How To Find The Best Drain Cleaner In Your Area

the best drain cleaner

toilet plungerHow do you find “The Best Drain Cleaner” in your area? Literally thousands of people struggle with that question every single day. Choosing and hiring a drain cleaning service is something nobody should not take lightly. The choice goes way beyond who gives you the lowest initial quote. “Getting your foot in the door” drain cleaners are typically not your best choice. If you are a homeowner that thinks you can out haggle a pro after the fact, you should rethink that strategy.

Although some plumbing issues may appear simple and harmless on the surface, improper drain cleaning service or repair will lead to larger and future problems. Instead of making your drain system work again as it should, inexperienced plumbers (or even DIYers) may turn an otherwise easy job into a complicated mess.

An additional point is that price based services typically do not spend the required time to do the best of jobs, as they concentrate on volume rather than quality, looking to rush of the their next call. Down the road, not only will you need to spend more money for an actual repair afterwards, but you must also deal with an unsanitary home in the mean time.

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Immediate actions are necessary to prevent your home from becoming a starting point of health risks. In New York, which is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, even a small plumbing issue in one home can affect hundreds of others, and pose serious threats to the inhabitants’ health. So, finding the best drain cleaner is frequently a vital first step in maintaining a safe environment for your family, and your neighbors as well.

A drain cleaners online reputation matters

The drain cleaning industry has a notoriously spotty reputation. There are the stars, there are the duds, and there are not many in between. Checking online reputation is a great way to find the best drain cleaner in your area. Some online review sites have historically seemed more credible than others. Among the most reputable and on-point reviews sites is AngiesList. Another fantastic way to check on a drain service is by logging onto your local Better Business Bureau web site. It is very important to do you homework, because in most areas drain cleaning does not require a license.

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Balkan Drain Cleaning is proud of their online reputation. Our parent company, Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service, is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating, and has just won the AngiesList Super Service award for the 3rd year in a row. What follows are just two recent Balkan Drain Cleaning reviews.


From Robert Z. in Queens, NY

“My sewer was backing up into my slop sink. I was unable to flush the toilet or use any running water. I had two different companies come in to look at it. However, they were unable to fix it. I called Home Serve. They contacted Balkan Sewer within minutes. A plumber named George called. I explained the problem to him. George said that if he can’t fix it, no one can. True to his word he solved the problem. He explained step by step what he was doing and I understood every word he said. George did four different tests until he was satisfied that the problem was totally resolved to my satisfaction.

George is very professional and knowledgeable at his profession. I would not hesitate to use him again; And I would recommend your company to any one that had the same problem I had thanks to George. By the way, George was right after all, he was the only one that could have fixed it! Thank You George!”

From Pam in Flushing, Queens

“I am VERY grateful for the caring, prompt, efficient service I know I can count on from you and Balkan Plumbing – never anything but wonderful. John at Balkan went out of his way to get help to me as soon as possible, knowing that I have to leave for Massachusetts because of a tragic death in my family. Mark and Dan came this morning and did a great job. I tell everyone about HomeServe and will continue to. Thank you!!!!!

And John – I tell everybody about Balkan too. Service like yours is truly rare and I can’t thank you enough. When I get back I’ll sing your praises to the BBB – promise. God bless you. Have a wonderful Christmas!”

Signs you have found “The Best Drain Cleaner”

A reputable drain cleaning company may charge more initially for a site visit. But it would still be an assurance of a more complete service, and a small price to pay for the convenience you get. In addition reputable drain cleaners, a service considered “The Best Drain Cleaner”, will NOT charge extra for cleaning a drain line in both directions, or “extra time on the job”, like a bargain basement service. Unlike an unqualified repair-person, a “Best Drain Cleaner” will not jump directly into a seemingly broken plumbing fixture without prior inspection of the overall installation, including the main drain pipe and supply line. Nor will a quality service up-sell, or suggest costly repairs that may not be required.the best drain cleaner

Sometimes a leaking faucet or clogged bathtub is nothing more than symptoms of more serious damage; but more often they are not. The actual culprit of the a drain problem can only be found after a thorough analysis of the entire system. A plumbing installation is like a big tree with many connecting branches. An issue in one particular branch does not always start in that area, and may be located far down the run of drain pipe.

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Understanding plumbing design is part of being “best in class” for a drain service. The Balkan Drain Team is part of the Balkan family of companies. Balkan has been providing quality and licensed sewer and water main repair work for our fellow New Yorkers for over 60 years. That is your assurance that Balkan most definitely understands plumbing design.


Integrity and experience counts in drain cleaning

Drain backup issues can be confusing for the inexperienced, or the novice. For example, a water backup in the bathtub does not necessarily indicate a damaged drain pipe immediately connected to that fixture. Among all other water fixtures (such as kitchen sinks, showers, toilets, etc), a bathtub is typically located at the lowest position closest to the main drain. A partial or complete blockage in a main drain may result in a backup form out of the bath tub drain. That is because water seeks it’s own level by means of gravity, flowing from a higher level to a lower area. In this case, a water backup will persist regardless of what you do to the bathtub. The best drain cleaner has the knowledge base and right equipment to check for issues such as this. They typically also have the best tools to provide a long term solution.

The Balkan Drain Team: Your Best Drain Cleaner

New York is home to the Balkan family of plumbing service companies. Together Team Balkan is the largest and most reputable house sewer, water service line, and drain cleaning service, in the city. Balkan provides a complete range of plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance. Balkan covers all sorts of water main and sewer issues, in residential and commercial buildings alike, across all of New York City. Balkan has been in continuous operation more than 60 years; 2017 actually marks their 65th year of business. When choosing a plumbing service, there are a lot of different aspects to consider about a company, from reputation, to licensing, to insurance, and guarantees and warranty. Here are a list of factors to put into account and consideration when qualifying Balkan Plumbing as the best drain cleaner.

1. License

According to BBB, the first thing you should ask when choosing a plumbing service is whether or not the company is licensed. Not only is Paul R. Balkan a licensed Master Plumber, but the company is a longstanding member of the NYCMPC (New York City Master Plumbers Council). Members of the organization are regarded as authorities in the plumbing services industry of New York, and obliged to support professionals in related industries. Balkan is also a member of SPANY (Subsurface Plumbers Association of New York City), an organization that works through formal committees including New York City Department of Building, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, and The Plumbing Technical Committee. As a member of both organizations, Balkan Plumbing is bound by a strict professional code of conduct approved by the state. These are important factors to consider, as the vast majority of drain cleaning companies are not owned by NYC Licensed Master Plumbers.

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When a NYC Licensed Master Plumber owns your drain cleaning service, it is an assurance of professionalism and experience. It indicates the work you have done is backed by a skilled tradesman, and has proper oversight.


2. Insurance

When a company is licensed and insured, it give much greater meaning to their warranty, and the level of services provided. All work and potential issues related to the jobs (for examples injuries, fines, and claims) are absolute responsibilities of the company. You, the client, are held harmless from any potential claim or damage arising from the work. An unlicensed or uninsured contractor leaves you, the homeowner, exposed to claims from damage, worker injury, or even complaints from neighboring homeowners. In case of the Balkan Drain Team, we are fully insured, and covered by Workers Compensation Insurance as well.

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An uninsured drain cleaner leaves you exposed to insurance claims, worker injury lawsuits, and with little recourse.


3. Building Code

Being a member of NYCMPC and SPANY, Balkan is actually on the forefront of knowing most current plumbing code revisions, and ensuring that all works done by personnel under its direct supervision complies with appropriate regulations. As a point of fact, every plumbing job that involves house sewer, water service line, or major changes to a plumbing system, are only allowed when plumbers have the necessary permits and license issued by the appropriate NYC agency. Balkan Plumbing will obtain required permits at all times, and in the promptest of manners, so your job can start right away.

4. Guarantee

As one of the best drain cleaner services in New York City, Balkan Plumbing provides an iron clad 90 day  guarantee for all residential drain cleaning services. When Balkan replaces a house sewer, or water service line, a 10 year unconditional guarantee is provided. Proper inspection prior to the actual work is supported by professional-grade equipment, together they enable the company to achieve best possible results, no matter the location, or the quality of previous work performed by others. When drain cleaning requires underground pipe replacements or repairs, Balkan will leave the site in a condition “like it never even happened”.

Did you know?

In all five boroughs of New York City, homeowners are responsible for making sure that their plumbing systems work properly. This includes the complete run of pipe for both their house sewer and water service lines to the city connections. It is unfortunately impossible for pipes, faucets, toilets, bathtub, and all fixtures to stay durable forever. There will be times when they need replacement and maintenance to let them function to their full potential. A drain system is not actually prone to clogging, cracks, or leaks, but it is not invulnerable to these conditions either. Only trust the best drain cleaner to handle any issue that may arise.

After you explain your situation via phone or email, a Balkan Plumbing representative will come and inspect  on-site, and determine the best possible method to solve the issue. Team Balkan is available 7 days a week and after hours as well, you can contact Balkan Drain Cleaning at any time.

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