Bronx Drain Cleaning Is Required Now More Than Ever Before

Bronx drain pipes

As of July 1, 2015, Bronx County (The Bronx), New York is populated by 1,445,444 residents. It has a population density of 34,653.4 people per square mile. Of course with ever increasing numbers to the population there are concerns for well-being that are financial, health related, and quality of life which include crime, and transportation concerns. While not a typical main concern, such a dense population results in strains on the drain system as well. This results in Bronx drain cleaning being required on a more routine basis.

Water supply and plumbing systems often become major problems as well, but those aspects unfortunately tend to get overlooked by both government, and the general public alike. The plumbing system is every house can usually be maintained by each homeowner. After which everything is then connected to the city sewer through unseen underground pipes. Obviously an increased usage puts a heavier workload on those pipes. Therefore the risks of damage and blockages escalate as well.

Bronx drain pipes
Some Bronx drain pipes are made from wood pulp

One of the most catastrophic plumbing events happened at the beginning of the year. This was evidenced when large volumes of water were bubbling through the pavement, and overflowing down several streets in The Bronx. This particular water main leak caused the streets from E167th St to Reverend James Polite Ave to be completely shut down. The usual suspect was an old City water main that had been accumulating damage for many years prior to this major break. Unlike when a private water or sewer breaks, this particular break was handled by the NYC DEP. The DEP has highly trained personnel, knowledge, and plans, to expertly handle main line Bronx sewer and water main repairs.

Bronx drain cleaning and subsurface plumbing services

However when Bronx drain cleaning, or other subsurface plumbing work is required, it pays to know who to call. With an excellent track record, and decades of experience in The Bronx, Balkan Plumbing remains the most highly recommended sewer and drain contractor in the Borough. By hiring only professional plumbers and drain technicians, the Balkan team can operate and harness the power of modern tools and technologies. That allows Bronx residents to rely on the company’s services without any doubts. Balkan’s Bronx drain cleaning covers the following services, and more:

  • Pipeline Inspections

When problems such as leaking and clogging are in a difficult-to-reach location somewhere in the pipeline, conventional checking will most likely fail to detect the exact root of the issue. Balkan Plumbing professionals will utilize HD video inspection, using a sewer camera that crawls inside a pipeline to pinpoint the source of the problem. The camera is equipped with a bright light and locating-beacon to help see its location from outside the pipe and determine the proper repair method. High Definition allows for a clear view of the exact problem.

  • Clog Removal

Clogging can be the result of dirt, grease accumulation inside the pipe, or misuse of the drain system. But the culprit can be tree roots as well. Regardless of the nature of the problem, Balkan Plumbing only uses the right tools for every job to get the repair process done efficiently. Professional-grade drain snakes are always at the company’s disposal to save time on the job site. If clogging is caused by roots, copper sulfate and other environment-safe chemicals can be applied. In many cases proper Bronx drain cleaning services are accomplished by utilizing a high pressure water jet, as noted below. In case of a pipe failure due to roots, a repair or replacement can be speedily undertaken by our licensed sewer professionals.

  • Hydro Jet

Bronx drain cleaning
High pressure water jet nozzle

The healthiest and most environmentally friendly drain cleaning method is by water jetting the pipe. This method involves the use of specifically designed nozzles and pressurized water to help loosen accumulated dirt and debris from the inside of the pipe lines surface. Water is propelled through the nozzle at no less than 3,000 PSI to remove fat, sediment, and even rust. Different types of nozzles are used depending on the condition. High pressure water jetting is ideal for the aged drain systems that are located in many parts of the Bronx.

Balkan Plumbing provides its services to residential and commercial buildings all across the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Using only specialty tools and professional equipment, Balkan Plumbing makes sure that every job is handled appropriately, as planned, without going over budget. Permits and building codes are taken seriously even for minor installation, repair jobs, or complete replacements.

Old and Complex Wastewater Treatment Systems

The sewer and water mains that Bronx branch lines connect to are part of the extensive municipal water and sewer treatment in New York City. It is a complex system that comprises a combination of reservoirs, aqueducts, tunnels, and treatment plants. Wastewater treatment plants in NYC began in the late 1890s and early 1900s. In the lower part of the Bronx, three plants were constructed between 1935 and 1945. Those wastewater plants came on line in 1936 and became the first sewage treatment to use an activated sludge concept. In 1937, another wastewater plant, the Wards Island WPCP (Water Pollution Control Plant), was completed in the Western section of the Bronx and Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Many of the systems are more than 50 years old now. In fact, Balkan Plumbing routinely handles Bronx sewer and water main emergency jobs in the borough that involve service lines in operation for more than 70 years. This is yet another reason why when Bronx drain cleaning is needed, extreme care must be taken, and only trusted professionals used.

Why Balkan Plumbing

Balkan Plumbing has been in the water main, sewer, and drain business for well over 60 years. Balkan services New York City in the Boroughs of Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. As a member of City of New York Master Plumbers Council and NYC Subsurface Plumbers Association, the company takes part in making sure that all plumbing jobs in the city meet or exceed accepted regulations and building codes. These trade associations also helps to uncover and recognize illegal practices for the benefit of customers. Balkan Plumbing is a licensed and insured company filled with experienced professionals. They are ready, and at your service even during unexpected emergency situations seven days a week. Utilizing GPS positioning, Balkan Plumbing arrives at your location as promised, and at the expected time.

Balkan sewer and water line replacements are unconditionally guaranteed for a period of 10 years. Roadways restorations come with an excellent three year guarantee against defect as well. Inspections at your job-site come for free, and all are done prior to the actual job to minimize mistakes and unexpected consequences in the future. Implementing strict rules and codes of conduct in accordance with good business practices, and NYC DEP regulations, Balkan underground plumbing installation should last for at least half a century or more. Regardless of the job, Balkan Plumbing ensures safe and secure plumbing operations for your home, your family, and for all of the Bronx.