Expert Service For Main Sewer Line Clog Problems


A main sewer line clog can ruin your day, and your family’s or tenants day as well. If you know who to call, you can relieve much of the stress. Calling a drain service with a uniform price structure, such as Balkan, also has its benefits. You’ll be assuring yourself of a fair price regardless of when, or what day, you arrange to have the main sewer line clog addressed.

A Guaranteed Response Time

The Balkan Drain Team guarantees a four hour response time or less. Furthermore, we’ll give you a two hour arrival time window. Your time is valuable, and we respect that. With a Team of trained techs in the field throughout NYC and Nassau County, this is a commitment we can keep. Our long list of five star reviews is a testament to that. In short Balkan tailor’s its service to your needs, that’s why we are The Team You Trust.

Team Balkan
Courtesy and Professionalism in All Things We Do

Main Sewer Line Clogs Cleared: Uniform Price Policy

Another advantage that Balkan provides you is a uniform price policy. Clearing a main sewer clog, or any clog can pose challenges. However, one of your challenges should not be erratic and unpredictable pricing from your drain service. What is a uniform price structure? Here’s an explanation for you:

All Drain Cleaning Service provided at the same identical price

  • Monday through Friday normal daytime work hours
  • Night drain calls for service, up to 9 PM
  • Weekend drain and main sewer clog service
  • All Holiday calls for sewer cleaning

State Of The Art Tools and Technology

Your drain cleaning technician needing a different or larger sized drain cleaning machine should not result in an additional charge. If you call Balkan, it doesn’t. The entire Balkan drain cleaning fleet is stocked with a full assortment of drain cleaning machines, and tools. That includes HD sewer video cameras, and in many cases truck mounted high pressure sewer water jets.


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Drain cleaning truck


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The best in equipment and tools, in the wrong hands doesn’t do you much good. With that said, have peace of mind in knowing that the team of Drain Technicians that Balkan has assembled are  “Best In Class”. All of our technicians have attributes that go beyond being highly skilled and trained. Our Team is dedicated, diligent, courteous, respectful, and doggedly determined to clear any clog you may have. As a main sewer line clog is typically the most challenging to clear, these personal attributes as vital to your satisfaction.

The Best Drain Team For Main Sewer Line Clogs

Any drain service can tout their expertise, pricing, or response time. However, the proof is in what their customers say. In this day and age of online reviews, take a moment to check out Balkan’s online reputation. On a daily basis our list of Five Star Reviews grows. These great reviews are based upon a multiple of factors.

  • Service available virtually any day, at any time
  • Truly professional and courteous service
  • Fully operational during ongoing challenges that Covid  presents
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Uniform and transparent pricing
  • Best In Class service for any drain issue

Contact the Balkan Drain Team and find out today why we are The Team You Trust. Balkan has been in continuous operation under the same family name for well over 65 years. We are NYC’s largest and most trusted service. If it’s plumbing, and it’s underground, we do it.