Drain Stoppage Cleared By Balkan When Others Fail

drain stoppage expert

A recent drain stoppage in Long Island City proved too tough for numerous drain cleaning companies. Sometimes below par tools, or inexperienced technicians, have difficulty clearing a tough or complicated drain stoppage. That is where the Balkan Drain Team excels, and has proven itself to be the “go-to” drain cleaner in NYC for tough clogs.

Mario from Long Island City has kind words for George from Balkan

Mario from Long Island City had a drain stoppage others failed to clear. Instead of giving up, and spending money on a repair, he called Balkan. Here’s what Mario had to say:

“George from the Balkan Drain Team is the best tech I have ever encountered.  I had several companies come out to try and resolve the drain stoppage issue, none were successful.  George went above and beyond the call of duty. He spent several hours at my property and was able to resolve my issue.  I just want to say THANKS!”

drain stoppage expert
George is a Balkan drain stoppage expert

Van Dam Street in Long Island City

Van Dam Street in Long island City is a highly congested, and highly trafficked area, in Queens NY. The area is a mix of both commercial properties  and residential properties. Many of the properties are around 100 years old, with a heavy presence of underground utility lines, and old drain lines. All of these factors add up to a higher percentage of drain stoppage conditions that are more difficult than normally found.

When drain pipe repairs are needed they tend to be more complicated than other areas of Queens for the same reasons as noted above. A high concentration of underground utility lines, old pipes, heavy traffic, and other conditions, all make excavation for pipe repair costly affair. In addition, the down time for the property or business owner can also be a major factor.

Long Island City
Mario’s Van Dam Deli in Long Island City – courtesy of Google Places

Clearing Mario’s drain stoppage saves the day!

Our friend Mario is the owner of Deli that serves both the community, and has a loyal following of commuters and truckers alike. Not only would a drain pipe repair cost Mario business, but it would inconvenience all of his customers as well.

Balkan drain technicians like George get rave reviews because they full well understand the implications of failing to clear a drain stoppage. George will take the extra time, and exhibit the determination that results in a positive end result, and lifelong loyal customers. Let the Balkan Drain Team “save your day” when a drain stoppage occurs. We are here seven days a week, during the day, and after hours as well.

Queens deli
Balkan’s Drain team helps Mario’s Deli team!