Glen Cove Residents, Stop Suffering Through Common Plumbing Issues

drain cleaning Glen Cove

If you live in Glen Cove, on Long Island, learn about some common plumbing issues you should be aware of. Glen Cove is located on the North Shore of Long Island, and has a population of around 27,000 people. Of all five municipalities in Nassau County, Glen Cove is one of only two places that is actually a city, instead of a town. Glen Cove’s population density is more than 4,100 per square mile. With that can bring a lot of complexities in terms of infrastructure development. For example, residential housing along with building code and certainly plumbing and wastewater management. And, of course, routine and common plumbing issues.

drain cleaning Glen Cove
The Balkan Drain Team has Glen Clove covered (courtesy of Google maps)

The correlation between population density and common plumbing issues

Most people would not typically associate population density of an area with plumbing issues. However, it is easy to draw a line between the two seemingly unrelated matters. If any particular area has a larger population, there are more houses or buildings with plumbing installations connected to wastewater treatment facilities. Any typical such facility is designed to handle more volume than it does upon its introduction. However, population expansion and an increased amount of paved surfaces quickly add to the load.

There is also always a chance of issues caused by something else other than overload. For example, damaged pipe, clogging, grease accumulation, tree roots infiltration, ground movements, or even natural disasters. Similar problems can also happen to individual house sewer installations in residential and commercial buildings. Some of the most common plumbing issues include the following.

  • Low Water Pressure:

When the sink takes forever to fill up, the dishwasher runs a slower cycle than it should, or the shower cannot give you that satisfying spray, there can be some serious problems that affect water pressure in your house. Another telling signj is dramatic water temperature changes when a toilet is flushed. Assuming it happens only to a single fixture, you can most likely fix it by focusing on that particular fixture. If all fixtures have the same problem, chances are you need to have the entire installation checked by professionals.

There are some possibilities why low water pressure happens: broken water valve, clogged supply line, faulty pressure regulator, or corroded plumbing pipe, or too many existing running fixtures. In many cases plumbing fixtures have been added to your home. These additions may require a volume of water that surpasses the capacity of your main water line.

  • Running Toilet:

The basic mechanism of toilets has not changed for many decades. So it is not surprising that even today you still face the same issue as your grandparent did years ago: a running toilet. After every flush, water should refill the reservoir and shut off automatically as soon as the water reaches certain level. A lever opens a flapper or valve that starts the flush, and then it goes back to its initial position to stop water. There are times when water just keeps on running after flushing, and the problem can start from any of the multiple interconnected parts that build the flushing mechanism. With today’s current price of fresh water, the repair may cost you less than the wasted water.

  • Leaky Faucet:

One of the most irritating plumbing problems is a leaky faucet whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. The constant dripping can full up a sink in just a few hours (depending drain type and leak volume, of course) and water will eventually drip on the floor. It is messy and taking the water bill unnecessarily higher than you need. The problem can be in the sealing, valve seat, washer, or improper installation to begin with. Again, the cost of a sink repair can be less than the cost of the wasted water.

All the aforementioned are relatively simple issues that you may (or may not) be able to repair yourself. Without helps from professionals, however, you risk damaging more parts instead of fixing it especially when the problem happens in water fixture with a lot of small parts. 

When to Call Balkan Plumbing

Before you try to fix anything, please be aware of your own limitations both in technical capability and tools. Many plumbing issues appear very simple at a glance, when in reality it starts from hidden or unique parts of the installation. It takes a knowledgeable plumber to make proper diagnosis of the problem. A skilled plumber will narrow down possible causes accurately. Balkan Plumbing, the oldest most experienced plumbing company in NYC, is now expanding its services and business to Glen Cove, Nassau County.

Balkan Plumbing only hires technically proficient plumbers who have passed background checks and rigorous competency tests to help you handle even the slightest issues with the highest level of professionalism to get the job done right the first time and in accordance to local building codes. Contact the Balkan Drain Team for expert advice and professional service.