A Periodic Sewer Clean Out Can Be Helpful

sewer clean out

A periodic sewer clean out can be most helpful in many instances. Most parts of your drain system are out of sight, but that doesn’t change the fact that we rely on them to dispose of waste water in an effective way. Everything may drain well so far; waste water drains quickly from the sinks or yard drains, and there may be nothing wrong with the toilet for years. But similar to anything else however, a drain system is subject to wear and tear. It requires periodic maintenance and cleaning before nasty unhygienic problems invade your house.

If you haven’t cleaned the drain system for many years, chances are there is an accumulation of dirt, grease, or  sediment somewhere in the pipeline. It can be clumped papers, plastic, grease, mud, or leaves, or wet wipes. The earliest symptom of any problem with the drain is slow drainage. If not treated right away, it can lead to more serious damages that require expensive repair. That is particularly the case with grease stoppages.

sewer clean out
Delaying a sewer clean can create health issues

The role of a periodic sewer clean out

There is no drain problem that is too small to ignore. Starting from slow drainage to a broken pipe, everything should be handled properly to not only to fix the existing problems, but also to prevent recurrent or worse issues in the future. And to make sure every problem is addressed in the right way, you will need a professional to do many the required jobs. Most (if not all) drain system problems start with minor clogging, making the water drain slowly, and it can be solved by thorough sewer clean out by an experienced professional.

Some drain professionals suggest that every homeowner should check their drain system for signs of damage, or perform a hydro jetting once every other year. But this is based on an assumption that you encounter periodic drain issues, and have a worn or old drain system. During a period of two years, your drain system continuously works to take care of waste water, toilet paper, human waste, and possibly some physical objects as well as ingesting unwanted objects such as toys, plastic, dirt, and gravel.

While slow drainage is a fairly obvious symptom, it is not that easy to determine the actual culprit. The reasons can be accumulation of foods or grease in the kitchen sink, soap scum or hair in the bathroom drain, or leaves and branches in the yard drain or catch basin. If not immediately repaired, debris and physical objects can add to the accumulation of grease and soot inside your drain system. This potentially leads to a clog at the most inopportune moment, such as a family function or holiday get-together. Many people choose to purchase a drain cleaning contract. This would allow for a regularly scheduled sewer clean out, and at a discounted rate.

Why a sewer clean out requires professionals

It is possible to use home-grade equipment such as a hand auger, or toilet auger, or plunger, to try to clean minor clogging. You can even try to open drain grates to scoop leaves, branches, and mud out before a heavy rain. If the problem of slow drainage persists, however, calling professional plumber is the best thing to do. The main reason is that professionals can pinpoint the exact location where the clogging occurs inside the pipe. A professional will also have a variety of drain cleaning tools on hand.

Pin pointing a drain problem is done by using a sewer camera; this equipment can be attached to a drum auger or operated as stand-alone device. This is a purpose-built high definition video camera with a high tolerance for water, dust, shakes, and other obstructions that make recording difficult. You cannot not use a typical camcorder, camera, or even smartphone to do the inspection, as they cannot be inserted down a drain line. The video camera is connected to an external screen via a waterproof wire. It is operated from above ground, where a professional can check for damage in the drain pipe. Many times the diameter of the pipe, and culprit of the clogged drain system can also be determined. The modern sewer camera has developed into a great and economical troubleshooting method.

Why your drain pipes need a regular clean-out

The most obvious advantage of having a sewer clean out regularly is to prevent severe problems. From all the various parts of the house that require timely maintenance, it is very easy to overlook the drain system. You don’t see it every day, and it is perfectly hidden underground, and its functionality is taken for granted. Let us not forget that it is also one of the busiest parts in the house. In fact, drain systems work 24/7 to handle waste; if anything goes wrong, your house can quickly turn into an unhealthy environment. Let us now take a closer look at the advantages of regular sewer clean out.

• Preventing a clog: A blockage occurs when debris accumulates in the drain. The clog creates an obstruction that prevents water from flowing freely. You may notice slow drainage at first, but this problem and the clog itself will grow bigger if not treated properly and immediately. There are many reasons why clogging occurs, and professionals have the necessary equipment to check them for you. With a sewer camera, they can even accurately locate the clog and its cause.

• Keeping a hygienic house: When the drain system works flawlessly, your house remains a healthy environment for you and your family to live in. Imagine a situation where your toilet does not drain quickly because of an obstruction. There is a chance of backwater, and what a mess and corresponding health issue it will create. It is clearly better to address a slow flushing toilet before it backs up.

• Preventing an expensive repair: Some problem in a drain system such as tree roots infiltration do start small, but it can block the entire drain system in time. This issue must be addressed immediately before the lines is completely blocked with roots. In such a situation deteriorates, the best solution in many cases is to replace the pipe, and this is a costly repair. It involves excavation and installation of new pipe. When the damaged pipe is located outside the property liens boundary, the repair can be even more expensive. Working outside the property line to do a sewer repair  requires various permits, and city inspections.

The most important thing about a regularly schedules sewer clean out, it that it helps you to identify any problem before it gets worse. It costs money to hire professionals indeed, but the benefits far outweigh the expense. Moreover, your drain system will work flawlessly for much longer, so the price that you pay is in fact money well-spent. A regular sewer clean out also identifies if there is any missing parts, leaks, or maintenance, such as drain grates, drain traps, or a sewer backwater valve. Whether you need a site evaluation, a sewer clean out, or expert advice, count of the Balkan Drain Team seven days a week.