Hempstead Residents Get Professional Sewer Line Cleaning From Balkan

professional sewer cleaning in Hempstead

If you are a resident of Hempstead, you will require professional sewer line cleaning at some point in time. It may seem like a simple task to take care of. However, in many cases it takes a professional with the proper equipment to keep it that way. Once a drain cleaner enters your home, you a degree you are at their mercy. Let the professional sewer line cleaning service of Balkan give you some helpful guidance

What You Can Expect from Professional Sewer Line Cleaning services

Unlike what most people tend to believe, sewer cleaning is not just about removing clogs from the sewer line. This is indeed one of the services provided. However, professional drain technicians will always check the condition of the pipe, and for any possible damage before the actual cleaning begins. Additionally a professional sewer line cleaning should also include making sure secondary clogs or potential blockages exist. As an example, cleaning a line main house drain in both directions should be standard operating procedure.

professional sewer line cleaning Hempstead
The Balkan Drain Team has Hempstead covered (courtesy of google maps)
  • A complete Assessment of your Sewer Pipe

Assuming there is a clog in your drain pipe, one of the first things to do is to pinpoint its location. It makes no sense to check through the entire length of the pipe manually to locate the clog. A professional would have the skill to locate the clog by their basic knowledge of plumbing. Because backed up waste water seeks the path of least resistance, where the water surfaces is not necessarily where your clog is located.

If the clog cannot be readily located, a professional sewer line cleaning service would then use a device called a sewer camera. Top of the line services use HD cameras coupled to a tablet. What they discover is shared with you, and can also be downloaded to you. Gone are the days of having to “take someone’s word for it”. The camera device is operated by a technician remotely from an above ground location. The camera sends live video feeds to a camera mounted on the control panel so a plumber can read the pipe layout, its inner diameter, inside surface condition, and of course where the clog is (if any). A sewer camera is quite capable of working in complete darkness. Modern sewer cameras easily withstand water splashes (or even submersion). It also generates its own lighting.

HD sewer camera image
Modern sewer camera images show great information and in great detail
  • A practice of “best methods” to clear your clog

Once a pipe inspection is done, plumbers can determine the best method to clean your sewer line. If there is any major crack, or separation, a replacement may be on your horizon. The good thing about a spot-on diagnosis is that you may only need to replace the damaged part instead of the whole pipe. It still requires some excavation if your pipe is underground, but at least you can save money thanks to the efficient work methods utilized by a professional.

For clogging issues, the camera sends data not only about location, but also the type of clogging inside the pipe. There can be various materials and each may require different cleaning method. For examples sand and grease requires different cleaning accessories. Tree roots penetration, on the other hand, may best be cured by replacing the pipe. In some cases extensive snaking, coupling with water jetting, can cut our roots. But they typically grow back at a later date.

  • Power Jet Cleaning

Typical cleaning tools such as an auger and plunger will not work for main sewer lines. A large electronic auger can possibly work, but a hydro-jet is more becoming the tool of choice. A hydro-jet is basically power washer modified to work for sewer cleaning purposes. Depending on the type of debris or clogging inside the sewer line, a plumber can use a different hose or nozzle attachment to get rid of it more effectively. Another advantage of “power-washing” your sewer line is that it removes grease and rust as well.

When it comes to your sewer line, there is only so much that any typical homeowner can do to get rid of dirt, debris, and grease that have accumulated for years. This is not to say that the cleaning process is impossible to do; it is just that the tools required to do a thorough cleaning are not so easy to purchase and operate. That is why a professional sewer line cleaning service is recommended in most cases. While there is no regulation that bans you from purchasing the tools, you may need months of good training to be able to operate them properly and safely. Therefore again, a professional sewer cleaning is the best way to go.

water jet sewer line cleaning
Balkan utilizes truck mounted high pressure water jets

Your best professional sewer line cleaning choice in Hempstead

The Balkan Drain Cleaning Team has been in continuous operation for over 65 years. It is still overseen by the same founding family. That means a true family member and owner stands behind each and every call for service. You will be served by a carefully trained in-house technician, with top-of-the-line equipment, and upfront pricing. For expert advice and service, contact the Balkan Drain Team today.

A little bit about the Town of Hempstead

If Hempstead was a city instead of a town as it is now, it would be the one of the largest in State of New York. It would be second in size only to New York City. At three times the size of Buffalo, and population of over 770,000 people, Hempstead is also the most populous municipality in the New York metropolitan area outside NYC. Hempstead is also the largest of any town in New York by far. It has 22 incorporated villages, with one of them being called by the namesake Hempstead.

Similar to most (if not all) populous towns in New York, Hempstead has been on the attempt to improve its wastewater management system. The village of Hempstead used to own one of six village-operated sewage treatment facilities in Nassau County. The county of Nassau recently assumed ownership of the villages’ sewer collection systems, only to decommission and demolish them. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it will eventually lead to better groundwater quality, and less pollution. Every person in Hempstead can also contribute to these efforts in making the environment a better place. Part of this effort entails having their sewer lines regularly cleaned, and if a septic system exists, regularly pumped out to prevent plumbing issues.