Rockaway Queens Drain Cleaning By Your Local Sewer Professional

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If you are a homeowner in Rockaway Queens, you know that when work is needed the neighborhood poses unique challenges. When you need Rockaway Queens drain cleaning it is no different. A drain cleaning contractor must have a good knowledge of the neighborhood, and its drain system as well. For those not from the neighborhood, it is located in the New York City borough of Queens. The Rockaway Peninsula (or more commonly referred to as simply Rockaway) is a community filled with a mixture of different nationalities, and economic groups as well. Due to its close proximity to the coastline, Rockaway has been a popular summer retreat for many decades. For the locals, however, living next to the sea is not always as pleasant as most people think, especially when you have plumbing drainage issues.

seaside homes
Shore front homes pose unique plumbing problems

For the most part, drain cleaning procedures are more or less the same in most neighborhoods. A professional plumber may use a sewer camera and a hydro-jet to get rid of any dirt or obstruction in the sewer pipe. When replacement is necessary, a licensed plumber excavates the surface in which a broken pipe is located and installs a new one. Unfortunately, Rockaway Queens drain cleaning often involves factors which tend to make drain cleaning more cumbersome. Some of these factors are as follows.

Unique factors of Rockaway Queens drain cleaning

  • Seaside location

Because many houses in Rockaway are located on the beach, there can be some issues with high water tables. The foundation of your home is also the wall that prevents ground water from entering your house. In case there is a crack in your foundation, water can easily seep through the holes. Over time, the erosion causes property damage and undermines the overall structure. Some symptoms of foundation problems and drain issues are actually similar for examples water in the basement or crawlspace; it can be because of a cracked sewer pipe and ground water seepage.

Sites with a high water table often have drainage pipes system installed underground. These are frequently referred to as French Drains. These pipes help to keep the basement, crawlspace, and basically the entire structure dry in case of ground water penetration through or under the foundation.

Rockaway Queens drain cleaning
A water jet cleans out sand and debris

A professional plumber should be aware of the installation and diagnose any potential plumbing issues correctly. This would include routine maintenance on a sump pump, if that is part of the installation. It would also include making sure all the connecting pipes are clear and free of dirt or obstructions. In this case, Rockaway Queens drain cleaning would require a high pressure water jet, which is part of the Balkan arsenal of tools..

  • Tide tables

Temporary flooding can also happen during high tide due to a rising high water table. All plumbing systems, whether or not they are located near the seaside, are still subject to water backup/surcharge after or during heavy rains. Wastewater from a public sewer treatment can only handle so much water, then at some point it sends water back to houses through drain pipes. Near a coastline, the problems may get worse because water backup can happen not only because of rain but also high tide.

Installing a sewer valve can fix the issue in most cases. The Balkan Team is expert at installing an array of sewer valves to solve this problem. If the homes in Rockaway had automatic sewer flood gate valves installed, routine sewer surcharge into basements would be avoided.

  • Crawl spaces and slab on grade construction

Crawl space under a house
Crawl spaces make for tight working conditions

Rockaway Queens Drain Cleaning also tends to be more difficult because many houses do not have a basement to access the drain pipe. Many houses only have crawlspaces, which are only a couple of feet above the ground. This makes for space limitations in such structures, which means limited mobility as well. As the name suggests, you may need to crawl in it. Assuming the homeowner uses the crawlspace to store a lot of items, the access to drain pipe can be completely cut off. It is probably necessary to get the items out of the room first. It also means you need a drain cleaner who is up to the task, and not easily deterred. Let us assure you, the Balkan Drain Team is up to any challenge, including confined spaces.

Plumbing Drainage in High Water Table Sites

There are several ways to prevent recurrent drainage issues in high water table sites. Sewer pipes must be installed in a way that it prevents ground water from entering the house. That means that points of entry must be carefully sealed, and pipe joints carefully sealed as well.

  • Underground Drainage Pipes

Residential homes in Queens typically have subsurface drainage pipes that are 4-inch in diameter. These pipes can be cast iron, extra heavy cast iron, PVC, or vitrified clay. Perforated pipe helps to capture ground water from the surrounding soil, preventing the water from disrupting the foundation rigidity. Therefore, perforated pipe is solely used to control ground water or flooding, not for waste water or rain water drainage. Solid pipe should be connected to a downspout or any wastewater drainage for your home.

Most homes have a sewer pit, which contains your house sewer trap. It is very important in areas like the Rockaways that that access pit is water tight. Balkan specializes in installing water tight composite access pits, with fitted anti-slip covers. Yet another specialty item that Balkan  provides for our Rockaway Queens neighbors.

  • Underground Channels

In this design, perforated pipes are laid in a gravel-lined underground channel. Surrounding the pipe, there must be cloth or filter fabric to prevent sediment from clogging the pores. Water is slowly released into the soil, while the excess amount is sent away to an acceptable discharge point.

  • Yard Drainage

When yard drainage is necessary, surface grading is usually preferable. By surface grading or creating a slope, water will not accumulate around the structure’s foundation. This is technically referred to as a burm. A burm is a non-mechanical way to help prevent water damage when you live in a seaside community.

You property in the neighborhood most likely has one of the aforementioned drainage designs. Regardless of the design, however, it requires some serious efforts to figure out the real culprit of the drainage problem. Clogging is one of the most common. Considering the drainage conditions in a high water table area can be a little more complex, Rockaway Queens Drainage Cleaning can be a little intimidating too. This is a job best left to professionals. And none is more familiar with your neighborhood than the Balkan Drain Team.

When it comes to subsurface plumbing and drain cleaning, Balkan Plumbing is one of the most experienced throughout New York. Having been in the industry for more than 65 years, Balkan is an authoritative name in the business. Filled with only trained personnel, and equipped with top-end plumbing tools. These tools  include, but not limited to, HD sewer video cameras, sewer hydro-jets, and an assortment of heavy duty sewer cleaning machines. The company takes every drain cleaning task seriously and acts in a professional manner.

Proper inspections of plumbing installations help determine the culprit of drainage problems, whether this is caused by clogging, ground water seepage, tree roots, or even damaged or broken pipes. The right solution for Rockaway Queens drain cleaning can only come after the inspection has been performed. Another important thing is that Balkan Plumbing is based in Richmond Hill, Queens which is only minutes away from the Rockaway Peninsula.

About Rockaway, Queens

Native inhabitants of the present-day Rockaway are the Lenape Native Americans. In 1639 and 1685, the area was sold to the Dutch and British respectively by the Mohegan tribe. The name “Rockaway’ was derived from Lenape language “rack-a-wak-e” which means place of sands.

In some areas of the peninsula, redevelopment and gentrification has started, and been in place for a quite a while now. In the past there have been plans to build sport arenas, casinos, and other real estate projects, but many of them did not come to fruition. Many factors stalled the plans, including the lack of funds and resistance from local residence. Some locals actually call the plans as out of character, but rezoning plans have been approved to continue development. Overall however, Rockaway have become a vibrant and “happening” community, filled with high energy, beauty, and an upbeat attitude.