Expert Bayside Drain Cleaning By The Balkan Drain Team

Throgs Neck Bridge in Queens, NY

Every neighborhood in NYC has its own unique characteristics, and unique drain problems as well. That said, Bayside drain cleaning problems present special challenges, different than other areas of the city. Bayside is located in Queens, and has generally been associated as being an upper middle-class community in New York City. It is home to mostly working-families and professionals living in beautifully-crafted houses. Many homes are covered in classic architectural styles, and surrounded by a well-maintained green landscape. But these same desirable characteristics also add to the challenges when Bayside drain cleaning is needed.

Throgs Neck Bridge
The Throgs Neck Bridge in Bayside, Queens

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Technically speaking, it does not matter what style your house is, as plumbing installations work pretty much the same. This is true across any neighborhood, and New York City as well. Main drain lines from every house are eventually connected to a municipal wastewater treatment facility (or privately owned and operated facility in some cases). These pipes must always be in proper working condition, without cracks or clogging.


Schrub and tree roots makes Bayside drain cleaning a challenge

In Bayside Queens most properties have lawns and front yards filled with big trees, shrubs, and plants. This creates a more serious risk of drain-pipe infiltration and damage from roots. Tree root penetration is one of the most common causes of drain pipe clogging, and this is particularly true in Bayside. Roots in your sewer lines should not be taken lightly. Regular maintenance and cleaning are typically necessary to solve and prevent recurrent problems in your drain lines.

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Balkan Drain Cleaning offers low cost maintenance programs. Balkan takes the worry out of your recurring root problems with regularly scheduled Bayside drain cleaning services.


When clogging occurs, you need  a professional and experienced plumber, but also ones who know your neighborhood thoroughly. There is no written requirement that a good plumber or drain technician must be one of the locals, but is is good common sense. It can be extremely helpful if the plumber is familiar with your neighborhood, and its particular characteristics.

Landscaping or gardening makes the overall design of the house look better. Curb appeal is attractive, thus appraisal value is increased. The biggest problem with planting big trees in the property is that the roots keep on growing beneath the soil, and they always look for a reliable source of water. That is why, when possible, to not plant shrubs and trees directly over a drain line.

Big drain line problems can start as small imperfections

Bayside drain cleaning problems
When hair roots are left to grow,  it can become too late to clear them out

In ideal circumstances, a main drain line is a perfectly-enclosed circular tube without a single perforation. However, after years of everyday use, and exposure to liquid materials (water, grease, oil, etc), your pipes may deteriorate and develop imperfections. These can start as small cracks and holes, or separation in the pipe joints. Once your pipe develops a hole, even a small one, roots aggressively find their way inside and continue to grow. Starting as hair roots, the expand and widen. They eventually cover a lot of area inside the pipe and block the wastewater. This is why early detection and cleaning are vital

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The Balkan Drain Team has HD video sewer cameras to detect even the beginnings of minor root growth inside your pipes.


Modern drain tools and equipment can save you from a sewer repair

In a community filled with working-families and professionals, every Bayside drain cleaning process also calls for dedicated experienced plumbers. This is where Balkan Plumbing shines above others, as evidenced by their 5 Star online reviews on multiple sites. Having been in business for more than 65 years, Joseph L. Balkan Inc. is the oldest running subsurface firm all across the New York area working under the same continuously, and without interruption. The fact that it is based in Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill, minutes from Bayside, also gives the advantage of familiarity with your neighborhood. By operating in 48,000 square feet facilities, Joseph L. Balkan and their family of companies, has one of the largest fleets. This is complemented by a complete assortment of equipment for all drain cleaning purposes. To do the job properly, the Balkan Team will use an assortment of  new and modern commercial-grade tools, as follows:

1. HD Sewer video camera:

Sometimes also referred to as PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge), a sewer camera is a sophisticated recording device designed to run inside a small diameter pipe. It is equipped with its own lighting source, and connected to a main control panel and screen. Everything that the camera sees is displayed on the screen in high definition (HD), based on which an operator can assess and pinpoint the damage. A professional operator can figure out the diameter and material of the pipe, and pinpoint exact locations of an issue as well. When all parameters are analyzed, a Balkan technician can determine the most next course of action. An HD sewer camera takes away all the guesswork, allowing plumbers to do their jobs with high degree of precision and cost effectiveness.

2. Hydrojet / High pressure water jet:

high pressure water jet
A high pressure water jet

When clogging in the drain line is not caused by tree root penetration, Balkan will utilize a heavy-duty hydrojet to wash away even the most stubborn clogs in the pipe. A hydrojet is a hose connected to a motorized water pump and special nozzle. It can push large amount of water at high pressure (about 35,000psi or more) to get rid of grease, rust, food residue, and even hard objects. In some cases, even roots can be blown out using a water jet.

The Balkan Team is known not only for its excellent drain cleaning, and plumbing work, but also for how they leave your property. Whether the disturbed is inside your home; or your lawn, driveway, or even the garage, the company performs a complete restoration job of the affected work area. The crew respects your property. That means you have a great assurance of your home being left clean and ready to use immediately.

Sometimes a sewer repair or replacement can be needed

With holes, cracks, and tree roots, the most viable solution sometimes is a sewer repair or replacement. This typically is an expansive work, as it involves digging into the ground to gain access to the pipe in the first place. Only then, can a licensed plumber take out the old drain line, and replace it with a new one. Before the excavation starts on a spot repair, Balkan will identify the location of the pipe, and in some cases the exact depth as well.

Bayside sewer repair
If a problem is localized, a spot repair can be done

It is worth mentioning that your main drain line typically goes through your basement part of the house as well. When needed, Balkan also replaces underground house drains inside your home. Depending on work area, there can be different approaches. In the lawn, the work is relatively easier because it is an open area. However under the public sidewalk or roadway things get much more complicated. On the other hand, under a basement floor, access is typically easier, and the pipe much more shallow.

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Count on the Balkan Team to have the expertise, insurance, and licensing to perform any underground pipe repair expertly, and to code. The material we use meet or exceed all code requirements. This ensures you get a long lasting solution.


The Balkan Drain Team respects your property

Balkan Plumbing has been a family-owned company since the first time it came to existence back in 1952. And after 65 years later, the company still shares and demonstrates the same core values as part of the community of Queens. All employees working for Balkan Plumbing have gone through strict screening process. This includes careful screening for alcohol and drug use, and criminal records. Only the best candidates would be accepted to join probationary works before full-time position. Screening and training processes make sure that all existing workers meet/exceed requirements for safety, health, professional code of conduct. These are additional reasons why when you Bayside drain cleaning, think of Team Balkan. You can contact Balkan 7 days a week, and even after hours.

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When you invite us into your home, we at Balkan take that as a serious responsibility. We have carefully crafted a courteous, respectful, and trustworthy team.


About Bayside in Queens

Bayside was once considered a haven for celebrities and the wealthy. It gained about the same reputation as nearby Sands Point, located on the North Shore of Long Island. In the late 1930s when the Cross Island Parkway began construction, Bayside was practically cut off from the water. This eventually led to a decline in popularity by the “rich and famous” for Bayside, while North Shore communities of Long Island retained their upscale reputation.

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In a publication by the New York Times, Bayside is considered an enclave in the middle of NYC. Many areas have old-style architectural designs such as Tudor and Colonial; there are also ranches and mixed styles in some spots.


To make a long story short, the community of Bayside refused to go down without a fight. People who lived in Bayside, were those who actually wanted to live in this part of the borough, and loved their community. Most (if not all) current residents are people with strong civic interests, which translate to well-developed and properly-managed community among urban areas in NYC. Today it is an upper middle-class community, sprinkled mostly with single-family homes. Other desirable points are its great schools, and plenty of green modern parks for everyone to enjoy. Bayside is an archetype of modern suburban living inside NYC metropolitan area.