Your Ozone Park Sewer Cleaner Of Choice

inside of sewer pipe

When you need an Ozone Park sewer cleaner, consider one who knows your neighborhood. As noted in many publications, or if you have a familiarity with Ozone Park, you may notice that this neighborhood in Queens is mostly inhabited by blue-collar professional people. Together they make hard-working community, which it’s been since it was first established. In a New York Times article published back in 1984, most homes in Ozone Park are between 20 and 60 years old. A blue color community, coupled with older homes, means when drain service is needed, it must be cost effective and on-time. If that describes your situation, contact the Balkan Drain Team when you need an Ozone Park sewer cleaner.

Ozone Park sewer cleaner
Balkan is your lour local Ozone Park drain cleaner

Even back in 1984, only a small number Ozone Park homes were 10 years old or less. Buildable sites in Ozone Park are scarce, and much of the community is comprised of the descendants of original residents. Ozone Park has seen very little new construction. That also means that many of the buildings are subject to a lot of maintenance and repairs in all regard. That includes plumbing systems, and frequently needing an Ozone Park sewer cleaner.

Avoid wasting your time and re-occurring drain problems

The nature of a blue-collar community is that it is hard working, and time is too precious to waste. Every time a service is needed, such as a sewer cleaner, it should be done at the promised time. Needless to say, also with a minimum amount of effort and cost. In times when you have plumbing issues, the most viable solution is to have them repaired only by professionals. While DIY may save you money at the onset, a professional ensures that your issues are repaired properly the very first time. A skilled drain technician also checks for potential issues to prevent future drain problems.[wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”]

On older homes an annual sewer cleaning maintenance contract may be the right choice. A maintenance contract is cost effective, and takes the chance out of guessing when your next back up may occur. To learn more, contact Balkan Drain Service, your local Ozone Park sewer cleaner.


If your house is like most buildings in the neighborhood, it was constructed many decades ago. Like wise your plumbing and drain system (including sewer pipes, P-traps, supply line, etc) are equally as old. Any Ozone Park sewer cleaner must take extra precautions to avoid worsening the existing problem by damaging old drain pipes. In such a situation, there are only a handful of local sewer cleaning companies that will meet your requirements. Balkan Drain Cleaning Service is the first that should come to mind.

Work done to code with materials that meet or exceed code

Assuming you are one of the residents of Ozone Park, you want any plumbing issues handled in an efficient way, and in accordance to building codes. When outside sewer repairs are needed, work must be inspected and meet environment protection regulations. All work must be performed with cost-savings and time-efficiency in mind. The Balkan Team is your best assurance of no need for a call-back, and extra charges.

When sewer repairs or a replacement is needed

Plumbing issues may seem to be of little importance in the course of your busy day. But you need to realize that it has everything to do with the health, comfort, and everyday activities of you and your family. Nobody wants to get up in the morning and finds a broken toilet, leaking faucet, a shower that does not drain, and what have you. Of course worst of all is a broken main home sewer line.

home sewer repair
Filled in ground frequently causes home sewers to break

Plumbing is often indeed overlooked, except when it goes bad. Therefore a prompt response from a reputable service is the priority. The sooner it gets fixed, the quicker your family can follow their daily schedule and be back to business. A sewer repair can cost thousands of dollars. But the cost factors can be easily broken down into a few components:

  • Labor:

A major portion of the total cost of a sewer repair goes towards labor; typically around 60% or more. Labor costs encompass the cost of tools and equipment.

  • Permits:

Similar to most areas of the United States, Ozone Park sewer repair services must comply with various codes and regulations. Various city issued permits are required prior to commencing the actual work. Permits ensure that the repaired work meets code and is up to standards. Permits actually comprise a very small percent of a sewer job, perhaps as little as 2% or 3%.

  • Materials:

In times when a replacement of you sewer is necessary, you want high quality materials. More durable pipe come at higher price as well, and is typically domestically produced in the USA by Charlotte Pipe. While a definite cost factor, the pipe itself only amounts to around 10% of a sewer job. Saving a few dollars by using imported cast iron is frowned upon by Balkan. Balkan uses domestically produced extra heavy cast iron exclusively.

inside of sewer pipe
Inferior pipe corrodes and cracks much more quickly

  • Restoration of your disturbed finished surfaces:

When repair or replacements require excavation, Balkan Plumbing promises to restore finished work surfaces typically within 24 hours. No job is complete until the work surface is properly restored. As a percent of the total cost, this factor varies, but is usually around 10% of the total cost of the job. But even though it is a relatively small percent of the total cost, that is what you remember us by. Balkan takes special care when restoring your property to meet or exceed its previous condition.

concrete entrance
Team Balkan takes pride in all aspects of your job

  • Debris removal:

Leftover remnants of the finished sewer repair work includes items such as bricks, rocks, dirt, blacktop, concrete, and unused material. All of these items are the responsibility of your sewer contractor to remove form your property. It is only ethical for Balkan Plumbing to provide you with a broom clean property at the conclusion of their work; it is likewise guaranteed by Balkan in writing. Debris removal and dump fees typically account for about 5% of the total cost of a sewer job.

Go local and save your money

Another good thing is that the Balkan Team headquarters is located on Jamaica Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens. It is only about 10 minutes of driving distance to Ozone Park, allowing for a quick response anytime, any day, and throughout the year. Balkan Plumbing is local service; it is a neighbor who understands your needs and knows its way around the place. In addition Balkan’s close proximity to you allows for an operational advantage, and cost saving to you.

The Value of a Local Sewer Cleaning Company

 Distance is only one of many factors to consider when choosing a professional plumber. A local company means it can reach your home within a reasonable time. There is the promise of quick response, which is good in emergency situations. However, not every local company near Ozone Park can provide the same level of service form an Ozone Park sewer cleaner. Balkan stands out from the crowd in these factors:

1. Upfront Pricing:

The best way to get a proper quote is to let the company visit your home for a thorough inspection. However, Balkan can also give a reasonable quote based on your explanation of your condition via phone or email. There is also an option to get a free no-obligation visit when the scope of work involves a repair or replacement; this is better option for every plumbing issue.**

**Note that for drain cleaning calls there is a nominal service charge for a site visit.

2. Experience:

The Joseph L. Balkan is one the oldest running licensed plumbing firms in NYC. It has been in business for more than 65 years. Just because the company is old, it does not mean that it is also old-fashioned. Throughout its history, Balkan is known for its proactive approach. It continuously strives for improvements in terms of equipment, knowledge, and professionalism. The headquarters encompasses  about a 48,000 square feet area.

These facilities are filled with almost every type of plumbing tool or piece of equipment you can think of. This includes but not limited to sewer pipes of all diameters and types, trucks, commercial-grade hydro-jets, a variety of heavy-duty drain machines, sewer cameras, and a range of power and specialized tools. Each truck contains the most-frequently-used equipment and is equipped with location-tracking device for total fleet control. Apart from the warehouse-like facility, Balkan Plumbing also has a dispatch center for easy communication between customers, technicians, and office.

Your Ozone Park sewer cleaner with over 65 years of experience

Since 1952, the Balkan team has been a proud local company. This local business is owned and operated by your neighbors, which means the money you spend will circle around and go back into the community as well. Choosing a local business means you help improve the life quality in your neighborhood, as the company tends to use other services in the area. For example: banking, restaurants, supply houses, outside vendors, gas stations, and more. Maybe most importantly, Balkan provides employment opportunities for its neighbors in the community. Why not support those that support your community?

Accountability and giving back to the community

Another good thing is accountability. Whether or not you realize it, a local Ozone Park sewer cleaner and plumbing services company like Balkan Plumbing cannot help but be accountable to its local community. The company’s interest is to gain trust from the neighborhood, so there is a mutual professional relationship between Balkan Plumbing and all local customers. As a closing note, Balkan is a recurring monthly donor to the River Fund. The River Fund is a local food and services not for profit that provides vital aid to the community.