Dyker Heights Drain Cleaning Service Rescues This Home Buyer

Dyker Heights Drain Cleaning To The Rescue

Buying a home is sometimes a stressful situation, particularly if it is an older home in need of a little DIY attention. When it already needs a lot of that DIY attention, a clogged drain can be a real deal breaker! That is when one prospective home buyer in Brooklyn called on us. This buyer was considering a Dyker Heights home with a drain that needed some serious Dyker Heights drain cleaning.

Dyker Heights Drain Cleaning To The Rescue

The ‘very neglected’ home had a backed up sewer and possibly a collapsed sewer line. If it was a collapsed line, the deal was not going through due to the extreme expense. Our dispatcher Linda was able to work with the prospective buyer’s admittedly ‘difficult schedule’ to get help out to the home quickly. The caller was also very impressed by how knowledgeable Linda was over the phone. With twenty years of experience, Linda is among the most experienced dispatchers in the industry.

When our plumber George arrived, he discovered a nasty mixture of sludge and tree roots under the somewhat decrepit house. A lesser plumber might have shuddered in fear, but not George! Instead, he plunged into the mess with a will to win and unyielding determination. Around two hours later, Goerge succeeded.

He could have quit once the water began to flow, but not our George! He persevered until the line was completely cleared, so the new owner would not have to call him out again in six months or so. As the buyer explained in his Dyker Heights drain cleaning Yelp review, “This was a huge deal for me given the stakes.”

He went on to say: “I ended up buying the house and learned a few plumbing tips from George in the process, who cannot help but share his expertise along the way (great for a DIY’er like me).”

The Balkan Drain Team is glad that we could help this buyer feel more confident in this purchase. As always, we are most grateful for our customers who take the time to leave a review. We are proud of our long list of satisfied customers, and our Better Business Bureau A+ rating for our parent company Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service.

Dyker Heights drain cleaning
George backs up The Balkan Mission Statement

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