village of Roslyn Estates covered (courtesy of google maps)

A little bit about the Village of Roslyn Estates

The Village of Roslyn Estates is located on the eastern end of The Town of Hempstead, in Nassau County. Nassau County itself is part of Long Island, in New York. Like many villages in Nassau County, it is a relatively small community of just over 1,200 inhabitants. Unlike many communities, it is visually stunning, with many trees, ponds, rolling hills, and walking trails.

The Village of Roslyn Estates was incorporated in 1931. While it is home to around 400 families, it does have a commercial strip on its north side, along Northern Boulevard. A major shopping attraction is the Americana Shopping Center. Besides being a beautiful place to take in, Roslyn is a welcoming and friendly community as well.