A Brooklyn Sewer Cleaning Service To Count On

Brooklyn drain service

When you need a Brooklyn sewer cleaning service, there is a difference. Actually, there are many differences. First and foremost on a client’s list of priorities is who they are “inviting into their house”.

Essentially when you call a service technician of any sort, you are inviting a stranger into your home. You should consider that frequently drain cleaning issues occur when loved ones are home, and you are not.

Take Careful Consideration Before You Make a Hiring Decision

But there are other issues to consider as well when you are making a hiring decision. What follows is a brief explanation of why Balkan Drain Cleaning is the service of choice for Brooklyn residents who need sewer and drain cleaning services.

Of course, we also provide the same professional Brooklyn sewer cleaning level of service in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx as well.

What does a “screened drain cleaning tech” mean to you?

Brooklyn sewer cleaning technician.
George is a member of Team Balkan

You may be surprised to know that many, if not most, drain cleaning companies do not screen their technicians. But what exactly does screening mean? In the case of our technicians, it means that we put a priority on the person’s character and past personal history. We are able to train a technician with our in-house processes, but we cannot change who they are.

  • All Balkan employees are screened as follows:
  • A detailed background check.
  • An Integrity Test
  • A drug and alcohol screen.
  • A detailed department of motor vehicle driver’s history.
  • Past employers are contacted for verification.
  • A one-month probationary period under careful supervision.

Our Careful Hiring Process is Your Peace Of Mind

We take careful precautions before we send someone into your house. We accept your “invitation” as a serious responsibility. In addition, our technicians are informed, clean, and neat. Our technicians do not leave you with a mess as a reminder you had a clog.

Guaranteed Brooklyn sewer cleaning response time

We know that all too often homeowners are left waiting in their house for service that never arrives, or arrives well after the promised time. Because we are in constant contact with our technicians, and our fleet is GPS-controlled, we can make the following promise:

This promise is aided by the fact our fleet of commercial vans are able to park in  “commercial parking only” areas. On the other hand, and quite uniquely, another portion of our fleet is set up to be legally driven on the non-commercial parkways of NYC. This ensures the fastest service at all times, especially for our Brooklyn drain cleaning clients.

Read our Brooklyn sewer cleaning reviews

Frequently, when it comes to Brooklyn sewer cleaning services, or throughout NYC for that matter, a company’s reviews might not match what they promised. At Balkan, we put our energy into providing a great all-around service, not just getting “our foot in the door”. As a result, our Brooklyn sewer cleaning and drain cleaning clients have a much higher satisfaction rate.

Read actual drain service reviews

We urge you to read the reviews of our drain cleaning service, and our core sewer and water main company Joseph L. Balkan. Look us up on Google, AngiesList, etc. Great reviews do not occur by accident. As an example, here is a recent AngiesList review:

“Excellent service, I called Balkan at 6 pm after finding my basement bathtub drain extremely backed up. George responded a few hours later and provided excellent customer service and cleared my line in less than an hour.  George was very friendly and gave a lot of insight on the issue and how the houses drain line works.  The price was quoted before any work started.  The quote was very reasonable and there was no “emergency” or “after-hour” fee. Great service at a great value,  I would highly recommend and use again.”

Having the right equipment matters

All of the trucks in our fleet are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, spearheaded by drain cleaning machines.  Our trucks themselves are carefully maintained by in-house mechanics.

The last thing a client needs to hear is that the drain cleaning machine on the truck is too small, or the truck itself broke down. The Balkan tradition of service is built on over 70 years of integrity and honesty in serving the Brooklyn sewer cleaning of their clients, and the needs of their clients through New York City.

Having talented drain technicians matters even more

Besides screened and uniformed technicians, they are talented as well. There have been numerous occasions where a Balkan drain technician cleared a stoppage that other sewer services could not clear.

This is part of our culture. All technicians are held accountable and to high standards of conduct and performance. When you add it all up, it is “The Balkan Value Statement“. That is what great customer service and professional drain cleaning is all about, and part of providing Brooklyn sewer solutions.