Learn About the Best Root Killer for Sewer Lines – Chemical and Physical Solutions

Professional plumber cleaning a sewer line and performing root killing service.

Trees are a great way to enhance your landscaping. They also provide valuable shade and habitats for small animals and birds. But, trees can also wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing, especially the sewer lines. When tree roots start to infiltrate the pipe, it can cause the sewer to leak into your yard. Putting your family and property at risk. Balkan provides root killer for sewer lines solutions for roots in sewer lines in NYC, hands down.

How Do Tree Roots Get in Sewer Lines?

Trees need a lot of water to survive and their roots seek the easiest water source. This may be your sewer line. However, the common belief that tree roots can break sewer lines to get water is simply not true in most cases.

Tree roots can only make their way into your sewer line if there is a break or crack that’s already formed. When this happens, the roots naturally follow the path of least resistance to the water. In many cases, there are proactive steps you can take to prevent tree roots from getting into our sewer lines.

Signs You Have Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Because you can’t see into your sewer line, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on in there, unless you perform a sewer camera inspection. However, if you have trees in your yard, and you’re experiencing any of the following issues, odds are the tree’s roots are to blame and you will need a root killer for sewer lines:

  • Slow Moving Drains — In many cases, slow-flowing drains are the first indication that roots are in the sewer line. Over time, the roots start to restrict the flow of water, ultimately cutting it off completely. If you own an older home with large, established trees, you are at particularly high risk for roots to cause slow drains.
  • Sunken Yard Areas — Noticed an area in your yard that’s begun to sink? You’ve got a serious issue that requires the attention of a trained plumber. Delaying may put your home’s foundation in jeopardy and creates an unsafe environment for you and your family.
  • Blocked Sewer Pipes — Backed-up toilets and clogged sinks are an indication that there’s something stuck somewhere along the line. If you’re unable to clear the clog by plunging or using an auger, roots may be the cause. Unfortunately, you’ll need professional help to solve this problem.
  • Foul Sewer Odors — Damaged sewer lines leak both water and solid waste into the ground. Causing the outdoor air to take on a pungent odor like rotten eggs. Blockages caused by tree roots allow gases and odors to back up into your home. Causing unpleasant and potentially dangerous odors.

Get Rid of Sewer Line Tree Roots – Root Killer for Sewer Lines

You like to take care of things around your home, and you’ve gotten pretty good at DIY home repairs. But plumbing issues are a horse of another color. By the time you notice that there may be a problem with tree roots in your sewer line, it’s too late for any DIY solutions.

The only way to truly remedy a tree root issue is to call a professional plumber like Balkan Sewer and Drain Cleaning to provide the best solution for killing roots inside of sewer lines.

Person's hand pouring root killer for sewer lines down a drain.

Balkan’s Root Killer for Sewer Lines Solutions

How Does Balkan Kill Roots in Sewer Lines?

Whenever we get a call about a potential tree root problem, we immediately take action because we know time is of the essence. The sooner a problem is taken care of, the less damage is done, and the less expensive the repairs will be.

We’ll send a technician over to evaluate your situation to be sure tree roots are the problem. Then we’ll bring out the big guns to solve the problem. Our go-to root killer for sewer lines solution is a product called RootX. This is a patented root-killing system designed to work quickly and to last. 

What is RootX? Why is it the best root killer for sewer lines solutions?

RootX is a patented root-killing formula that uses an aquatic herbicide called Dichlobenil to get those unruly tree roots under control. When used properly, it eliminates tree roots safely and effectively. RootX instantly foams in contact with water to reach the top of pipes where most tree root growth occurs. It’s designed to stick to the pipe walls. Preventing future root growth for up to two years of worry-free operation. 

How Does RootX Work?

When we apply RootX to your sewer system, we do so with the utmost care. Following all the safety guidelines and application recommendations. We may use the sewer clean-out to introduce RootX if it’s available. If not, we’ll simply apply the formula to your toilet. 


Is RootX Safe For Root Killing?

Yes, RootX is a non-caustic, non-fumigating, and non-systemic solution for tree roots in sewer lines. It won’t harm your pipes, or septic system, or cause issues with your landscape plants and grass. In fact, it’s registered for use in all 50 states and Canada as a product that causes minimal environmental impacts.

Root-X only carries a single warning on the label of “CAUTION”, which is the lowest chemical hazard rating according to the ISO 3864-2 standard for hazard severity (EPA Registration: #68464-1). Therefore in terms of product specs pros cons, personal safety during use does not seem to be a serious concern.

How Often Does RootX Need to Be Applied?

RootX is a very effective root killer, but tree roots can come back over time. This is especially true when you have several large trees and aging sewer lines. A small crack can form, allowing water as well as nutrients into the soil where tree roots seek it out.

That’s why we recommend regular sewer line inspections and annual treatments with RootX. Following these simple guidelines can save you aggravation, time, and money.

Is RootX the Right Solution for Me?

We can’t say whether RootX is going to solve your sewer line problems without a thorough inspection. Signs like slow drains, sinkholes in your yard, and foul odors all point to a root problem. But without an inspection, it’s difficult to say one way or another.

If you suspect that tree roots have become entwined in your sewer line, contact the Balkan Drain Team for a sewer line inspection today. We’ll take a look and if we see roots, we’ll arrange for root-killer treatment to begin right away. And, you can rest assured we’ll be here if you need us for any other plumbing problems you encounter.