Sewer Camera Inspection: What You Need To Know

sewer camera inspection

Like many tools, devices, and procedures a sewer camera inspection can be extremely useful. But it can also be misused and misinterpreted. In many cases, it may even be completely unnecessary. Before a property owner takes the time and the expense to have a sewer inspection done, they should be aware of some simple facts and information.

Sewer cameras, both modern and old, magnify images a great deal. This can easily make a normal joint, or an extremely small defect, look like a serious drain line issue. It is not unheard of for an unscrupulous drain technician to use this fact to pressure a property owner into doing additional work.

In some extreme cases, to have unnecessary repairs done. It is a wise decision to not impulsively agree to have sewer repairs done. If a technician is putting undo pressure on you, that alone is ample reason to give pause.

sewer camera inspection
A Balkan Drain Professional Shows A Modern Sewer Video Camera

A sewer camera inspection performed by a skilled drain cleaning technician will include a careful explanation. They should also give you access to the video itself. Obviously, if the waste water is flowing, there is no imminent reason to decide on the spot to start repair work.

The cost of sewer line camera inspection

If a house drain or house sewer has an easy access point, the price should be able to be quoted before any work starts. Quotes should be iron-clad, and preferably in writing beforehand. Most firms, Balkan Drain Cleaning included, will quote a price for this service right over the phone. There are other very important issues, other than price, that are discussed below.

Frequently a property owner shops by price alone, neglecting to consider the quality of the service. In the case of a sewer camera inspection, using price as the sole hiring factor can make for a complete waste of effort.

Modern sewer camera inspection vs. older equipment

In the not-too-distant past, a sewer camera inspection resulted in a grainy, low-definition image. The image is also limited to a black-and-white image. It produced questionable images on which to make a well-informed sewer repair decision on. The video was captured on VHS tape. The equipment itself was just as expensive as the new and improved modern equipment used currently.

Current modern sewer camera equipment is full color and high definition. The finished video is easily shared over the internet almost instantly after the video is completed. The images are crystal clear, and the location of any defect can be pinpointed.

The camera unit itself is easier to use, and much more compact. Furthermore, the location of the video camera can be traced above ground to an exact correct location.

Why a video sewer camera inspection is so useful

Different drain or sewer line issues are dealt with in different fashions. Many do not require pipe repair or replacement. While others can be easily spot-repaired. Some drain line issues such a complete failure of the entire run of pipe, of a back-pitched sewer, can typically require a complete replacement.

Therefore having a clear visual of the problem can help a property owner and their plumber decide upon an intelligent and correct remedy to the problem.

As stated above, a video camera can be electronically traced from above ground. This makes pinpointing the exact location of a defect or multiple defects relatively foolproof. Knowing if an underground drain line runs under sensitive finished areas is useful in figuring out which course of action to take. In addition, knowing where the defect is located is vital in determining the cost of the repairs, and what permits may be required.

What is a sewer video camera capable of doing?

The capabilities of a sewer video camera are far-reaching. A typical modern camera can easily be placed inside of a pipe as small as 2″, and with the correct attachments up to 36″ in diameter. Cameras are built to go through any legal pipe bends, even 90-degree elbows.

The images are transmitted in real time – meaning the determination can be instantaneous. Furthermore, the image takes in the full width of any typically sized house drain or house sewer.

“Putting it all together” regarding sewer inspections

To get the most for your efforts, a property owner has to make sure they’re dealing with the correct drain professional. The right technician with antiquated equipment is just as bad as modern equipment in the wrong hands. A drain company dedicated to their trade will provide a complete package to address your needs.

  • A skilled technician, who provides an honest assessment.
  • Modern and well maintained equipment and tools.
  • A fair and up-front price structure.
  • A warranty on work performed.
  • General liability and workers compensation insurance.
  • A timely and dependable response time.

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